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Be “Out The Box”

This Thursday, it all goes down with the brand new Urban Kings Webisode called “Out The Box” and stars UKMG Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, as he performs a very special and very emotional poem exclusively for Urban Kings. Since Richard has been acting in many million dollar budget movies, as well as television shows and even his own plays, this is a perfect combination of raw talent put into one epic video. We are thinking about sharing with everyone a short sneak peak of the actual video, or even just letting you know what its about! Tune in tomorrow to see what we plan for you!

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He’s Still Active

FREE CHINO GRANDE! Today I was thinking of my friend, UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo. I talked to him on the phone the other day and he sounded in good spirits and say Gracias to his fans for all the support you have shown him on our site and his facebook page. I was looking through his albums to see what CD I was going to play, and I haven’t heard the album “Still Active” in a while, so I popped the album in and it brought me back to when we first started making the album, putting it together, and the hype was so crazy of people wanting it before it came out. This was a dope album that featured Ms Krazie, Charlie Row Members Jasper Loco, Lil Minor, along with Baby Jokes, Midget Loco, Cecy B, Roscoe, D Salas, Fingazz and more. My favorite track from the cd was Still Active. Remember that song? Check it out below!

Chino Grande ft. Ms Krazie, Lil Minor & Jasper Loco – Still Active – Taken From Still Active CD

2012 Urban Kings CD Release Schedule

 Stomper – Once Upon A Time In America 2

Slush Tha Villian – Out On Bail

Ese Lil Joker – Most Wanted

Lil Sicko – My Neighborhood The Sequel

We Are Also Releasing This Year

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget

Baby Jokes – Love Songs

Charlie Row Campo Album

Jasper Loco Solo Album

Spanky Loco Solo Album

Fiesty 2 Guns Album

Urban Kings Street Anthems Vol 4 Compilation

We have a full schedule this year, releasing 12 National Releases this year to major outlets, digital releases and more. We are working on the exact release dates but have chosen which albums will be out this year. Stompers album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ is scheduled for this year, with fans waiting impatiently for this album, I have heard it and the public will not be disappointed at all. We are proud to announce a release from Slush Tha Villian, called “Out On Bail”. Slush always delivers on dope music and this album is no exception. The hard beats and lyrics are dope, and with features by Ms Krazie, Stomper and Kozme, its the perfect fit. Ese Lil Joker is also releasing a new project through Urban Kings Music Group. With this new album “Most Wanted” it is something that every Ese Lil Joker fans want in an album. Hardcore and Uncut, “Most Wanted” gives the fans what they want. UKMG is also putting out the new Lil Sicko album called “My Neighborhood The Sequel”. The first My Neighborhood  cd was dope and the new album is just as good if not better! Lil Sicko fans have been anxiously waiting for this release and this year its coming!

We also have a new release from Ms Krazie. Her “Forgive Not Forget” album has been a demanded album since we have announced the title of the album. This is a cd that every Ms Krazie fan must have. And it is coming this year! We also have a brand new Baby Jokes cd called “Love Songs”. It will be a full collection of loves songs from Baby Jokes and if you liked “Baby Love” and “She Used To Be My Sidekick” your gonna really love this album! We will also be releasing a brand new Charlie Row Campo album. The Camponero fans have been asking and we will be delivering with this solid album from the Campo, and YES, Chino Grande will be on the album. Jasper Loco is also putting out a new solo project this year, it is currently untitled but it will be coming out this year. Jasper’s last album “Eastside Assassin” was a fan favorite and his new album has also came out tight. Fiesty 2 Guns will also release his solo cd this year, also currently untitled, and will be a must have for all Fiesty 2 Guns fans. If you liked “Street Scriptures” and “Talking Guns”, then Fiestys new album is exactly for you. We also  have a Spanky Loco album that is scheduled for release this year. With some dope features and beats, its gonna be a dope Spanky Loco release like always. Also riding the success of the “Dedicated To The OG’s” album, Midget Loco is scheduled to release another solo album this year. All Midget Loco fans will not be disappointed with this album!

Also we have a Street Anthems 4 Compilation in the works, with all exclusive songs from Ms Krazie, Stomper, Charlie Row Campo, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Midget Loco, Baby Jokes, Spanky Loco and some special guests.

Check This Out

First off, I wanna send a big shout out to Rebecca from Arizona (I put her Facebook link so fellow Urban Kings fans can follow her) for sending us one of the dopest pictures that have been sent to us! She is one of Ms Krazie’s biggest fans and she has the ink to prove it. Check out her tattoo of Ms Krazie’s lyric “Mas Vale Sola Que Mal Acompanada” from her song “Mas Vale Sola ” from the Ms Krazie CD “Smile Now Cry Never “. We always encourage fans to send in cool pictures they have to be posted in our blog. We will put your facebook link up and make you famous. You can send your tattoos of lyrics if you have any, or holding up one of your favorite Urban Kings CDs or even just a drawing or if you come across something cool related to Urban Kings. Remember you can send Click Here To Submit Your Pictures .

Thanks Rebecca!!

Ms Krazie – Mas Vale Sola – Song

Spanky Loco & Lupillo Rivera

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco performed in Mexico last weekend, in Monterrey to be exact, and while he was at the airport waiting for his flight, look who he happened to bump into. Non other than Multi Platinum artist Lupillo Rivera. With over 22 albums under his belt, Lupillo has created his own lane in music and is a very highly respectable artist. Spanky is also a very respectable artist, with over 12 albums that have covered the streets both nationally and internationally, including touring in Europe and Japan. His most recent album to date is his all Spanish album, entitled “Tirando Y Rifando 2“, which was a follow up to a very successful Tirando Y Rifando album. Tirando Y Rifando 2 is currently available at FYE Locations, as well as digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store! Below is my favorite song from the Spanky Loco “Tirando Y Rifando 2″ album, Take a listen and turn  your speakers up loud!!!!

Spanky Loco – Anando – Taken From Tirando Y Rifando 2


Tomorrow, July 21st, Off The Chain Streetwear, who brought The Hello Loca 2012 Tour to Farmington & Gallup, New Mexico in March, is back at it again, throwing the biggest concert of the year in Albuquerque.Hundreds of fans asked why didn’t Off The Chain bring Ms Krazie,  Baby Jokes and Selo to perform in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Well, Off The Chain heard your voice and made this show happen. Thats right, Ms Krazie, Baby Jokes, Selo and this time Cuete Yeska will be on this Hello Loca 2012 Duke City concert. Also jumpin on this concert is Syphon, Mizztery, Threat, Envee, E Money, Spider and Negro. If you went to the Farmington and Gallup, you know whats in store for the Albuquerque show. There will be Ms Krazie Cds available and Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts. So make sure to come out and support and come see a dope show! Buy your tickets today at to guarantee your entrance! This will sell out!



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