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Be “Out The Box”

This Thursday, it all goes down with the brand new Urban Kings Webisode called “Out The Box” and stars UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, as he performs a very special and very emotional poem exclusively for Urban Kings. Since Richard has been acting in many million dollar budget movies, as well as television shows and even his own plays, this is a perfect combination of raw talent put into one epic video. We are thinking about sharing with everyone a short sneak peak of the actual video, or even just letting you know what its about! Tune in tomorrow to see what we plan for you!

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Music Thursdays – Its that Gangsta Life

Story Of My Life – Music Video

Have you seen this music video by Urban Kings artist Chino Grande called “Story Of My Life Do Or Die (L.A)”. It was a very dope music video featuring UKMG artist Fiesty 2 Guns. The song is a classic, and turned out to be one of the biggest songs from Chino’s album, which is called “The Story of My Life“. The album is considered a classic, featuring songs like “Blue Rose”, “I Had A Dream”, “Nuclear Apocalypse”, “Sweet Valentine” and more. Make sure to watch the video and support Chino and pick up this album if its not in your collection already!

Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco – Here To Stay Tour

Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco’s album has been making big noise around the industry. From features like UKMG Artist Midget Loco, and Baby Jokes, Lil Yogi, Juan Gambino, Zig Zag from NB Ridaz, and Big Lokote. Both Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco had also just inked a deal with a new record label. They also will be starting their first tour, called the “Here To Stay” Tour, and will be featuring Lil Cuete on their first stop, which will be in Countryside, Illinois. This will be the first stop on their tour, and will be celebrating their Signing. Also performing will be Silencia Pachuca, Jasper Lokote and BlueNoze. All going down Saturday, March 23rd, and it will be all ages. Did you hear the song Mz Lovely and Smokey Loco did with Baby Jokes? If not, you know we got the exclusive for ya!

Mz Lovely & Smokey Loco – Only The Strong Survive – Featuring Baby Jokes

La Loca’s Lesson #33

watching made and the girl trying to lose weigh crying about it hehe i think the older u get the less dramatic over our weight we get lol


Eyes on the road

Be careful on the roads especially during the rain because the roads can get slippery. Vanessa ( the girl that picks up your calls) got in an accident today in the morning. So be careful because you don’t want this to happen to your car.

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