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Blaze Daily & G Double – Crazy – New Music Video

We got a brand new video to share with everyone, and its by Blaze Daily & G Double and it features Eyekon. This is a dope new video called Crazy and it is now up on Urban Kings Tv! This song is straight hip hop, with a grimey beat from Kast N Fame, and everybody killed their verse on the track. And with sexy video vixens like Amber P, Tiffy Mac and Baby Wicked, theres alot of eye candy with the girls lookin sexy. The concept and originality came out really dope and has that crazy look. Make sure to show some love and support checking the video out and commenting on the video. This is the type of video to watch while smoking and chillen. Filmed and Directed by Eyekon Fotography. This video is Urban Kings certified and shout out to Blaze Daily, G Double, Eyekon, Kast N Fame and all the girls in the video.



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The steps of a future loca

They are so cute when their young. She will be growing into her hoop earings soon lol. Doing a quick lil 2step to walk away by Ms. Krazie for the camara cuz she wants to check the urbankings tweet of the day lol.

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RIP Eazy E – The Hip Hop Thugsta

UKMG would like to dedicate this blog for Eazy E, celebrating his life and his legacy for what he has done for music, especially hip hop. Eazy was one of the first artists that became not only an entertainer, but a CEO as well. From organizing the supergroup NWA, to working as a solo artist, then creating his own record label, called Ruthless Records. Eazy always had an eye for finding talent, including JJ Fad, The DOC, Bone Thugs and Harmony. But what Eazy E also has done, that has not really been made common knowledge that Eazy E also believed in young Mexican artists. He also signed Brownside and Kid Frost, and was also negotiating with other Mexican artists on deals. Not too many major mainstream artists have co signed Mexican artists, and that is why is so respected among the latino communities. Rest In Peace Eazy E!

*Photography Credit by Mike Miller Photography

Eazy E – Real MuthaPhukkin G’s

Eazy E – Foe Tha Love Of $

Jasper Loco | Sick Jaken | UrbanKings

Spanky Loco Inked The Midwest

Check out Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco has just finished another stop from part of his “Music And Tattoo 2014 Tour”. The last tour stop was in the Midwest, with Spanky hitting Nebraska and Iowa. He gives fans the opportunity to get some fresh LA Ink directly from their hometown. Check out some of the dope tattoos Spanky did for some of the people in the Midwest, including two dope huge back pieces! Spanky is hitting Washington for the first week of June! Details will be coming soon so stay posted!!! Here are some more pics from the tour and the tattoos!

Music Thursday- Pancho Villa

This song is from Ms. Krazie’s album Smile Now Cry Never. Happy Cinco De Mayo

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