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Jasper Loco – Product Of The Block

This December 2016 Jasper Loco returns with a brand new album entitled “Product of The Block”. ft. Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, King Lil G and many more…

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Finalizing Chino Grande’s Behind The Scenes Video

We are still working hard to finalize the brand new Chino Grande Official Trailer & Behind The Scenes for his brand new video “Shine On Me”. Yes, this is both the Official Trailer for the Music Video, as well as the very first Behind The Scenes for the video as well. Did you know this is Chino Grande’s first solo music video? Yes, he has done music videos before, as a part of Charlie Row Campo, and even has done some videos as a featured artist, but this is the first time ever that he has filmed a music video by himself for his own solo album. The video was directed by Echosworld Films, and they also recorded the behind the scenes! THE Behind The Scenes VIDEO WILL BE RELEASING TODAY, and we are putting final touches on it, so it can be perfect. So please stay with us, because it will be up today!

Stomper on The B Side Show on June 4th

Urban Kings Music Group’s The Stomper will be a featured guest on The B Side Show on Monday, June 4th,2012. The show will start at 8pm Pacific Time and will be STREAMING LIVE!!! The B Side Show is a once a week show that interviews big artists and up and coming artists. Stomper will be interviewed, and talking about his newest album, Once Upon A Time In America 2, which will be releasing June 19th to all nationwide music outlets, as well as iTunes and online through the UKMG Catalog. Stomper will also be launching his new website, which will be made live in about a week or so, so keep checking in daily to check out Stompers new website. Also on the show will be Baby G, O Brown, and BZ Bwai. DJ Super Mario is the resident DJ at the B Side Radio and plays all the artists hits as well as the songs that are fan favorites, and even some music videos. Hosts for the night is Silly Rabbit,Wackoe and Daisy.

Stomper – Behind The Scenes of Seven Plus Six


Veze Skante comes to Urban Kings TV for a interview. Veze Skante talks growing up and his game plan for Chicano Rap. The interview is hosted by the one and only Guzzle. Veze gives you the run down from the start to present and his message to Chicano Rap Movie a must see..

Youtube Friday – Between Two Ferns Interview

Youtube Friday is back again, and this time we have an interview by Zach Galifianakis, who is the actor in The Hangover, Due Date and Dinner for Schmucks. He is a funny comedian who steals the show in all the movies, with crazy twisted, weird humor (He plays Alan in The Hangover movies). He has his own interview show called “Between Two Ferns”, where he interviews other actors and comedians. Check out this interview of Steve Carell, who is also a very funny comedian. See how Zach uses his interview skills.





Get Backstage With Urban Kings

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When you follow the Official Urban Kings Facebook Page, you will see some exclusive content. From news and information, to pictures and videos, Urban Kings shows it all, and gets you the cool stuff first. Today, UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr will take everyone with him as a VIP, backstage at the E-40, Too Short, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Jasper Loco, Suga Free, WC, and Ray J concert in East Los Angeles, brought to you by Kush N Waxx Connection. Hundreds of people came to the concert, and it was a very clean event. Jasper Loco performed a really dope set, more pictures are coming up with that, so stay posted to our blog! Watch the video and guess who Jaime runs into.

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