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Califa Rap awards Urban Kings!

Cali Rap Awards results are in and guess what award we were awarded drum roll plz (lol)……Charlie Row Campo’s The Camponeros won compilation of the year ( i don’t know wat a compliation was so i looked it up and it means its a album with old songs from different artist….but it was a group project wit new songs : / so….. ay who cares we won ). Cover Art of the year was given to Stomper Once Upon of Time in America. Video of the year was given to Chino G In my neighborhood. So give it up for urban kings (bow and ) lol. If you wondered how it was decided, the fans went to and voted in their choices. So now you guys know how to vote for next year : ). So come and get to claim the trophies cuz its time to head to the after party (wonder if baby jokes is going to be there lol)

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A little more info

Charlie Row Campo In Studio

We have posted a blog about Charlie Row Campo member Lil Minor has just returned home and within the first day of his release, he contacted Urban Kings to let everyone know he is back and he appreciates all the love and support from the C Row fans. We just received this picture of Lil Minor and Charlie Row Member Jasper Loco both in the studio working on brand new music. They are working on new music for Jasper Loco’s Mixtape, his album, and we might be seeing another Charlie Row Campo album! I cant wait to hear the final outcome of this studio session because I know there is some great music being made. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information about new music and Charlie Row Campo!

New Chino Grande Meme!

Check out this new meme we made for Urban Kings Artist Chino Grande. Featuring a quote from one of Chino’s songs. What do you think of the meme? What is the quote from? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

World Premier from California Boys

As we promised, we will continue to release World Premiers of Charlie Row Campo’s new album “California Boys” until the album releases. Here is the next song to play “California Boy”. This is one of my top favorites from the new album because C Row came with some really dope lyrics and the beat is knockin and the hook is vicious. This is a cool laid back with some really hard verses from Charlie Row. Make sure to check out August 7th, out in major music outlets All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes, or online at The UKMG Merch Store!

Charlie Row Campo – California Boy – From California Boys



Slush Tha Villain Collabs Now Available

Slush Tha Villain just released his new album “Out On Bail” through the Urban Kings Music Group and it has created a huge buzz. Now Slush has asked us that he wants to start doing guest feature for other artists out there that need that Slush Tha Villain sound. Wether your an up-and-coming artist or an artist who is already established but had no contact to Slush, this is the perfect chance. He also makes the perfect addition to your album. Slush’s verses are usually set at a high price, but he is giving the Urban Kings fanbase a really good deal on his verses so make sure to get one or two today. He is also available to do a hook if you are just interested in having him do your hook. Contact Us today by CLICKING HERE to get your price today! Remember, Slush Tha Villains new album Out On Bail is available now at All FYE Locations , download digitally through iTunes , and online on the UKMG Catalog . Here is my favorite song on the album.

Slush Tha Villain – Fuck Rap – Taken From Out On Bail


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