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Behind The Scenes With Chino Grande & True Starr

Urban Kings put together two of our artists to make one hit song. We booked time at a studio in Hollywood, and took UKMG Artists Chino Grande and True Starr in the booth and the outcome is called “Mind Right”, which will be on True Starr’s upcoming album “Your Welcome”. We also brought UKMG Director Famous 8 with us to record the studio session and give you a behind the scenes look of the new song. Also talking with Chino Grande and True Starr in short interviews. This is an exclusive behind the scenes session, and their will be a music video to this song as well. Make sure to stay posted for the release of this song, because it will be released as a single. More info will be coming soon, as well as the releases for True Starr’s Your Welcome and Chino Grande’s “1300 Block Boys”.

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Ms Krazie’s First Ever Music Video

Today I want to post the first ever Music Video by UKMG Artist Ms Krazie called “Love You Till Death” Featuring Kozme. This was a really dope music video that I think came out as one of our best music videos ever. I was on set for most of the day (and night), watching how Echosworld captured the scenes. It was really dope and I even remember we gave a fan an opportunity to be on set and watch as Ms Krazie filmed the video, got to meet Ms Krazie, take pictures, get autographs, Free CDs, Free Shirts, and more. It was a real good day as we all worked hard to make this idea of a music video come to life. Love You Till Death was taken from Ms Krazie’s newest album “Forgive Not Forget“, which is available in All Major Music Retailers, digitally through iTunes, and online at the UKMG Merch Store.Make sure to watch the video and support Urban Kings and Ms Krazie, and you might be seeing a brand new music video from Ms Krazie soon!

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Album Cover

Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget – Contest

Click The Picture – Then Download

Congratulations, If your reading this you are able to enter the exclusive UKMG Ms Krazie – Forgive Not Forget Contest. We will be giving away a Free Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget T Shirt OR a Free Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget AUTOGRAPHED CD. The winner can decide which item is best for them. There will be 2 Steps to follow to be entered in the contest. Read very carefully!

Step 1. Click The picture above. By clicking the picture, it should take you to a new window, with the same picture, but MUCH BIGGER. Now, DOWNLOAD THE BIG PICTURE. – Once you downloaded it into your computer, Step 1 has been complete. Your half way there!

Step 2. Sign into Facebook. Now put your new COVER PHOTO as the picture you just downloaded (The BIG PICTURE size of the Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget – Available 9-25-2012), Now, just comment in our official Ms Krazie New Release date facebook post, Right here >> Click Here and Post A Comment and thats it!


Ms Krazie Cds Shippin Out

Signed, Sealed and Gettin Delivered

Ms Krazie Autograph CD – Blocked Version

Ms Krazie Autograph Cursive Version

The Money Shot

Everythings Ready

Cant Keep Up


Each Package with Autographed CD, a Free Poster, a Free Sticker & Free Ringtone!!

Ms Krazie’s new cd “Forgive Not Forget” has officially been shipping out since last Thursday. Our employees have been working around the clock for all the pre orders that fans have ordered for the new cd. For this pre order, Ms Krazie has signed her autograph in two different ways. One in block writing, and one in cursive! We had a conference call with Ms Krazie and discussed the importance of a new, more mature cd, that Ms krazie should sign some autographs as signatures, like a nice handwritten name, like athletes do, and it looks so simple, smart and cool. There are few cds signed handwritten, so hopefully you get one! Plus the pre order came with a Free Ms Krazie Poster, Free Ms Krazie Sticker, and Free Ms Krazie Ringtone.

Ms Krazies “Forgive Not Forget” releases Tomorrow, September 25th, 2012 to all major music stores like FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, and digitally on iTunes!!!

It is never too late to order Forgive Not Forget, so order today at The UKMG Merch Store.

Look Out For Stomper

Urban Kings Artist The Stomper was working a few days ago in the studio working on some brand new music. He is working on some really dope projects coming out, as he has about 3 projects he is working on as we speak. He has some big plans in the works with Urban Kings and Stomper is going to keep making some classic songs for his fans. Wait until you hear some of the songs he has been working on! Have you seen the video of him in the studio with Kast N Fame yet? Make sure to watch the video below and hear a sneak peak of some music unreleased by The Stomper!

Urban Kings Presents – In Studio With Stomper

Summer Nights with DJ #5

Am glad to be back from Vegas and finally get a chance to kick back and relax to some oldies but not your art laboe kind of oldies. When people think of oldies they think of the classic songs like Al Green or Mary Wells but many don’t know there was plenty of Chicano artist’s back in the days as well. Today I want to share an artist that goes by the name of Ralfi Pagan. You can purchase his cd at our online store which is titled Ralfi Pagan The Legend. He has plenty of songs besides this one that you might want to check out. I picked this song because you can hear by his voice why he was hitting it very big.  Ralfi Pagan was murdered at a very young aged right about the time he was becoming famous. I really don’t no the details but all no that his jams are some thing else. I will be sharing a lot of more of his songs but today;s song is called No Soy De Ti. If you want to check out some of my older post click here “Summer Nights with JD


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