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Brand New Out The Box

Urban Kings along with Lineage Entertainment Group Present the brand new Out The Box episode. This brings the series to episode 5, and it stars Corina Calderon. I am really excited about the new show, and its called “Daddy”. When I watched the performance of this Out The Box episode, I felt the raw emotion and power of the content, the words and the feeling that was behind everything. It ranks high on my favorite Out The Box episodes, and this time, it gives a topic from the first featured female artist of the series. The Out The Box “Daddy” episode will premier TOMORROW, September 4th at 7PM Pacific Time, exclusively on Urban Kings!

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Shine On Me

Did you know that UKMG Artist Chino Grande started recording this album while he was free only a few hours. He already had his concepts and ideas, and he went in the studio and created one great song after another. Then we scheduled some really dope collaborations for the album, like Ms Krazie, MC Magic, Carolyn Rodriguez, Glasses Malone, Chingo Bling and more. The CD came out really sick, with 16 songs on the album, and all of them heaters. It features songs like “I Dont Give A Fuck“, “Shine On Me“, “Hands Of Time” , “I Remember You Homie” and more. Trust Your Struggle is available now at all Major Retailers including Amazon, FYE and digitally on iTunes! Make sure to check out the first single and first ever music video by Chino Grande called “Shine On Me” below, it is already at 1,225,000 Million Views on youtube and lets try to get it to 1.5 Million! Stay updated to our blog to hear the latest on Chino Grande coming home!

Chino Grande – Shine On Me – Official Music Video – Taken From Trust Your Struggle

Labor Day Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Urban Kings partnered up along with Old English Brand and Ms Krazie to do a very special Labor Day sale for 2015. We have all decided to do a sale giving you 20% off. Everything. Everything throughout every website. That means all CDs will be 20% off from Urban Kings, 20% off everything on the Ms Krazie collection (including her music), and 20% off everything on Old English Brand! The sale starts officially tomorrow, Friday, September 4th and will continue through Monday, September 7th ending at Midnight!

Promo Code – LaborDay20

Music thursdays- Aztlan Is The Truth

Just in case you havent seen it. This is a Music Video of Stomper’s song “Aztlan Is The Truth” from his album Once Upon A Time in America. Currently we have 66,030 Views and  808 Comments.

Posted By Alejandra

Chino Grande – Dollas & Pesos

Everyone has been asking us about Urban Kings artist Chino Grande, waiting to hear new music, and a new video. Well, we have heard you asking about it and asking about it, so we decided to head down to the studio with Chino while he was recording his new album, and this video is what we created. A 16/8 Webisode staring Chino Grande. It was really an on the spot video, and it came out really dope, and it also premiers a very dope unreleased song by Chino Grande called “Dollas & Pesos”. What do you think of this song? His album “1300 Block Boys” is coming very soon, and we have already released the first single, called “Under The Sun“. Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Spanky Loco In The Midwest This Weekend

We told you that UKMG Artist Spanky Loco has been grinding heavy on his “Tattoos And Music 2014 Tour” and his next stop is in the Midwest! Thats right, he will be in Omaha, Nebraska on May 16th and also appearing in Sioux City. It will be another addition to his tour and bringing his specialty jailhouse ink along with him. Its a unique style of ink and I personally had Spanky Loco do two full sleeves for me, and his work is top notch and professional. Spanky has a very few appointments left, I think he said one in Omaha and one in Sioux City, so make sure to TEXT 716-LOCO-TAT right now to reserve your spot, and have Spanky Loco add his art to your collection!


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