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Sly Boogy Interview

Check out our interview with the West Coast Legend Sly Boogy. For those who don’t know him one of the famous songs he did the song was It’s Nuthing. In this interview you even get to meet Mark. He is the guy that edits our videos. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

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Summer nights with JD!

Hey what’s up this is Jaime with Urban Kings and i want to introduce you guys to a new series of postings. I’ll be calling it Summer nights with JD, which is me, and ill be posting some oldie jams that i personally like. I’ll be posting at least 1 song a week or even 4. They won’t all be oldies but for sure they will be from the past. I just want to share my extensive knowledge of music to you guys, the FANS. On some songs i will be posting the link to our online store so you can purchase, others will be just be songs for you guys to enjoy. Over all these are the songs that i listen to while I’m either preparing for the next release or for the next big meeting. It allows me to think back to the good Ol’ Days that i can only imagine since i wasn’t there to experience them. I will start my first post with I’m Just An Average Guy by The Masqueraders which is a song that i was blown away when i first heard it.

Song is taken from this album which has alot more classic rare hits. You can view it by clicking here

UK Sports – Chris Paul To The Lakers – BLOCKED

The Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Hornets announced they made a trade. Power Forward Pau Gasol and Small Forward Lamar Odom will be sent to New Orleans in exchange for Chris Paul. Pau Gasol was an all star the last two years with Los Angeles and Lamar Odom won the NBA’s Sixth Man Award last season. Chris Paul is also an all star and considered one of the top 3 point guards in the game. He was also a teammate with Kobe Bryant on the Western Conference ALL STAR TEAM, as well as they have both represented United States in the Olympics and won a Gold Medal. Rumors continue to float around that Los Angeles is still actively pursuing a trade to obtain Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard in exchange for Andrew Bynum and other players and draft picks. The Lakers will now look to fill the void left by Gasol and Odom but in return came a great player in Paul. Also we have been  hearing that Free Agent SHANNON BROWN will be leaving the team and optioned to play for the Phoenix Suns for a 1 year, $3.5 Million deal. Welcome to Los Angeles CP3!

*UPDATE – The NBA has just BLOCKED this trade due to complaints by NBA Owners. The Owners called NBA Commissioner David Stern and demanded Stern to VETO the deal. The New Orleans Hornets are currently owned by the NBA and the Owners felt it was unfair to trade Chris Paul to the Lakers. Chris Paul has already asked the team to be traded months before and the team was negotiating for months about who is worth equal value. Once the trade has been announced, it is rumored that Chris Paul was very happy. And once the rumor was announced that the trade was BLOCKED, Chris Paul has already seeked legal action with The NBA Players Association (and Union) on how this trade was blocked. Usually trades only get blocked due to a clear one sided advantage. This was not the case due to the Lakers trading both ALL STAR F Pau Gasol and 2011 Sixth Man Of The Year Lamar Odom. We will keep you updated on the trade as it progresses!

**UPDATE – The NBA Players Union have contacted the NBA on behalf of Chris Paul. If there is NOT a trade by Monday, The NBA Players Union will discuss possibly suing the NBA for blocking a trade after it became agreed upon by all 3 teams. It has been rumored that Chris Paul will get traded this weekend, most likely to the LAKERS in an updated trade which will look similar to the original trade, involving The Lakers, The Hornets and The Rockets. Once again we will keep you posted on the updates!

The Count Down to Life On The Streets

Life On The Streets release date is just around the corner and his posters are for a limited time only so don’t be the one saying “could of, would of, should of” when its right here. Be the ones that get to say “yea I got his album the same year he came on the big screen”( cuz that’s what Imma be saying lol) we got a lot of orders coming in so you gotta claim your poster asap. Plus it’s coming autographed this is more than a collection of the Charlie Row Campo its an investment lol. Place your order in on

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Midget Loco Brings Dedicated To The OGs

Do you have this really dope album in your music collection? It is by UKMG Artist Midget Loco and it was his second full studio album called “Dedicated To The OGs“. This was a really good album and one of my favorites from the whole Urban Kings catalog. Dedicated To The OGs had some really good songs and featured 3 music videos, “Thirteen Letter“, and “Sunday High“. It also had dope songs from the album like “Dedicated To The OG”, “Would You Perfer” and “I Tryed”. This is a CD that can be played through the whole album without skipping a song. What was your favorite song from this album? Let us know on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! “Dedicated To The OGs is available now at All Major Music Retailers, like Amazon and FYE, also including digitally on iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store! Below is the official CD Cover.

Midget Loco – California Raised – Music Video – Taken From Dedicated To The OGs


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