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Behind The Scenes With YBe For My Homies

Urban Kings was behind the scenes of an unreleased music video for Ybe aka Lil Yogi of M$M Entertainment. It is for a song called “My Homies” and no one has heard the song yet, but we are going to give you a sneak peak of the song, along with the behind the scenes of the music video, some really cool interviews and see some scenes from the video too! The behind the scenes is hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and he captures the scenes and artists on camera. The “My Homies” music video was also sponsored by our friends at Old English Brand and directed by Alex Munoz. Make sure to stay tuned to and Urban Kings Tv for the Official Behind The Scenes release date, which will Premier This Friday, February 21st! Stay Posted and ready!


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Youtube Friday – Free Soda

Today is Friday, that means another crazy Youtube Friday video from Urban Kings. Today is a video showing how a man gets free soda from a vending machine. This is done by someone who is not from America. This dude found a way to get some free soda, only by using a measuring tape. The simple way how to do it, but shows its not as easy as it looks. The plan is simple, pull out the measuring tape, grab a soda, then pull it fast so the soda can could fall over the placement bar. Everyone make sure to check out the video, and see how it is done, although its not recommended, because you can also get arrested and fined for messing with machines.

Get Fiesty 2 Guns Autograph With Pre Order!

UKMG is offering a great deal for Fiesty 2 Guns brand new upcoming album, called “Bring It Home“! For EACH AND EVERY PRE ORDER, fans will not only receive the Bring It Home album, but it will be autographed by Fiesty 2 Guns himself, and will come with a FREE Album Poster as well. This is a really good deal, because the autograph and poster comes along with the Pre Order for FREE. Not too many labels and artists do cool stuff like that, but its always good to give our fans some good extra stuff like that to show that we appreciate your support. “Bring It Home” features some really dope artists, like Charlie Row Campo members Chino Grande and Jasper Loco, as well as Lil Cuete, Midget Loco, D Salas, Rigo Luna, Livin Real and singer Breanna Takenaka. Make sure to support Fiesty 2 Guns, Charlie Row Campo and Urban Kings and order this new release. Below is the official snippets, and the order link! “Bring It Home” Releases Nationwide on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013!

*Free Autograph & Poster for Pre Order is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH UKMG

Fiesty 2 Guns – Bring It Home – Official Snippets

UKMG Signing Party For True Starr

Urban Kings Music Group is inviting everyone to come down to The Supper Club in Hollywood, California to celebrate the signing of our newest artist True Starr. We will be partying it up, poppin a few bottles and enjoying the night. DJ Felli Fel from Power 106 will be spinning the hits, and Urban Kings will be in the building. All taking place on Sunday, February 15th! Make sure to come out and support, this event is 21 and over and dress code is strictly enforced. For guestlist and bottle information call 562-307-3589.

True Starr x Chino Grande Music Video

Official Announcement, The upcoming music video for UKMG Artist True Starr is out now and features fellow UKMG Artist Chino Grande. The video came out dope, and is taken from True Starr’s newest album called “You’re Welcome“, which is available now inside The UKMG Merch Store! True Starr worked hard on the album, and it ended up having 17 songs on it. Some songs were featured music videos, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, 48 Hours, Ambitionz and the upcomig video is called “Mind Right”. Watch the music video below along with the studio session creating the song, and the behind the scenes of t he music video!

True Starr & Chino Grande – Mind Right – Official Music Video


True Starr & Chino Grande – Studio Session Recording Mind Right

 Behind The Scenes of Mind Right

Ms Krazie Hits 100,000 Likes on Facebook!

We would like to congratulate Ms Krazie for reaching a very high accomplishment. She has just reached 100,000 LIKES on her facebook. She has very solid and dedicated fans, that she refers to as #TeamLoca. Ms Krazie has been touring the country, on her HELLO LOCA 2012 Tour, and even went international on a few concerts, to give her fans an intimate chance on watching her perform. Ms Krazie performed in various states, including California, Florida, Washington, Aurora, Raleigh, Midland, Indianapolis, just to name a very few. During her rigorous tour schedule, she has managed to put the finishing touches on her new album “Forgive Not Forget”, which will be available WORLDWIDE on Septemember 18th, 2012 at all major retail outlets like FYE, iTunes, and online through the UKMG Merch Store. As of right now she is currently at 102,879 LIKES.

Click here to LIKE Ms Krazie on Facebook!


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