Ms. Krazie is Killing The Air Waves

Ms. Krazie has been playing on U-92.7 radio station. They have been battling her song Baby Angeles against other hit songs and its been winning every single time. But we need your support to keep the radio station playing Ms. Krazie. We got our foot in the door and now its time to kick the door open. Get on Facebook and go on their wall and request Ms. Krazie (it’s that easy) or get at them at twitter. Let your voice be heard and support Ms. Krazie and let others know. We got the video where Ms. Krazie gets battled against the other songs the radio station put her up against hear it now.

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Dahlia Can’t Speak

Last week I shot our friend Dahlia. Funny thing about this shoot was that Dahlia’s tonsils were removed a couple of days before, so she couldn’t really talk.
So I told her “I’ll buy you some ice cream if you come and shoot today.” I mean who doesn’t like Ice cream? She agreed and came down to help me out.
Which it was dope because that gave us more content to showcase during the Thanksgiving holiday’s. Thank you Dahlia.

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I know some of you have been waiting for a long time to have an LA pro football team. Well this year you all got your wish. The return of the LA Rams is here! Finally you can just drive to the Memorial Coliseum and cheer for a hometown team. So if you are about that LA Rams, we designed this specially for you. “LA Raised” was an inspiration from Los Angeles first team way before the Raiders. The Rams came to be Los Angeles very first official pro football team in 1946 to 1994. But before Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum could lease them the stadium they had one condition, to integrate their team with at least one black football player. Which they went on to signing Kenny Washington, making the Rams the first team to integrate an African-American to the NFL. Making other NFL franchise owners furious.  So they went on and added a second black player, Woody Strode,  at the end of the 1946 season the Rams had two black players. That’s just a little history of how the Rams came to be LA’s first hometown team way before the Raiders. So if you are a Rams fan, hope you like this design, LA Raised.

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We Are A Different Breed x OE

Old English Brand is back at it again with some awesome camerawork by Ponce. We had a photo shoot with a fast rising artist named Problemz from the Smooth Hustle/DSG camp. This time we had Problemz rock the Old English Brand “Street Breed” Grey Crew Neck. This is one of the first two crew necks we have released, and they came out awesome. The classic grey crew neck, with the white lettering, makes the crew neck look fresh. All that was received from everyone that has seen them, was that these are dope and where can they get one. The Street Breed is available now exclusively in the Old English Brand Store, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure to get yours today, before they are gone!

“Street Breed” Crew Neck is currently available in Grey, sizes M – 3XL

Problemz – Smooth Hustle/DSG

Guard Ya Neck

Hustlin Smoothly

Straight Up

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Pick A Card Any Card

Old English has different tags and we randomize the tags to each shirt,bandanna, shoes,etc so you never know what tag your going to getting. We got different lines to chose from our limited edition to our customized glasses each one will come different from the next. Collect them all.

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Im excited to announce that we have all colors back in stock for our entire Old English Brand “Members Only Snapback Hats” and the “Stay Humble Snapback Hats“! These caps have been a fan favorite before its release. Everyone has demanded that we release some snapbacks to match with our OE clothing, and we came out with two different styles! We made 25 different designs, styles and colors for you to pick the right one for you! Make sure to browse through our Snapback Hat Section and find the right one for you!