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La loca X UrbanKings

La loca X UrbanKings, we will never disappoint. Our next move is to start the process of music videos, SadGirl tour and Merch. Share the cover and tag all sadgirls on all social medias. Its our time to shine  #xSetForLIfex #UrbanKings

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Smile Now Cry Never

Today we are bringing back a classic album from Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie from her CD “Smile Now Cry Never“. This is one of the fan favorites of all time, and features UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Midget Loco, as well as MC Magic, Brown Boy, Slush Tha Villain, Duende, Problemaz, Big Los and El Chino, Sleepy Loka and D Salas! With some excellent all star features, and Ms Krazie as the main artist, we knew we had a hit with this album. It was featured on the radio, with songs like “Baby Angels“, “Gangsters Wife” and “Let Me Love You“, just to name only three. What was your favorite song from this album? Make sure to tell us at on our Facebook - The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! Below we posted Gangsters Wife by Ms Krazie featuring Chino Grande!

Ms Krazie – Gangsters Wife – Featuring Chino Grande

Jasper Loco Performing Tonight!

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be performing at the upcoming Hip Hop/ R&B  All Star Weekend concert TONIGHT, June 6th! This event will be taking place in Whittier, California and will feature Jasper Loco performing live along with Kokoe, Kozme, Anita Blunt, Lu On The Hooks, Lil Smitty, Rikee West, Young Blak and a special guest Chi King from the Wu Tang Movement. This event is 18 and over and will have a fully stocked bar. Tickets are only $10 and the event starts at 9pm until 2am. The DJ for the night will be DJ Whiskey! More information will be coming soon! Brought to you by Danny Boy Promotions.

More Contest Entries Are In!

Everyone has been going crazy trying their best to submit their entries into the Ms Krazie x Urban Kings x Old English Brand contest. It is the Ms Krazie Look A Like Contest that lets fans submit their closest Ms Krazie signature make up. Fans from everywhere have entered the contest, trying to not only duplicate the exact make up, but also getting into it by putting on wigs, dying their hair, and wearing the clothes Ms Krazie wore in the picture. Thats when you know its a hit. Also you might get extra points for going the extra mile. Their are only a few days left to enter and only a small amount of rules. The winner will win an AUTOGRAPHED MS KRAZIE x Old English Brand “Enferma” beanie (The Tag will be autographed). If you missed the rules, here they are!

1. Take a picture recreating Ms Krazie’s signature Makeup. If you are copying a specific picture, post a side by side of you and Ms Krazie.

2. You CANNOT copy the makeup Ms Krazie did on her “Joker” picture. That WILL NOT COUNT as an entry.

3. The more creative you are, the more you and Ms Krazie look alike, the higher your chances are of winning.

4. Upload your picture BEFORE November 1st on INSTAGRAM. Hashtag #HalloweenLoca and mention @HelloLoca, @UrbanKings & @OldEnglishBrand in your caption.


**This deserves to go to a good home where a fan can appreciate the small things with winter coming up quick, this will be a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for a dope fan. Good Luck! oh and NO “Jasmine Reyes”, You are not allowed to enter lol (inside joke) – Ms Krazie

Watch Sand One Creating Ms Krazie’s Wall Mural!

Click Here To Watch “Art In The Making”

The Urban Kings Music Group and the legendary artist Sand One has just collaborated on a wall mural dedicated to Ms Krazie. The wall is painted on the side of a store in East Los Angeles, where a large fan base of both Sand One and Ms Krazie lives, and regularly will see this awesome design on the wall each day. Watch the exclusive video as Sand One tells her story how she began into the art world, and see her in action as she creates the Ms Krazie mural right before your eyes! Sand One has worked with large companies across the world, for both corporate and independent companies, such as The NBA, Univision, Nike, Levi’s, and more! Watch and learn more about Sand One and watch her create her new project and the final results, exclusively through Urban Kings Tv!

See The Mural In Person For A Limited Time


498 South Ford Street

Los Angeles, Ca 90022

Street Scriptures is in Production

Urban Kings as been hard at work getting the next edtion of the Charlie Row Campo clan, Fiesty 2 Guns newest album Street Scriptures to be ready for its release date June 6.

With his hit song “What I Dream Of” which is out on itunes and as well as his music video on Urban Kings Tv.  Pre-sales will be available and we will let you know when you can purchase yours on

People normally think that making the art work is easy… Reality check no its not lol. But that’s one of our things when it comes to out album designs no one can do them like we can.(well the boss lol).

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