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About Us With OE CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Jaime CEO of Urban Kings talks about what Old English Brand is about. The team, the creativity and what motivates the company. Join us as we sit down with Jaime and hear about what make Old English Brand happen. Watch the video and see where much of the inspiration and motivation comes from.

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Urban Kings Video Update – Album Covers 2013 Revealed

We have just posted a video update on Urban Kings Tv with UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr revealing the brand new album artwork for UKMG Artists Fiesty 2 GunsJasper LocoChino Grande and Midget Loco. Jaime talks about the brand new albums of each artist, as well as the concepts creating the artwork, including the photography. This is a really dope update, especially to know whats going on with Urban Kings and what to expect in the very future. We will do another video soon, that will show the new artwork for Conejo, Ms Krazie & Chino Grande collaboration album, and Spanky Loco’s new album. Make sure to watch the video, rate the video and know whats going on for this year with Urban Kings.

The Curtain Are Closed

We had a blast at the Ustream! Though in the begging we had a few difficulties (and like Jimmy explain its not his computer it was Ustream lol) we went on with the show. We were having a party at our Head Quarter. If you weren’t here you can still see a few snips of the show. We were playing the songs on the Street Anthems 3 album. Oso Vicious left the place smelling like herb, just like his song on the album, Only in the West Coast. We had a fun talking to you guys and it was well worth it.

Spanky Loco started it off real well. Everyone was excited to see him. (no we will not answer if he was high lol). Talking about is continuation of his hit album Tirando y Rifando which is going to be coming out in May.

Baby Jokes had his admires confess their love for him.I believe I saw a few marriage proposals lol. Everyone went crazy when Ms. Krazie got on the phone. (though no 1 was able to answer her first trivia question, shame lol)

Jasper Loco was in here too.He recently got released from jail so we extremely happy to be able to see him again. Midget Loco wasn’t able to come in cuz he was sick but we called him up as well for the fans to talk to him. His music video director for Sunday High was here as well. We were just having too much fun.

The prizes that were anoucced on the show are only for when you buy the pre-sales so order yours today to get your prizes which include a poster 18x 24.In the end we had a total of 2thousand and 7hundred and 27 viewers that night. (Not bad for our first one this year and it can only get better) So thank you to all you guys that came and we will give you guys the heads up for the next one.

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Jasper Loco – All About The Money Music Video

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be releasing his brand new music video called “All About The Money”, a song that is taken from his newest album “Its All About The Money“. The whole album is dope, and it was hard to pick a song from this album for the music video. We finally came up with the All About The Money song, and we made a video for it. The video will be premiering on Urban Kings Tv on June 2nd! We want to be the first to give everyone a heads up on the exclusive info, so make sure to stay posted to our blog for all information about Charlie Row!

A Ms. Krazie Collection

This was sent in by the creator of the Ms. Krazie Fan Page on twitter. Has every single album as well the posters(which some will never be printed again) and even the official Ms. Krazie shirt(out for a limited time only).  Follow the Ms. Krazie’s Fan Page as well as Ms. Krazie on twitter. A shout out goes to Mikel Gracia for always keeping the fans up to date! You can get all of Ms. Krazie’s items that you see below on youbuycds your guaranteed to them all there (its the mother ship).

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La Loca’s Lesson #31

falling in love is probably one of thee if not the best risks worth taking in life :)



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