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Auction about to end very soon!!!!

We have still been negotiating our silent auction for the 2 Conejo Canvases. Currently Andy and Radalyn are highest bidders  

^^^ Currently Ranalyn is the highest bidder for the “Shady Conejo” canvas. Most people dont know that this picture is Conejos first ever CD cover. Made with the original film from the Conejo first CD photoshoot, this is a collectors item and this is the only one available. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). This is a must have for any Chicano Rap and Conejo fan. Current Bid for the “Shady Conejo” canvas is $376.

^^^ Currently Andy is the highest bidder for the “Game Over” canvas. This is also from Conejo’s first CD photoshoot. Conejo is one of the most demanded artists of our generation. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). The current bid for the “Game Over” canvas is $270.


To submit your bid you can email . Bidding Ends Dec 1st. THATS IN 2 WEEKS SO GET YOUR BID IN SOON!!!

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Invasion Starts March 1st

Here is the Official Movie Poster for the movie “Invasion” which will be releasing March 1st at the Panavision Theatre in Woodland Hills, California. This movie I have not even seen yet, because I want to be into this movie while I watch it for the first time like everyone else. We will be there with the Urban Kings Staff watching and supporting this movie, because our friend Jeff “Echo” Reyes from EchosWorld (The same director who filmed and directed Midget Loco’s “Thirteen Letter” and “Sunday High” and Baby Jokes “She Used To Be My Side Kick“) is back with this all new movie. He also directed the Movie “ASH” which also will be out in 2012.

Invasion will be premiered March 1st at The Panavision Theatre at 6219 De Soto Avenue in Woodland Hills, California 91367. Showtimes start at 6:30 & 8:30pm and will also have a meet and greet with the stars of the movie. The movie will ONLY BE $5 per person, which is alot cheaper than films out right now, plus your supporting a independant filmmaker.

Movie Trailer for “Invasion”


Urban Kings Cyber Monday Sale – 20% OFF

Urban Kings is having a Cyber Monday Sale, that will give you 25% Off our entire Urban Kings Website! That means you will be saving 20% off all CDs of UKMG Artists. First time in a long time that you get deals for Charlie Row Campo, Jasper Loco, Lil Minor, Fiesty 2 Guns, and Chino Grande. You can also save on Cds from Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco as well as Conejo, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Slush Tha Villain and more! Discount is only available at with the promo code SaveMeMoney! Only good on Monday, December 1st!

Promo Code – SaveMeMoney

Special Delivery


Getting prepared for  Jasper Loco “Eastside Assassin”  releasing TODAY! We have been packaging all the pre-sales orders to ship out today, Eastside Assassin autographed cds and the official poster (11 x 17).  And you still run the luck of getting other products from our warehouse. I just found out that one of our pre-sale orders are going to be receiving a free DVD.(thanks to johnny aka Burst Rock). There is still time to get in your order today to claim the album with the poster and to test your luck, click to pre order.


Another prize you maybe receiving in your order is a free Baby Jokes “Life On The Streets” POSTER from his unreleased album. Click HERE to listen to I GOT MURDER by Jasper Featuring Charlie Row Campo!


Fiesty 2 Guns – Bring It Home

Today, I wanted to showcase a Urban Kings release that was one of the best CDs to come out. It was by UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo and his newest solo album “Bring It Home“. This is Fiesty’s second studio album, and had features from his Charlie Row members Chino Grande and Jasper Loco. It also features UKMG Artist Midget Loco and Lil Cuete. This was a dope complete album that featured one of my favorite songs of the year, called “Tragic” featuring Charlie Row Campo and Lil Cuete. Once the song came out, fans were going crazy because the anthem was vicious over a D Salas beat. If you dont have this album, your missing out. Check out Fiesty’s single “Tragic” posted below. Bring It  Home is available now at All Major Music Retailers, including Amazon and FYE, digitally through iTunes and at the UKMG Merch Store.

Fiesty 2 Guns ft Chino Grande, Jasper Loco & Lil Cuete – Tragic

UKMG Flagship Shop Open Now

The Urban Kings Music Group Flagship Shop is now open and ready to have you come down to look through and find your favorite UKMG CD! All UKMG Artists music is available, including the latest album by UKMG Artist Stomper called “FREE STOMPER – Unreleased Kuts 2“. One of the dopest releases from our catalog. We also have CDs from Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, Fiesty 2 Guns, Spanky Loco, Jasper Loco, Conejo, Slush Tha Villain and more! Make sure to come down to our flagship shop today to see what you can find! All Cds are also available on Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the Urban Kings Merch Store!


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