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This weekend we got together with True Starr and King Kast. If you love the history of the Urban Kings album covers, well Kast has been the man behind them all. From the photo shoots to the design concepts. Since it is True Starr’s first debut with Urban Kings. We had to call the professional mercenaries to take care of this special missions, and make this album cover epic. True Starr’s E.P. is called “You’re Welcome” which it should be coming Oct. 15 on Digital release. Check out the BTS video below:

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Have You Seen Out The Box Yet?

There is one video that set the internet going crazy this week, its the video of Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, performing some spoken word poetry for Urban Kings’ collaboration with Richard called “Out The Box“. It is a raw poem that Richard had put written and put together to be filmed for the video. Since it was premiered last week, fans have been talking non stop about this video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Have you watched the video to see what everyone is talking about?  Watch it now!

You may recognize Richard from movies such as “A Better Life”, “End Of Watch”, “The Counselor” and the upcoming movie “Blood Father”, staring Mel Gibson. He has also had supporting roles in television’s “Southland” and “Chicago Fire”, and his new pilot “American Crime” will be airing nationwide on ABC very soon!

Chino Grande – The Time Has Risen – This Monday!!

The Time Has Risen

Chino Grande Freestyling

UKMG will be releasing something really very exclusive. We had UKMG Artist Chino Grande do an rare freestyle for Urban Kings Tv. This is his first official freestyle for his fans. Many fans question on the Official Chino Grande Facebook if thats him or not, If he’s really out or not, and if he’s ready to get back to the music or not. This video will show you that he is out via video, and not only in a video, but a new freestyle, because he wasn’t able to make new music. But with his release, he is now ready to do everything he had planned, starting with music, (both with Charlie Row Campo, and his solo album) but he wanted to let the fans see that he’s out and he gave a freestyle just for his fans. A video interview will be coming soon with Chino Grande as well, so make sure to look out for that. We took these two exclusive still pictures from Chino Grande’s freestyle!

Chino Grande’s “The Time Has Risen” Freestyle will be up this Monday, November 12th! Tell all your friends that a new Chino Grande Freestyle is coming soon!!!

Richard Cabral Acting Reel 2013

Urban Kings has the official Actors Reel of Richard Cabral, which shows some of his past work from television and movies. Richard has been acting in movies that star Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, Demian Bichir, America Ferrera, The Rock, Benjamin Bratt, Cameron Diaz and more. He also had some major roles in tv, being a character in “Southland” as well as a main character in “Chicago Fire”. Richard also has a few projects that will be releasing soon, like Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones, The Counselor, The Devil’s Ink, The Walk of Shame and Crosstown. Richard also recorded music with Urban Kings, releasing his solo album “Life On The Streets“, which featured music from Chino Grande, Jasper Loco, MC Magic, Huero Snipes, Cecy B and more. It’s a really dope album and came out awesome. It is available now at FYE, digitally through iTunes and online at the UKMG Merch Store! Here is the reel and cover of the album below!

Richard Cabral Acting Reel

Richard Cabral Album Cover


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