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Brand New Out The Box

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group Present the brand new Out The Box episode. This brings the series to episode 5, and it stars Corina Calderon. I am really excited about the new show, and its called “Daddy”. When I watched the performance of this Out The Box episode, I felt the raw emotion and power of the content, the words and the feeling that was behind everything. It ranks high on my favorite Out The Box episodes, and this time, it gives a topic from the first featured female artist of the series. The Out The Box “Daddy” episode will premier TOMORROW, September 4th at 7PM Pacific Time, exclusively on Urban Kings!

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About Us With OE CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Jaime CEO of Urban Kings talks about what Old English Brand is about. The team, the creativity and what motivates the company. Join us as we sit down with Jaime and hear about what make Old English Brand happen. Watch the video and see where much of the inspiration and motivation comes from.

Rare Tupac Interview

I was looking through youtube today to post onto our page, seeing the new Chino Grande new video, and I came across a video that was recommended for me. It was a Tupac interview that was unreleased by MTV. Pac was a revolutionary and he talked about the struggles he has and cant understand why some people could be so rich while others are broke and  homeless. It reminded me alot of Chino how he talks about people needing to become educated and successful and work hard for what they want and believe in. Make sure to watch this video, it was unreleased but drops alot of knowledge.

Behind The Scenes With YBe For My Homies

Urban Kings was behind the scenes of an unreleased music video for Ybe aka Lil Yogi of M$M Entertainment. It is for a song called “My Homies” and no one has heard the song yet, but we are going to give you a sneak peak of the song, along with the behind the scenes of the music video, some really cool interviews and see some scenes from the video too! The behind the scenes is hosted by UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr and he captures the scenes and artists on camera. The “My Homies” music video was also sponsored by our friends at Old English Brand and directed by Alex Munoz. Make sure to stay tuned to and Urban Kings Tv for the Official Behind The Scenes release date, which will Premier This Friday, February 21st! Stay Posted and ready!


Jasper Loco At The LA Dub Show

Jasper Loco & Burst Rock

Jasper Loco Posted Up With Some Japanese Fans

Jasper Loco & Supermodel Cadi Corinne

Troublesome, Baby G, Aja & Jasper Loco Posin For A Flick

Everyone who knows Jasper Loco personally, know hes always in the streets, at events, concerts, shows, kickbacks, bbqs and all that. Jasper went with a few of his friends to the Los Angeles Dub Show this past weekend and was mingling with many people who came to check out the cars, the women, the concert, and the scene. This was a big show this year featuring Akon, French Montana, Urban Kings homie Compton Menace, and more. Many fans and artists recognized Jasper, and soon Jasper was taking pictures, signing autographs, doing video drops and video interviews. Jasper always got love and respect for those who show him the same. Here are a few of his pictures that he took, and that people have tagged him on his Official Jasper Loco Facebook Fan Page! Make sure to pick up the new Charlie Row Campo album “California Boys”, which is available now at All FYE Locations, digitally downloadable through iTunes, and online at the The UKMG Merch Store.

Charlie Row Campo – Stop This Smoke For You – From California Boys

Dyse One x Charlie Row Campo

Many people dont know but Dyse did Charlie Rows latest logo. Which one you might ask? The one on the camponeros cover. Dyse is one talented artists and we have had the pleasure to have work done by him.


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