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Album Of The Week- The Camponeros

Charlie Row Campo’s The Camponeros was selected to be this week’s album. Starting the week off with one of my favorites “Better Run Better Run” with Fiesty 2 Guns, Chino Grande and X-mon of the track.

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True Starr Radio Interview In Miami Today

Urban Kings artist True Starr is in Miami today to host Club Dream, and while he is in town, he is headed to the iOne Radio Station for an interview today. They will be playing his music, and asking questions about his songs. Make sure to tune in and listen to iOne Radio for the Trap Mix. Its from 4pm to 6pm Eastern Time. We will be posting up  the flier for Club Dream today too. Make sure to stay updated because we will be working on getting the interview onto our site too!

Midget Loco In The Early 90s

Midget Loco did a photoshoot this past weekend with Chola Pinup with the theme of the 90s gangster. This is the style that I grew up seeing around town. The Cortez, the Ben Davis, the khakis, and the Charlie Browns. This photoshoot was inspired by the “Dedicated To The OGs” because this shoot went back in time to pay respect to how things were in the past.

Midget Loco “Dedicated To The OGs”


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A New Midget Loco Song Tomorrow

UKMG Artist Midget Loco has not only been working on his brand new album (that will be releasing 2013), but he has been working on collaborating with other artists as well, for their albums, or compilations, or exclusives for radio shows and djs. Midget Loco just told us that he collaborated with Juan Gambino, to create a new song for two different internet radio stations. Both stations will premier them first before anyone else. Many of Midget Loco’s fans have been asking us when he will be releasing new music, and although this song may not be on Midgets new album, its a good song for everyone to hear before Midgets CD releases next year! So make sure to tune in tomorrow to hear the brand new song by Midget Loco!

World Premier 1 will be taking place on Junkie Alley Radio with Oreo 1, and will be airing on Tuesday, October 23rd on starting at 6PM.

World Premier 2 will be going down the following day, with host Loon3, and will be airing on Wednesday, October 24th on starting at 9pm



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The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page is about to hit 120,000 Likes! Our facebook has been super active and we always post some awesome content. It is another place where all Urban Kings fans can come together and see news about music and all UKMG Artists, like Spanky LocoFiesty 2 GunsChino GrandeMidget LocoJasper LocoStomper and Ms Krazie. We also post a cool series called “Urban Kings Facebook Ambush“, (hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr), where we randomly see different artists and musicians, and interview them on the spot without giving them notice. We also post some music videos and some throwback pics. We post a bunch of really cool stuff and if you don’t LIKE our Facebook, then you will miss all the cool shit. All you have to do is Like The Urban Kings Facebook Page and join the fun!


True Starr On The BSide Show Tonight!

Urban Kings Music Group Artist True Starr will be a guest on tonights show on The BSide Show. The BSide Show is a really dope online webcam show that features some dope talented artists for interviews, performances, and more. It also has a chatroom to interact with other viewers and to ask questions to the artists. This episode will feature UKMG Artist True Starr, along with Self Provoked, I Suppose, Dolle Girl, and Real. The show is hosted by Silly Rabbit and special guest co host Susie Plascencia, and DJing will be Lu Man. Make sure to tune in and support True Starr and Urban Kings!

Dont forget True Starr will be Premiering his music video for “Roll Thru” this Thursday, February 5th exclusively  on Urban Kings Tv!


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