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A extra surprise for Ms Krazie Fans, click below

Ms Krazie Sad Girls Contest

Have you heard about the newest contest by Ms Krazie and Urban Kings called the ”SadGirls Club Contest“. We are giving the opportunity for one fan to be a guest feature on Ms Krazie’s upcoming album “Sad Girls Club”. Here are the official rules, announced by Ms Krazie herself.

1. All Ages
2. Guys and girls can enter
3. You can rap or sing
4. Record yourself rapping or singing an original 16 bar verse on video. MAKE SURE YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF, SAY YOUR NAME AND WHAT CITY/STATE YOU ARE FROM!
5. Upload it to youtube and title it MS KRAZIE SADGIRLS CLUB CONTEST

Contest ends October 15th

Here Are The Entries (in no order or rank)

More entries added soon!!!!

Throwback Thursday – Stomper – Gangster Relief

We got a Throwback Thursday video that I was bumpin today and had to share it with you. Its the video of “Gangster Relief” by UKMG Artists Stomper and featuring Chino Grande. This was one of my favorite songs from Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America“. Both Stomper and Chino Grande all got down, like “Its like once upon a time in the land of the sick” that Stomper said in the song. Once Upon A Time In America was another classic from Stomper, with guest features from Chino Grande, MC Magic, Spanky Loco & Huero Snipes, Slush Tha Villain, Kozme, Troub Nasty, Chino Brown and more.

Once Upon a Time In America is available now at The UKMG Merch Store

Jasper Loco – Hustle Music CD – Only $7.99

Urban Kings released a dope album by Jasper Loco called “Hustle Music” is now available to order and own for just $7.99! The CDs wont last long because everyone is pumped up about the CD and the orders have been crazy! Its a dope CD and features Charlie Row Campo and Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Lil Minor, Baby Jokes and also features Oso Vicious, Seven, and more. It has some really dope tracks on it like “My Lifes Like A Movie”, “Pimps Players Hustlers”, “Bitch Dont Fail Me Now”, and “You Never Really Rolled With A G”. Its  going to be another classic by Jasper Loco. He is also working with the Camponeros on a brand new Charlie Row album. Here is one of my favorite songs from the new CD, called My Lifes Like a Movie and features Chino Grande! Make sure to check it out below!

Click Here To Order – Jasper Loco – Hustle Music CD!

Jasper Loco Featuring Chino Grande – My Lifes Like A Movie – Taken From Hustle Music

Shine On Me Music Video

Urban Kings will always be on the Free Chino Grande campaign, and we wanted to start the weekend off right with a music video by UKMG Artist Chino Grande. This is his very first solo music video, and it also features Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records. This video has already 1 Million Views on youtube. Make sure to watch the video and support and lets get Chino to 2 Million views!

The Time Has Risen – Chino Grande Freestyle

Have you seen this video of UKMG Artist Chino Grande freestyling yet? This was one of the best freestyles I seen from any artist, as Chino practiced his lyrics even more while he was away. This freestyle he named “The Time Has Risen” because he just came home and he was ready to hit the studio to work on his next album, which was the “Trust Your Struggle” album. That album came out really dope and featured UKMG Artists Ms Krazie and Spanky Loco, along with Glasses Malone, Chingo Bling, MC Magic, Carolyn Rodriguez, Cuete Yeska and more. This is a classic freestyle that Chino really put his heart into, so make sure to check it out here on Urban Kings, and stay posted for more info and news about Chino Grande and Urban Kings!


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