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Artists – Enter Hot Bars For Pocos Pero Locos

Are you an artist, wanting to spread your buzz through TV? Send in a video for your chance to be on the “Hot Bars” section of the Pocos Pero Locos video show!

Pick up your phone, iPad, HD cam or whatever you got. Shoot a simple video of you rapping or singing, and e-mail to:

Start the video off with your name and the city you represent!

You must include your name, phone number and e-mail address in body of e-mail.

For More Information go to

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Words Of Wisdom – Never Settle

I close my eyes and look back at when I started. I have come so far from that young kid pushing music at local swap meets, to developing my own artist, creating my own brands and giving each one a high value. Self knowledge and working towards something you love is something very few get a chance to not only feel, but to do. In reality I’m at the highest point I have ever been. But in my mind I’m nothing, no where close to where I can be. Maybe my mind is bigger then my own reality. Maybe because my skin is brown my reality seems so big at this point since that is all I been taught to think. My mind wont allow it though. My mind wont accept that I’m near the top because in reality I’m not. My mind is aiming to surpass and do things that no matter what color of skin has never done. There’s more to Urban Kings then music or clothing, there’s an enthusiastic kid that just won’t give up. There’s a kid looking for other kids to join him and be foolish kids and do what we were never taught to do, which is what has never been done. xSetForLifex crew where I ask for just one thing from you: to simply to breath, feel, look, and think outside of what is normal to you. Close your eyes and live it with me. POW! What a vision, what a life xSetForLifex!

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Instagram – @UrbanKings


Fiesty 2 Guns New Tattoo

We have a brand new picture of UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns brand new tattoo that he got. You can see the infamous Charlie Row Campo tattoo on his hand, and his new ink is of the three women on his forearm. Fiesty came up on some really dope work, and the ink came out sick. Not only has he got some new artwork, but Fiesty also been putting the finishing touches on his brand new solo album, which will release this year through UKMG. I know he has some really dope features on the album too, and the album is really really dope. We will be leaking a few songs from Fiesty very soon through our blog ONLY, so make sure to come back to hear some new music. Until then, we are gonna play a dope song from Fiesty 2 Guns from the album “Street Anthems 3“, which is available now!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Feat. Chino Grande – Hood Cry



Slush Is Gettin Out Tomorrow


Attention – This is the LAST DAY to buy SLUSH THA VILLAIN’S “OUT ON BAIL” AS PRESALE!!!
Slush Tha Villain’s new album will be releasing TOMORROW – May 15th,2012. “Out On Bail” is the album fans have been waiting for. With the partnership for “Out On Bail” between Slush, Urban Kings and producers Kast N Fame, this album came out better than anyone can imagine. With features from Urban Kings artists Chino Grande, Stomper, Midget Loco, Ms Krazie, Jasper Loco and special feature from Kozme, this album will be a classic once everyone has heard it. Here is 2 new leaks from Slush Tha Villains brand new album, Out On Bail.

Pre-order the album by CLICKING HERE .

All I Know – Taken From Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail”


Fuck Rap – Taken From Slush Tha Villain’s “Out On Bail”

Winter Nights With JD #10

JD#10 Growing up Marvin Gay, Smokey Robinson, Marry Wells & a few more was all i listen too. So when I found out that there was a Chicano artist making music I was blown, I was excited and brought a smile to my face. Not only because he was Chicano, but because he wasn’t part of the main stream circuit were everyone knew about him. This just made me realize that in those days it was hard to make it as a Chicano artist, as well as it is till this day. To top it off & make things even better he sang songs in Spanish and did not try to be that main stream artist that everyone else was. So I figured, when you make authentic music for authentic reasons your work then becomes classic. The more and more I looked into him, the more his songs amazed me & blew my mind. So I pass this on to you guys, & hope you can learn a bit from his music. This song is available on our online store Click here to view it.  If you want to check out some more songs that i have posted click here “Winter Nights with JD

Shine On Me Hits 200,000

Chino Grande’s “Shine On Me” music video has been getting huge success from everyone that seen it. From artists, to fans, to directors and producers. Shine on me just hit a milestone and hit 200,000 views on youtube within one month. Being Chino’s first song since he was released, everyone had anticipated the new music, and Chino brought the heat, ripping the beat with a song he wrote being away. D Salas created the beat, and Chino talked to Carolyn Rodriguez of Dope House Records about singing the hook, and the rest is history. This was the first single from Chino Grande’s new album “Trust Your Struggle“, and his very first solo music video, directed by Jeff Echo Reyes from Echosworld! So lets keep the momentum going and tell everyone to watch this video and lets get it up to 300,000 views on youtube! Make sure to also Subscribe To The Urban Kings Youtube Channel!



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