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A Dope Airbrush Canvas of Wreck – RIP

We had found this picture that Maticulous done in Wrecks honor. He did a very very good job on this picture, because it looks just like Wreck, and the detail looks amazing. For those who don’t know, or perhaps haven’t heard yet, Wreck from Wicked Minds was tragically murdered a week ago in Hesperia, California. He was not only a legend in the latin hip hop genre, but he was also a friend with a big heart and was always supportive and ready to give advice from his past experiences. Hes known our staff for a while, but he has known UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr for years and years. Its surreal that Wreck is no longer here with us, and everyone is feeling the loss, from hip hop legends, to upcoming artists that listened to Wrecks music and inspired them to become artists. RIP Wreck, we will keep you in our hearts and prayers.

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The 3 Stooges

I am a big fan of the 3 Stooges. When I catch some episodes at 3 am, I usually DVR it if im working or watch it until 5am. When I heard there was going to be a new 3 Stooges movie I thought it would be dope as long as they got some good actors to be the main characters (Larry, Moe and Curly). From the looks of the trailer, Moe and Larry sound just like the original actors and Curly’s character (Will Sasso from MAD TV) looks, sounds and acts just like the original Curly. I think this is gonna be a funny movie and will be watching it when it comes out next year. Here is the trailer for The 3 Stooges.


Hello Loca 2012 – El Paso Texas

Ms Krazie’s 3rd Hello Loca Tour Stop will be in El Paso, Texas at Frankies! Also featuring Duende, this show will be off the hook! If you live near Chuco Town, make sure to stop at the venue and General Admission and VIP Tickets are Still Available!


Click Here To Buy Your Tickets For Hello Loca 2012 – El Paso

One Krazie Night DVD Trailer

The Presale is now up for The “One Krazie Night DVD” – The Ms Krazie Concert Experiance took place in Los Angeles, and had many huge surprises during the show. The concert was sold out and was Ms Krazie’s very first performance in LA! The DVD is not only a concert, but a true behind the scenes experience too!  Watch as Ms Krazie lands into Los Angeles and as she prepares for her mega concert. Come backstage with Ms Krazie and see what goes on behind the stage, as she is in her dressing room, preparing for the thousands of people that are awaiting her performance. There is no words that can describe what goes on for the huge xSetForLifex Concert, so you will just have to see for yourself! Watch the trailer exclusively here at Urban Kings! The Pre Order is up now, and the Official Release Date is 2/9/2016, and each Pre Order will come with Free Pins and Stickers, plus you will be the first to own a copy!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview

Our Surprise Gift For Ms Krazie

Urban Kings and Old English Brand Clothing has just got together to create a custom made chain for UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. We have worked for years with our friends at Old English Brand, and work together on many ideas and projects. We both decided to get together to give a cool present for Ms Krazie, something that she would really like. So we put together this plan to make this custom chain come to life. We talked to our good friend Yayo from Frosted Treats (Check him on instagram at @YayoImInHere). Here we have a picture of Ms Krazie along with Low Profile Records, while she is wearing her new chain. Shout out to Ms Krazie, Yayo from Frosted Treats and Old English Brand for not only being friends, but family as well.

Andres Herren Photography Video

I found this video of Andres Herren from Zurich, Switzerland. He has worked with artists like Game, Danny Trejo, Scoop de Ville, and Urban Kings Music Groups very own Midget Loco. Here is a compilation video we found that he did with some of the artists and models he has recorded and took pictures of. Andres most definitely gets down on the photography aspect and respects and honors the Chicano culture and lifestyle.

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