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Branding With Jaime Diaz

Old English Brand sits down with its C.E.O of Urban Kings and Old English Brand to talk about branding. Watch this exclusive one on one talk with Jaime Diaz.

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Loca E-Card #1

Im sure by now everyone has seen cards like these that say very random and crazy phrases…Well, now they are about to having some meaning and still say some KRAZIE phrases, but they will be lyrics from her upcoming new album “Forgive Not Forgets”. Here is the very first card, which are actual lyrics from Ms Krazie’s songs that will be from the cd. Make sure to come back to read and see other very cool “Locas E-Cards” because more will be coming very soon!!

Urban Kings Street Anthems Out Today!

Its out today! Make sure you make your way to your local FYE store or buy it from iTunes.

Words Of Wisdom – Never Settle

I close my eyes and look back at when I started. I have come so far from that young kid pushing music at local swap meets, to developing my own artist, creating my own brands and giving each one a high value. Self knowledge and working towards something you love is something very few get a chance to not only feel, but to do. In reality I’m at the highest point I have ever been. But in my mind I’m nothing, no where close to where I can be. Maybe my mind is bigger then my own reality. Maybe because my skin is brown my reality seems so big at this point since that is all I been taught to think. My mind wont allow it though. My mind wont accept that I’m near the top because in reality I’m not. My mind is aiming to surpass and do things that no matter what color of skin has never done. There’s more to Urban Kings then music or clothing, there’s an enthusiastic kid that just won’t give up. There’s a kid looking for other kids to join him and be foolish kids and do what we were never taught to do, which is what has never been done. xSetForLifex crew where I ask for just one thing from you: to simply to breath, feel, look, and think outside of what is normal to you. Close your eyes and live it with me. POW! What a vision, what a life xSetForLifex!

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Instagram – @UrbanKings


The High Life – The Other Side Music Video

Click Here To Watch The Other Side

We have the brand new music video from The High Life, aka Blaze Daily and G Double. This is their 6th music video they have released from their album “The High Life“. They also have music videos for “92“, “So West Coast“, “All I Know“, “Still Rollin“, and “Crazy“. Blaze Daily and G Double have been making a name for themselves in the music scene, collaborating with Producers Kast N Fame and Video Director Eyekon Fotography to build a buzz in the game. Make sure to check out their newest music video, called “The Other Side” on Urban Kings Tv.

Click Here To Buy “The High Life” Today!

Lookout Weekend Unplugged 2

Whats going on everyone reminder tomorrow is the Lookout Weekend Unplugged 2. Performing Live is Paperboy (The Ditty) and Skee Lo (I Wish).  Here is the audio commercial for the event!
Lookout Weekend II Commercial July 29th 2011


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