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A Girl Named Ruby

Today we were talking to I-Suppose about his new music video he just released. It is called “A Girl Named Ruby”. He was telling us about the video when he came down to the Urban Kings Office, and now it is finally out to the world. The message is powerful, its about a girl who has a struggles within herself, and comes to show that everyone has a struggle inside themselves, but to stay strong and be positive. I-Suppose always comes with music that is a positive message along with dope lyrical tracks along with crazy wordplay patterns. Make sure to check out this video and support I-Suppose and good music. He has some new music coming out, and he’s gearing up for his tour, so make sure to stay updated to him because he will be everywhere this year.

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Jasper Loco At The LA Dub Show

Jasper Loco & Burst Rock

Jasper Loco Posted Up With Some Japanese Fans

Jasper Loco & Supermodel Cadi Corinne

Troublesome, Baby G, Aja & Jasper Loco Posin For A Flick

Everyone who knows Jasper Loco personally, know hes always in the streets, at events, concerts, shows, kickbacks, bbqs and all that. Jasper went with a few of his friends to the Los Angeles Dub Show this past weekend and was mingling with many people who came to check out the cars, the women, the concert, and the scene. This was a big show this year featuring Akon, French Montana, Urban Kings homie Compton Menace, and more. Many fans and artists recognized Jasper, and soon Jasper was taking pictures, signing autographs, doing video drops and video interviews. Jasper always got love and respect for those who show him the same. Here are a few of his pictures that he took, and that people have tagged him on his Official Jasper Loco Facebook Fan Page! Make sure to pick up the new Charlie Row Campo album “California Boys”, which is available now at All FYE Locations, digitally downloadable through iTunes, and online at the The UKMG Merch Store.

Charlie Row Campo – Stop This Smoke For You – From California Boys

Guess Whos Back In The Studio!

Can  you guess which Urban Kings Artist is already back in the studio working on some new music? If you guessed an artist from Charlie Row Campo, you are correct. And if you guessed that its UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns! He is still riding the success of his most recent solo album called “Bring It Home“. That album is his sophomore studio album that fans went crazy for. Fiesty also featured on many of the Charlie Row Campo albums as well as featured on other Urban Kings artists albums. Did you know Fiesty also released a mixtape called “Talking Guns“? It was a dope mixtape that we will be featuring tomorrow on our site so stay posted to our blog for more information!

O.E+UKMG present at the DUB Show

This Sunday at the LA Convention Center DUB will be hosting there and guess who is going to be selling there… lol. Its a family event carshow, concert, and food a perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. Kids under 5 are free. Kids from 6-12 are 10 and everyone over is regular. Its not like you got something important to do on sunday (well besides church lol) its perfect for a sunday afternoon.


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