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Are You Ready For An Invasion?

Taking place on March 1st at Panavision Theatre in Woodland Hills, California, Director and Producer Jeff “Echo” Reyes has a Limited Seating release of his independant movie release of the film “Invasion”. For only $5, you will be able to see the film and meet the actors that are in the film. There will be 2 screenings in the same day, so dont miss out!!!! We have already had a sneak peak of the movie and its as good as the trailer is. This is a must see movie, support independent film makers. Also on a side note, Jeff “Echo” Reyes is the same director who did the music videos for Baby Jokes “She Used To Be My Side Kick” , and Midget Locos “Sunday High” and “Thirteen Letter“. Below is the Trailer for INVASION!!!



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Dope Ms Krazie Artwork By A Fan

Check out this brand new drawing we found of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie by JaiieMakesReality. This is a really dope drawing to me because it was a picture taken from Ms Krazie’s Instagram. It was a post of Ms Krazie and her sister (the girl in the back), and Jaiie captured the two girls beautifully with a black and white sketch. I don’t know who else noticed this, but it also featured Ms Krazie’s makeup the way she does it. Everyone make sure to add Jaiie on instagram at @JaiieMakesReality right now. If you would like to submit your artwork to us (must be UKMG related, including artists, etc), make sure to send it to us so we can put your artwork and Submit Your UKMG Artwork!

Unreleased Kuts 2 Coming Soon!

Urban Kings have been working hard on our brand new release and have focused on these albums. We will be releasing a new album from UKMG Artist The Stomper called “FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts Vol 2″. This is a really dope album that Stomper has put together, with some good solid features, like UKMG Artists Chino GrandeMidget Loco and Spanky Loco. The album also features Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, Troub Nasty, Huero Snipes, Juan Gotti, Cuete Yeska, ALT The Saint, Oso Vicious, J.Hind, Malow Mac and more! Stomper worked really hard on this album, to give back to his fans because he always does his music for his fans. In the current moment, Stomper is awaiting trail, and he just finished this album. I put his official track listing below so you can see all the songs and features from the album! Unreleased Kuts releases on September 2nd!

Right now Stomper is currently fighting legal issues, we are all getting donations together, to help bring him back home. Anything helps, from $1 to $2 to $5 to $10. All money donated will go directly to LAWYER FEES. Not to his books. Its a family and team effort, so please help donate towards his returning home. The official donation like is The Official Stomper Donation Link!


1. Composure Of A Soldier – Ft. Chino Grande & Midget Loco

2. City Of Bangers – Ft. Oso Vicious

3. Street Delegates – Ft. Spanky Loco, Huero Snipes & Stomplector

4. Dont Like Me Dont Know Me – ALT The Saint, Chino Grande & Lil Dee

5. Lost Kauz – Ft. Malow Mac Lost Kauz

6. We Dont Play – Ft. Chino Brown, Krazy Race, I-Man & T-Nut

7. We Got What They Want – Ft. Oso Vicious & Rikee West

8. Thats Tha Truth – Ft. Mads Tha Hated & Young Smokes

9. It Dont Stop

10. Monsters – Ft. Oso Vicious & ALT The Saint

11. Legacy – Ft. Tha Ghost Dawg & Johnny Blade

12. Thrown It All Away – Ft. Big Joe & Oto

13. Fuck Love – Ft. Mic MC & Chuck Taylor

14. Lies – Ft. J.Hind

15. I See You – Ft. Carolyn Rodriguez, Juan Gotti, Chino Grande & Cuete Yeska

16. Never Give Up – Ft. Theif Sicario, Player & Big Creeper

17. I Got News – Ft. Troub Nasty & Theif Sicario

18. After The Laughter – Ft. Sleepy Loks & Spanky Loco

19. Heart Of Gold

Music Thursdays – Chino Grande

Its that time again, Music Thursdays is featuring Chino Grande. For Chino I had the perfect song for the feeling today. I chose “Nuclear Apocalypse” from the Chino Grande “The Story Of My Life” album that was released in 2011. Today feels like a grimey dark dirty day and this song has the mindset to get what you gotta get done. With the beat sounding like a panic, and the lyrics on point with a dope rhyme pattern, Chino killed this beat viciously. When I put “The Story Of My Life” cd in my car, this is the 1st song I play, its a must. Chino Grande’s “The Story Of My Life” is available now at All FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes , and online at . Free Chino G!!

Midget Loco – Street Love – Just $7.99

UKMG released a dope album by Midget Loco called “Street Love” and we made this CD just $7.99 only from Urban Kings. This is another classic album by Midget, as his music has been getting better and better, and this album I think is his best album so far. This is Midgets third solo album, with his past albums including ”Bloodline Flatline” and “Dedicated To The OGs “. Both were really solid albums, and were bumped heavy in the streets. With Street Love, this album will hit hard with some really dope songs like “Crazy About Her”, “Street Love”, “California Dream” and more! Street Love is Now Available Nationwide to all Major Music Stores such as Amazon, FYE, and Digitally through iTunes and at The UKMG Merch Store!

Midget Loco – Street Love – Listen To Entire Album Below FREE

(Click Previous Track & Next Track To Change Songs)

What Will Ms Krazie Name Her Baby?

Have you seen the brand new video blog by UKMG Artist Ms Krazie yet? Its her personal journey through her pregnancy and all about her story. If you are a fan of Ms Krazie, then this is a must watch because you can know a little bit more about her and her upcoming baby boy! She talks about possible baby names, doctor visits, she talks about pregnancy rumors, her symptoms, morning symptoms and more! She also talks MUSIC and CONCERTS and if she has been working on new music and when she will be back doing concerts.

Ms Krazie has released 5 albums in total, all through The Urban Kings Music Group, and in order they are  ”Brown Is Beautiful“, “Firme Homegirl Oldies“, “Smile Now Cry Never“, “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 2“, and the newest album “Forgive Not Forget“. All are available now at All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes!


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