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American Crime Premiers March 5th

Urban Kings Music Group Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, is featured in a supporting role in the television show “American Crime”, a drama from John Ridley, the writer of the slavery feature “12 Years A Slave”. The show will also tackle racial issues, and is set in California’s Central Valley. It centers on a racially charged murder and the subsequent trial, which are examined through the personal lives of the players involved. The case takes on a greater meaning in the community, bringing the forefront America’s hardened views on race, class and gender politics. Ridley wrote the script and is executive producing with former ABC Studios head of drama-turned-producer Michael McDonald through ABC Studios. ”12 Years A Slave” has emerged as a leading Oscar contender following its Golden Globes win.  ”American Crime” Stars Timothy Hutton, Felicity Huffman and Penelope Ann Miller. Richard Cabral is featured in a supporting role.

American Crime Official Trailer

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UKMG Sports – Giants the New NFL Champs

Yesterday millions of people watched Super Bowl XLVI as the New York Giants played the New England Patriots in a rematch of the Super Bowl 4 years ago. Since that Superbowl, every game played between these two teams have been close. And this game did not disappoint. With the opening drive, Tom Brady dropped back into his own endzone and threw a pass that was ruled intentional grounding and for that, a safety was a penalty. The Giants were rewarded by 2 points and the kickoff. They held the Patriots on their drive and once they have the ball again, they would stroll downfield and score a field goal. Then the Patriots held the Giants to punt, then the Patriots capitalized again by scoring a touchdown right before halftime.Then haftime came with the score of 10-9 Patriots over Giants. The first drive of the second half, the Patriots scored again on a excellent drive from Brady. Score was 17-9. The Patriots held the Giants with great defense and the Giants had a decent drive that added another field goal to the score. Score 17-12 Patriots.Patriots next drive was a 4 and out and punted yet again to the Giants. The Giants had another good drive, but settled yet again for another field goal. Score 17-15 Patriots at the end of the 3rd quarter. Within 35 seconds of the 4th, Tom Brady threw his first and only interception via a long 42 yard pass intended for Gronkowski. Both the Giants and Patriots couldnt convert on thier next drives. Eli Manning, starting a drive from the Giants 12 yardline, with 4 minutes left, started a drive that will be remembered for a while. he threw a 42 yard pass to Manningham, that left the Giants on the 50 yard line. With a memorable drive lead by Manning, the Giants drove down the field and scored on a touchdown run by Bradshaw. Score is 21-17 with 57 seconds left. Brady got the ball on his own 20, and couldnt capitalize to score as there last second hail mary wasnt complete.

Giants win 21-17!

True Starr – 48 Hours – Sneak Peak

Here is the brand new exclusive sneak peak of the upcoming music video with Urban Kings Artist True Starr for the song “48 Hours”. Its just a taste of what will be coming soon, and it gives you a little sample of the new song. Its not an official video, more of something Urban Kings and True Starr did for fun. Its a pretty dope song and we got the sexy Miss Alex in the video. Directed by our go-to director Famous8, this video is going to be crazy. I know im pumped up for it, I know once you see it, you will be too. True Starr’s EP “Your Welcome” will be releasing October 15th, so make sure to stay tuned for the full version of 48 Hours along with the new CD!

Ms Krazie IG Meme

Check out this brand new Instagram Meme featuring Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie. Its a pretty dope meme and it takes a brand new picture of Ms Krazie, and gives a tip out there for the haters. Make sure to check it out and post it on your Instagram page. Make sure to download it from The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Music Thursdays-Brighter Dayz

This song is from Chino Grande’s album Still Active

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Baby Jokes by Photographer James Mooney

Which starred Richard Cabral who is a great actor and one to watch in the future. Apart from his acting skills he is a true testament that change can happen no matter what situation you come from or are in once you really want it and truly believe in yourself. I have interviewed Richard twice and heard his story and it has inspired me to follow a project that I’m working on even more. – James Mooney

Pictures Taken By James Mooney.

To See More Pictures of Baby Jokes by James Mooney

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