La Loca’s Lesson #6

“Make him feel loved but do not over do it. You may scare him away if you appear too needy.”


Keepers Of The Streets Tee – Old English Brand

Keepers Of The Street – The Keepers of the Street Tee is fashionable, trendy, jet black shirt that has a new shield with the California Brown Bear, with Los Angeles, CA below it, and below that is the shape of California, also containing 8 Stars in total, with half on both the left and right of the bear. This is for everyone who lives that westcoast lifestyle. This shirt is one of my favorites because its stylish and laid back at the same time. It can be rocked in a very casual setting, in the streets, or trendy in a club. This is a multi purpose shirt that can go anywhere, and will get you compliments of “nice shirt” and “where did you get it”. This will be your go to shirt for whatever you gotta do.

We currently have the Keepers Of The Street in Black, sizes M – 3XL.

Death Before Dishonor

All Eyes On Us

Summertime In The OE

Showing Our Badge

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Plank to Talk

Ever planked before? Go to a random place lie flat on something and get your buddy to take a picture. Who says you can’t plank while you work. We got everyone to do it don’t tell the boss he is to entertained planking on the highest shelf lol.(see last pic)

And for the people that say thats wack try it for yourself you’ll be hook. So many places to plank from that its a contest who can pull the most outrages plank.

dont judge.. lol

Its harder, funnier that it looks you really got have courage to do it (and no not courage juice people die that way lol). Send us the crazy planks you do and we will post them so everyone can see your earned stripes.

Plank on anything/anywhere you can (we did it in our warehouse). Get people’s attention (its an ice breaker lol) the more people join to do it the more creative it gets. Its a social hobby I guess.

We Are Internationally Known

From Across The Pond

We Are International

Old English Brand

Today we are showcasing one of the favorites of the Old English Brand Collection. We had showed you the video of our friend Greg called “No Borders” and here are some of the photos we took during the video shoot. We shot these while Greg was showcasing the “Ill Tempered Pocket Print Tee in Burgundy“. These are just a few of the photos from the shoot, and we thought these would be awesome to let our blog readers see them how we took them. What do you guys think of the pictures? Make sure to tell us and let us know at the Old English Brand Facebook Page. The Ill Tempered Pocket Tee is also available in Green, White and Blue!

Old English Brand Presents “No Borders”

The Slow & Low Speaker – Now For Pre Order!

Old English Brand has just released a new bluetooth speaker, called the OE “Slow And Low Blue Tooth Speaker“, available now for Pre Order until Friday! After Friday, they will not be available again till the end of Summer. Make sure to get yours before they are gone! Dont miss out! You can check it out at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop and preorder from us too!

Jordan Almost Cost James Harden 200 Million Dollars

Have you heard about Adidas signing Houston Rockets basketball player James Harden to a massive $200 Million Dollar shoe deal. The deal will be over a 13 year span, and is already signed. It will be in effect on October 1st. He was seen in public last week, by TMZ, wearing Nike’s Jordan Shoes, while his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian wore Adidas Sweater and Sweat Pants. And the public noticed, and the President of Adidas North America has commented on the situation. The deal will include publicly worn shoe wear exclusive to Adidas, both on the court and in every day use. If caught wearing a competitors brand, it might not only be grounds for termination of contract, but a breach of contract, and possibly even sued. But for $200 Million Dollars, im sure he wouldn’t make that mistake.