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Check Out Suicide Girl Riley Jensen With Old English Brand

Our friends from Old English Brand had an exclusive World Premier for their newest video campaign. It features Suicide Girls Model Riley Jensen in a sexy  new video that showcases the OE “Off The Shoulder Sweater“, the OE “Racerback Tank Tops“, the OE “Fast As Hell Jogger Pants“, and the OE “Pillows“. All items are available now at The Old English Brand Flagship Shop as well as the OE Online Store! Make sure to watch the video now and support Riley Jensen, Suicide Girls and Old English Brand!

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Chino Grande New Video of “SLOW IT DOWN”

Brand new video “My neighborhood” off Chino Grande’s “Slow It Down” which is available wherever music is sold. Video was done as a last min project and is one… Click here to read more…..


Midget Loco’s album Dedicated To The Ogs won’t be out till the summer time (somewhere around there, don’t quote me lol) but that don’t mean you can’t have his released song “Sunday High”. This April 15 download Sunday High at itunes and if you want to make your own remix you can download the instrumental as well. This 15th lands on this Friday!!! (got something to get once you get your paycheck). If you haven’t heard his single Sunday High from the unreleased album check out the music video at Urban Kings TV.

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Jasper Loco Photoshoot

Urban Kings did a photo shoot with the one and only Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo. Jasper has always been a hustler, and always making dope music. He is finishing his brand new mixtape he is going to be releasing along with Urban Kings, FOR FREE. Since we have announced the mixtape a few weeks back, UKMG and Jasper released a track from the tape, called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” featuring Oso Vicious. Then we released a sneak peak of another Jasper song featuring Chino Grande, called “Bitch Dont Fail Me Now“. Everyone got hyped up on these two tracks, and just think, that Jasper has a whole album like this! So we went out with Jasper and did a dope photo shoot with him for upcoming projects, and for all new pictures. Photography was by Jean Ponce!  Check the pictures out exclusively right here

Jasper Loco

Smoke Break

Mixtape Coming Soon

Music Thursday-Better Run, Better Run

One of the hard hits coming out of The Camponeros album by Charlie Row Campo.

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A Better Life Awaits Us

A critic by the name of Miguel Orozco, who works for Latina Lista, saw A Better Life and he could praise it more. In his article, I couldn’t help but to feel a bit inspired and if you don’t believe me read the article yourself. Remember a lot of heat is on Los Angeles and New York if this movie doesn’t do good the media is gonna keep ignoring our voice. If the movement goes strong this movie will be played nationwide for the world to see the struggle that many of our people face. Plus get to see our Baby Jokes on the Big Screen. So get the word out, just like Miguel said, “may not be seen by millions of Latinos unless we take action and get the word out”.

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