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6 Months in Jail for NOT Crying at Funeral

During the funeral of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il, North Korean citizens who didn’t cry during the public ceremony, were sentanced today to 6 months in labor-training camp. It is rumored that North Koreans that criticized the way the country was running, were sent to re-education camps or banished with there immediate family to areas not populated in the country. It is said that authorities are sentencing at least 6 month sentences to everybody who didnt participate in the mouring ceremony or who went but did not cry or were fake crying.

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Backstage Passes For Ms Krazie Concert

We have an exclusive sneak peak of the Backstage Passes for the upcoming concert for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie and also featuring MC Magic and King Lil G all going down in Portland, Oregon on February 28th. This concert is expected to sell out  and these are what the backstage passes look like. The Concert is brought to you by PDX Nightlife and DJ Denver and PDX Nightlife is giving away Tickets to the concert! So make sure to visit their facebook and you might win! The Concert is ALL AGES and taking place at the TAO Event Center. We will see you in 2 weeks! Order your tickets at!

Midget Loco’s Thirteen Letter Production

Sunday High isn’t going to be the only music video coming out from Dedicated To The OGs. Director Jeff Reyes is working on Midget Loco’s “Thirteen Letter” music video.

We will soon be uploading a behind the scenes of the “Thirteen Letter” production.  There may even a trailer but  you can only seen it on Urban Kings Tv. Subscribe to our youtube channel to be the first to watch it.

You can still get your hands on Midget Loco’s recently released solo album Dedicated To The OGs if you haven’t already. You can also get your hands on Midget Loco’s T-shirt, “LA, City Of Angeles Where There Are No Angeles” (In four colors to pick from) at Old English Brand, where you can also get his Plea The Fifth shirt. 

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Midget Loco – Fucking With A G – 2nd Leak From Street Love

We will be posting up brand new leaks from the brand new upcoming album by Midget Loco. Everyone has been wanting to hear the new tracks from “Street Love”, and new we are leaking songs slowly to our fans! The album will be released Next Tuesday, July 16th to all major music retailers like FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store. This is the second single from Midget Loco’s album, also called “Fucking With A G”.This is a very dope song and Midget killed the track. Make sure to peep it out and support Midget Loco’s Street Love album, by picking it up when it comes out!

Midget Loco – Fucking With A G – Taken From Street Love

Youtube Friday – Bill O’Reilly Freakout

Bill O’Reilly, best known for getting artists like Ludacris and Lil Kim fired from sponsorship from Pepsi, was actin crazy while hosting a tv show. This was caught behind the scenes of Inside Edition and he was actin a fool…Make sure to watch the video and laugh.

Young but Dedicated

Here are some young Ms. Krazie Fans singing Dedicated from the Album Brown Is Beatiful. Of course it was the Remasterd Album and if you don’t know what I’m talking about we made a new and improved album with 3 new songs. As well with a new cover. It looks like this and if you want it click it.

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