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Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget Will Be At Hastings!

This is a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Through word of mouth, anticipation of the album, and the promotion of the upcoming release, UKMG is proud to announce that Hastings will be carrying the brand new Ms Krazie album “Forgive Not Forget”, in their stores. Word of mouth has been spreading, not just by fans and artists, but also by major companies. Word has gotten out how hyped up Best Buy and FYE are about the upcoming Ms Krazie release, that Hastings HAD to get involved. They quickly set a last minute meeting with UKMG and we came to an agreement for the album. Hastings may also host some in store autograph signings for Ms Krazie’s album Forgive Not Forget!

Here is more information on Hastings (taken from : Founded in 1968, Hastings Entertainment, Inc. is a leading multimedia entertainment retailer that combines the sale of new and used books, videos, video games and CDs, and trends and consumer electronics merchandise, with the rental of videos and video games in a superstore format. We currently operate 146 superstores, averaging approximately 24,000 square feet, primarily in medium-sized markets throughout the United States.

Midget Loco Performing May 25th

UKMG Artist Midget Loco will be headlining a concert on Saturday, May 25th in Whittier, California at The Green Turtle. This event will be jam packed with dope artists, including Kozme, The Campain, Ybe aka Lil Yogi, Str8 Royalty, Rob G, Lil Smitty, Tony Muthaphukking G, OG Rome, G Ric & Miss Yarii, Deadikated, and Braindead. The show will be hosted by Silly Rabbit of The BSide Show. This event is expected to sell out, and tickets are only $10 presale. and this event is 18+. Everyone come out and support Midget Loco, because I also heard he will be taking some surprise guests with him to the event. This is an event you dont want to miss out on, and Midget Loco performing all of his classic songs from his albums, including his new stuff from his upcoming album, called “Street Love”, coming this year. Brought to you by Danny Boy Promotions.

Blaze Daily, G Double & Ro Q Present – Boulevard Music Video

Check out this brand new music video by The HighLife, aka Blaze Daily, G Double and Ro Q. The video is called “Boulevard”. It features Lil Pro and a came out pretty dope. We always support upcoming artists from all areas, and The HighLife always comes with some good music and dope videos too. Directed by Blaze Daily and Eyekon, the video stays true to the roots, jammin some corridos and eating mariscos. Make sure to watch the video and support!

Psycho Realm Music On iTunes

Are you Having a hard time finding your favorite Psycho Realm albums in your area? Well Urban Kings and RMG music group have connected so we can offer the classic cd’s everywhere. Check out itunes for Psycho Realm War Book 1, Psycho Realm War Book 2 and Terror Tapes. We have also turned into over 200 various digital stores if you prefer to browse around. If you still want to purchase the pyschical cd that comes with the inside artwork, lyrics etc you can visit . Powered by Urban Kings Music Group Distribution.

Supporter of the Month

I hope Luis doesn’t get mad that we upload this pics on our page but how could we ignore our supporters. Especially when they have a gun lol with the O.E Stay Paid This is the only way we could show him that we appreciate him and all the supporters that support the movement. Wearing the O.E Weast Coast (which we got to see how they got made) and at a chicano rap signing, that’s how to spend the cali afternoon.Got to take his picture taken midget loco who was wearing the O.E Plea the Fifth and Oso Visious. Got another picture with ese Spanky Loco . And also got to post up with Lil Yogi. Its like a kid in a candy store what more do you want.

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