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Capone – Raza For Life

Here is one of the classic albums Urban Kings has distributed over the years, by Capone called “Raza For Life”. This was a really dope album Urban Kings released in 2009 and has some dope features on it, like UKMG Artists Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Stomper and Midget Loco. There was some dope tracks from the CD too, like “Hard Living”, “Mexican Hood”, “To The Top” and “I Stay Loyal”. The album made a huge buzz when it released, and this album made some noise throughout the country. It released to all major music retailers, like Amazon, FYE, iTunes and many more stores throughout America. Its available now and is worth a listen. Make sure to listen to the music sampler below of the whole album!

Capone – Raza For Life – Album Sampler


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Throwback Thursday

Todays Throwback Thursday is another classic moment in time. We brought out a classic picture taken from the Las Vegas Super Carshow a few years back. This was back in the days when everyone would head out to the car shows, meet up with fans, other rappers, and some clothing lines. Its always cool to go to things like that, dig the vibe and see all the models walking around. We took this picture of Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie and Charlie Row Campo. A real classic picture.

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With Instagram becoming a new trend in social media, there are always people creating fake accounts to mislead people into believing that some accounts are real. Well, we are trying to stop all this fake nonsense and we are letting our fans know the official Instagram’s of Urban Kings Artists. Instagram is a social media application, which is only good on cell phones, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc. Its sole purpose is to post up pictures for everyone to see, and follow your family, friends and favorite celebrities, actors, models, artists and athletes. Most Urban Kings Artists have instagram, to give their fans a complete new look, not just from the musical side of their lives, but also their personal lives. Our artists that have instagram are, Ms Krazie, Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Stomper, Spanky Loco, and also Urban Kings has an Instagram. Make sure to follow everyone today, and if you dont have Instagram, you can download their FREE Version on your Cell Phone APP Store!

Jasper Loco Product Of The Block – Out Now!

The highly anticipated album by Jasper Loco is now out. Its features a great song featuring Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, “Product Of The Block” (Video Coming Soon).

Click here to purchase his album.

Stomper – Aztlan Is The Truth

Urban Kings brings back one of the dopest videos ever. Its by UKMG Artist Stomper and the song is called “Aztlan Is The Truth“. This is one of the sickest music videos we have ever released, and its one of Stompers best tracks. It was taken from the album “Once Upon A Time In America“, one of the biggest Urban Kings albums. The music video has hit over 185,000 views on youtube, and we need to get it to 200,000! We continue to be on our #FREESTOMPER campaign and we will be seeing him soon. Lets get behind this video and support and get it to 200,000 views! Watch the video and put it on your facebook and lets get the movement going!

A Fans Forgive Not Forget Vida Loca Tattoo

We have just received another picture of a fan sending us a Ms Krazie “Forgive Not Forget” tattoo, and it came out sickkk. This is a picture sent in from a huge Ms Krazie fan, and her name is Ana Mota . She already has Vida Loca on huge back piece, and now added “Forgive Not Forget” across the very top of her back, right below her neck. Many people dont know this, but UKMG ARTIST The Stomper, hand designed the lettering for the “Forgive Not Forget” cd. Thank you to everyone who sends us in their picture. You can submit your picture of any UKMG Artist or anything to do with UKMG by Clicking Here.

Here is a quote from Ana Mota – “Here’s a picture of my new tattoo I got de ms krazies new album. She’s my idol I’ve been listening to her since for ever!!! Lol I loved the name of her new album and how it fit in my life so I had my husband tattoo it on me when I first heard it.. thanks a lot to u guys and loca for bringing new and Good music out.”

Ms Krazie’s Forgive Not Forget album will be releasing 1 WEEK FROM TODAY! Tomorrow is the VERY LAST DAY to get your pre order in to receive the Ms Krazie FREE Autograph, Ms Krazie FREE Poster, Ms Krazie FREE Sticker, and Ms Krazie FREE Ringtone! The Ms Krazie pre order package is only available at The UKMG Merch Store! The CD will be available at all major music retailers, such as FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, and digitally through iTunes!


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