Featured On Call Of Juarez The Cartel

My Neighborhood from the Slow It Down album by Chino Grande is going to featured on the Call Of Juarez The Cartel which is coming out July 19. Its going to be on Xbox 360 and PS3 (better get “borrow”lol the system to play it. Cuz this game looks sick! Get the album below.
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Words Of Wisdom

Your mind transforms into your body language. Your mind transforms into your daily attitude. Your mind, it lifts you physically and emotionally. Take care of your mind and educate the brain. It’s going to do what it does regardless. Why not allow it do it at it’s highest potential. Your mind is only trying to succeed within itself, but how can the mind succeed on a higher level if your mind doesn’t even know that higher level exist. It’s time to change the direction in your life and advertise in your own brain. Don’t be a broken promise to yourself, don’t fear the fear of falling. xSetForLifex crew where we are out of place because we’re in outer space and I’m waiting for the long fall back to earth. Live it with me on that higher level #SelfMotivation #Ambition #Direction Pow. What a life, xSetForLifex #UrbanKings

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Ms Krazie – Love You To Death Single – Now Available

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie’s brand new single “Love You Till Death” is available now on iTunes! This is the second official single from Ms Krazie’s newest album “Forgive Not Forget”. Since releasing her new album, Ms Krazie has filmed her first ever Music Video, which is for the song Love You Till Death. Now, since the single is now available on iTunes, and the Music Video will be releasing on December 10th, there was only one thing left to do. Give stuff away for FREE. Check back in tomorrow for the first official winner of the Ms Krazie Contest. And its not too late. You can still enter the contest right now right now. But hurry up, because we have already picked the winner for tomorrow! And dont forget, UKMG has another Behind The Scenes Video from Ms Krazie’s “Love You Till Death” that will be releasing very soon!!

Click The Box Above To Download “Love You Till Death”, Ms Krazie’s 2nd Single

Death Of Studio Gangsters Snippets

Take a listen to Death Of Studio Gangsters which came out last week. It sounds really good.If you haven’t picked it up make sure you do. Don’t be the last on your block to get this album!

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

Nu Jerzey Devil Clubbin on Urban Kings Tv

We caught up with Nu Jerzey Devil a few weeks ago in the club to party to celebrate his last mixtape release. We came to show support for our homie Nu Jerzey Devil. He has been grinding for a while, working with The Game and his Black Wall Street team. He has also became an established producer with Rodney Jerkins. Now, he is a dope artist making some good music with some grimey lyrics and crazy beats. Check out this video of Urban Kings partying with Nu Jerzey Devil. Click here to play video clip.

Nu Jerzey Devils new album “From The Bottom To The Top” is now available on www.YouBuyCds.com !!!

See All The Contestants On Urban Kings TV

We have been uploading all the response videos for Ms. Krazie’s Guy Contest. Check them out and turn in your vote for your favorite.

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