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Check Out These Shoes

Sometimes you see things and it doesn’t compute in your head that it is something you just seen. Like you just seen something but it doesn’t make sense. This is what happens when you go into the store at 2:30am and your still a little tipsy from the club and you notice some shoes that you don’t understand. Are they boots, are they loafers, are they dress shoes, are they slippers? Are they Louis Vuittons? Till this day I dont know what these types of shoes are or boots are, but I know I wouldn’t want to be kicked by one of these pointy things.


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Get The New Stomper CD

Just released from Urban Kings is the brand new album from The Stomper. His first album since he was released. The album is pretty sick, that has 15 tracks featuring Conejo, Chino Grande, Troub Nasty, Spanky Loco, Carolyn Rodriguez of Dopehouse Records, Low-G, Venom of Tattoo Ink, Oso Vicious, Huero Snipes, ALT The Saint and more. Nothin but bangers and that real street shit that Stomps always brings. Make sure to support and get the album today by clicking the order button below!

The Psycho Realm Speaker Is Available Now


The Psycho Shop x Old English Brand Flagship Shop is the Official Location to pick up the brand new Psycho Realm Speaker! This speaker is really dope and comes in two classic designs, the Psycho Realm SickSide White Mask Speaker and the Psycho Realm x Dyse 1 Speaker. Both are certified sick by Psycho Realm and both knock. Available to pick up directly from the shop, Monday – Friday from 12pm to 6pm! Come down and pick it up along with some Psycho Realm gear!

The Psycho Shop x Old English Brand Flagship Shop

11781 Slauson Ave

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

La Loca’s Lesson #27

this is more than just making music. its building real relationships with your supporters that will last a lifetime. the memories never die.


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Youtube Friday – Free Soda

Today is Friday, that means another crazy Youtube Friday video from Urban Kings. Today is a video showing how a man gets free soda from a vending machine. This is done by someone who is not from America. This dude found a way to get some free soda, only by using a measuring tape. The simple way how to do it, but shows its not as easy as it looks. The plan is simple, pull out the measuring tape, grab a soda, then pull it fast so the soda can could fall over the placement bar. Everyone make sure to check out the video, and see how it is done, although its not recommended, because you can also get arrested and fined for messing with machines.


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