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This weekend we got together with True Starr and King Kast. If you love the history of the Urban Kings album covers, well Kast has been the man behind them all. From the photo shoots to the design concepts. Since it is True Starr’s first debut with Urban Kings. We had to call the professional mercenaries to take care of this special missions, and make this album cover epic. True Starr’s E.P. is called “You’re Welcome” which it should be coming Oct. 15 on Digital release. Check out the BTS video below:

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Artwork By Stomper

UKMG Artist The Stomper sent us in this drawing he did. Most of our artists are very talented in drawing, and Stomper is not the exception. Here is a drawing Stomper drew using only one pen. You can see, with only one utensil, Stomper captures the shading and textures of different shadows, and brings to life a face. Stomper has some really dope artwork that he sent us, so we will be posting more of his designs very soon. He is also working on a new album scheduled for a 2013 release, which the project is currently untitled. But we are going to play a throw back old school classic track, which is one of my favorites from Stomps, called “Gangster Relief”, which is from his album “Once Upon A Time In America“, which is in stores now!

Stomper – Gangsters Relief Music Video – Featuring Chino Grande

Once Upon A Time In America – In Stores Now

Get Your Hands On Street Scriptures

Street Scriptures are now in all FYE stores, ITunes and world wide on This is the newest Charlie Row Album out and its Fiesty first solo album. Here is all the snippets of the songs that are featured in the Street Scriptures album

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If Mexicans Celebrated July 4th Like Americans Celebrates Cinco De Mayo

Many people mix up factual dates and reasons for celebrating Cinco De Mayo, and many Americans celebrate by drinking throughout the day. Wearing a sombrero, a pancho and other items “related” to being Mexican. Many similar stereotypes of St. Patricks Day for the Irish. So The Flama decided to twist the mix up, to see how people would react to some fake twisted facts of July 4th. Including fake wars and dress code. Watch as they warp reality and the video takes a life on its own.

Ms Krazie Vlog – New Years Edition

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie just recorded her first Vlog for the New Year. She talks about some of her experiences through her first nationwide tour, The Hello Loca 2012 Tour. She talks about difficulties of living the road life, performing and sharing the stage with some of her favorite artists, her brand new album, and some of her plans for 2013, like new products, and if she will be releasing a brand new album for 2014. Make sure to check out the blog, because its a must for any true Ms Krazie Fans. Just click the picture above and watch what Ms Krazie has to say!


Ms Krazie’s Song Is On Your Local Radio

Ms Krazie’s new single “Nobody Else” has now officially started to hit the airwaves. Nobody Else has been played already this weekend on Pocos Pero Locos, On A Sunday Afternoon with Henry G in Las Cruces NM, and Tha Latin Takeova with Shorti3 in Amarillo TX! The song will also be playing on The Barrio Banga with Elite from Power 103.5 in Oklahoma City OK, It will also play on 100.9 The Heat in Lancaster Ca, and a few more stations throughout the country. Please make sure to vote for Nobody Else from Ms Krazie on your favorite local radio station. Here is a list of the stations and phone numbers so you can request it. MAKE SURE TO HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW CALL THE STATION TOO, so you will have more of a chance to hear your favorite song! Remember to vote for Ms Krazies song on Facebook at


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