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Capone – Raza For Life

Here is one of the classic albums Urban Kings has distributed over the years, by Capone called “Raza For Life”. This was a really dope album Urban Kings released in 2009 and has some dope features on it, like UKMG Artists Ms Krazie, Chino Grande, Stomper and Midget Loco. There was some dope tracks from the CD too, like “Hard Living”, “Mexican Hood”, “To The Top” and “I Stay Loyal”. The album made a huge buzz when it released, and this album made some noise throughout the country. It released to all major music retailers, like Amazon, FYE, iTunes and many more stores throughout America. Its available now and is worth a listen. Make sure to listen to the music sampler below of the whole album!

Capone – Raza For Life – Album Sampler


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New Stickers In

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We brought a whole new batch of stickers out for our fans, We got the brand new “California Love” sticker, which will be a new T Shirt design for the Old English Brand clothing company. We also have the “Los Angeles City of Angels, Where There Are No Angels” and “The Psycho Shop” sticker with the infamous Psycho Gas Mask. Every order from now until they are gone, Stickers will be in every package going out from . So while your picking up your new Urban Kings Artists Music, you will be getting some new stickers FREE OF CHARGE!!!! And thats just in time for you to get the Ese Lil Joker album and FREE STICKERS!!!

Fiesty Two Guns MixTape

Fiesty Two Guns had a mix-tape come out before his solo album Street Scriptures went on the shelves. Talking Guns is only available in exclusive places but 110% available on youbuycds (nothing personal ITunes lol). Collect all the Charlie Row Campo cds ever released.


La Loca’s Lesson #15

If the woman is always the one calling, she will never know if he is really interested in her or if it’s just convenient for him.


Flash Back Night This Friday

This Friday, July 29th we are gonna be in the house with ODM from 99.1 KKGI Riverside (and from platinum selling group “Lighter Shade of Brown”) will be hosting a FREE UNPLUGGED CONCERT in Corona, Ca. It is 21+ and FREE ALL NIGHT LONG!!! So if you don’t have plans this Friday, come party with ODM, Urban Kings and Performing Live is Skee Lo ( “I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller, I Wish I Was A Baller”) and Paperboy (“The Ditty”). Here is one hits songs that will be performing this Friday.

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