Baby Jokes’ Interview

Baby Jokes came to the Urban Kings headquarters the other day to do his interview for the 3rd Street Anthems. His song on the album is “Call Me Freaky” he talks about the artist he worked with as well as his contribution on other songs. Baby Jokes also talks about his album that is going to be coming out this year. He is also is going to be picking his top 3 favorite songs from the 3rd street anthems. Another album that Baby Jokes was recently in was Mc Magic’s album The Rewire. He is was at Norwalk Records for a signing where he did an interview with Mc Magic.Baby Jokes is going to be coming out in a movie called A Better Life. The movie is expected to come out sometime this year. He recently finished his season appearing on South Land and was partying it up with the cast of the show for season ending. See what’s next for Baby Joke in the interview.

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7Eleven is Selling Street Anthems 3

For limited time get your Street Anthemes 3 at participating 7elvens in Southern Cali. Look up your nearnest 7eleven to see if they are going to carry it on June 10 (click here). (The cities are in alphebtical order and with the stores that are participating in that city, your welcome lol). Something to look out for, if the participating store does not have it on its shelves tell them to get of their butts and go to the back and bring it out (lol). The more support we get, the more stores will carry it. So next time you go to your participating 7eleven don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Urban Kings Street Anthems 3. The movement is on the rise.

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Chino Grande – Ft Glasses Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck – New Leak

We told you about this…so dont say we didnt warn you about it. Here is the brand new official leak from UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his upcoming album “Trust Your Struggle“. This song is called “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and features Cash Money Records Artist G Malone. This is one of my favorite tracks from the album, and is the song that was played on the outro from Chino Grande’s “Shine On Me” Music Video. This is the first leak from the album, and we might leak another one very soon, stay posted to our blog! Until then Jam out to Urban Kings Tv because thats where the song is at! Make sure to pre order today because tomorrow is the last day to Pre Order and get a FREE POSTER and Autographed CD (Platinum Package)!

Chino Grande – Ft Glasses Malone – I Dont Give A Fuck – Taken from Trust Your Struggle

Chino Grande – New Picture

UKMG Artist Chino Grande sent us a quick picture of him, with his back against the wall, alone in a four corner room. I think this is a dope picture because it came out dark, grimey and full of dark shadows and very clear shadowing. This is a few days after his music video shoot, just to share a new picture with his fans. He told us to tell his fans “Gracias For The Support Always”. Make sure to check  out his music video, which is already filmed, and just needs to be put on some finishing touches here and there! And shout out to Chino Grande.

Youtube Friday – The Best Dog Ever

We were searching youtube looking for some cool clips for our Youtube Friday, and we came across this crazy dog. This dog does everything possible, cooks, cleans, gets the mail, picks up trash, and more. There is too much cool crazy stuff this dog does, and I need a dog just like this. If anyone has a dog that can do half the things this dog can, email me, lol jk. Watch the video and see the dog doin his thing.


Eastside Poetry

Did you know that our friends from Old English Brand sponsored an event with our other friend, Emmy Nominated Actor Richard Cabral, along with his company Lineage Entertainment, to give a place for  talented individuals in our community a place to show off their skill. It gave an opportunity to showcase your talent, whatever it is. From poetry, music, acting, dance, story-telling or whatever it may be. It starts off with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr as he describes the event, then to Richard as he tells what the goal is, and then to audience feedback. Make sure to watch the video and stay posted to Urban Kings and Old English Brand because we may have another event coming soon.


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