The Call of Camponeros The Cartel Video Game

A few more days until The Call of Juarez The Cartel comes out. Wanna know another song that is in the game well …..Fuck You (lol). It has Chino Grande, ALT, and Seven on the track coming from The Camponeros album.  Which has won an award from Cali Rap. Has a few of my favorite songs: Better Run, Better Run and State Of Blue Jeans (tambien [also] Fuck You lol)


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New year resolution down the drain….

For my new year resolution I told my self this year I will take a more relax approach. Have days to myself… so today I tried to take a day off but damm it only took a few hours for my brain not to let me relax. It kept spinning with ideas it kept saying YOUR BORED go do…. So there I go back to the office to find something to do.. As I was brain storming  I ran across these hidden treasures.. Not sure if I have posted this pics before but check out the raw street art work.. The only place you will find this kind of artwork is in the dark alleys of downtown L.A… Enjoy


Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail – Album Review

Here is the first review of the year done by OG Goofi for an Urban Kings Music Group Artist. First up was Slush Tha Villains newest album “Out On Bail”. Goofi dissected this whole album, rating his system on Beats, Lyrics, Originality, and Overall album. Do you have the album yet and want to tell us about it? Do you want to write a review for Slush Tha Villains “Out On Bail” album and it be on the Urban Kings website FOREVER? Complete with your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and/or website? All you gotta do is click on CONTACT US on the top right of our website, and click on Submit Pic, then send us your picture, along with your name, info and social sites, and then write your review on the Out On Bail album. Its easy, fast, fun and we will also make a main post on our blog shouting you out and showing everyone that  you support UKMG. You might even win some FREE Stuff here and there! You never know, rewards come to those who least expect it!

Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail Album Review – By OG Goofi

Just Added To The XSetForLifeX Super Show – Brown Boy

Have you heard the brand new artist that was just added to the XSetForLifeX Super Show? It is non other then Mr Superman himself, Brown Boy! With the announcement of the brand new #FreeChino Campaign, Brown Boy will bring some classic songs like “Superman” and “Please Dont Go” and many more. Make sure to catch Brown Boy at this really dope concert, that will be Tomorrow, Saturday, November 23rd at The  Yost Theater in Santa Ana! Along with Brown Boy, will be Ms Krazie and MC Magic performing live with some very special guests performing some classic tracks! Remember, this is an All Ages, family type event, so bring the whole family and watch a really dope concert!


Midget Loco’s album Dedicated To The Ogs won’t be out till the summer time (somewhere around there, don’t quote me lol) but that don’t mean you can’t have his released song “Sunday High”. This April 15 download Sunday High at itunes and if you want to make your own remix you can download the instrumental as well. This 15th lands on this Friday!!! (got something to get once you get your paycheck). If you haven’t heard his single Sunday High from the unreleased album check out the music video at Urban Kings TV.

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Midget Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns – Jasper Loco All In Studio

Doll E Girl – Midget Loco – Daphne – D Salas – Jasper Loco – Fiesty 2 Guns

The All Star Studio Session

Midget Loco In The  Booth

Midget Loco and Glow

Urban Kings has these exclusive pictures of UKMG Artists Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco in the studio with Producer D Salas. Also Doll E Girl and Daphne showed up to the session as well. Everyones putting the finishing touches on their albums, making everything sound as best, as clear, as hot as possible. Midget, Fiesty and Jasper all have solo albums releasing this year through UKMG, and when they get together, the studio becomes even more creative, with three dope artists contributing to some really good music. We will be dropping snippets of each artists album, once the album gets a release date, so stay posted!


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