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Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating – NEW SONG

Urban Kings Music Group got a super new exclusive for you guys. We were just sent this song by Silent Giant Entertainment about a new song they have created with Chingo Bling called “Pos Why Ju Hating”. It’s made in classic Chingo Bling form, a remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Its funny and made us laugh out loud at the lyrics and the thought of it. This is definitely worth checking out because it will lighten the mood, and maybe you have that girl that is just hating on giving you a chance. I put this song on my playlist right away. Shout out to Khool Aid, E Dubb, Chingo Bling, Pocos Pero Locos, and Big Chile Entertainment. Remember, you heard this song first on Urban Kings Tv!



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Throwback – Chino Grande

We found this picture taken from Chino Grande’s going away party right before he turned himself in. Here in the picture from left to right is Daphine, D Salas, Chino, Chino’s daughter, Fiesty 2 Guns, and Baby Jokes. Chino is looking at being released from prison before the year ends, we will keep everyone posted and will be updating our blog with up to the date information on Chino’s release date. Until then listen to a fan favorite from his last album “The Story Of My Life”, which is available at All FYE Locations, digitally downloadable through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store.

Chino Grande – Sweet Valentine – From Story Of My Life

Chino Grande – Story of My Life – Mega Mix

Urban Kings created a really dope Mega Mix of UKMG Artist Chino Grande from his album “The Story Of My Life“. Its a really dope mix that you can just play and listen to the songs from Chino’s CD. It has some classics like “Blue Rose”, “Sweet Valentine”, “I Had A Dream”, “Nuclear Appocalypse” and more. Make sure to take a listen to the mega mix and order this CD if you dont have it in your collection. Its available everywhere music is sold, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Flagship Shop.

Click Here To Order “The Story Of My Life” CD!

True Starr – I Dont Trust

Urban Kings Artist True Starr released his brand new music video for his newest song “I Don’t Trust”. It just came out this week and fans are loving it. The storyboard is crazy, with him taking out a snitch to the desert and not trusting anyone. It is directed by Urban Kings go-to directors Kast N Fame, and the song is scheduled to also be a single that will be available on iTunes very very soon! True Starr is already back in the studio, working on the next song, to make another music video. His grind never stops, so make sure to check it out and support him.

UKMG 16/8 Webisode 2 Featuring Jasper Loco

Urban Kings has just announced the upcoming 16/8 webisode release date and the UKMG Artist that will be featured! It will be UKMG Artist Jasper Loco Of Charlie Row Campo, and we are keeping the song for the video very secret, but will be announcing it very soon. Its a song that everyone loves, and one of his most requested tracks from his career. The 16/8 webisode features 16 bars of a verse, along with 8 bars of a chorus, in a short music video. The song could be from a classic Charlie Row song, or from his first album, called “Eastside Assassin“, or even his collaboration album he did with Baby Jokes called “Eastside Classics“. You never know what your going to get with the 16/8 webisode but knowing that its gonna be dope. Stay posted to our blog for the song release! This 16/8 webisode 2 featuring Jasper Loco will premier on Friday, March 21st!


Baby Jokes by Photographer James Mooney

Which starred Richard Cabral who is a great actor and one to watch in the future. Apart from his acting skills he is a true testament that change can happen no matter what situation you come from or are in once you really want it and truly believe in yourself. I have interviewed Richard twice and heard his story and it has inspired me to follow a project that I’m working on even more. – James Mooney

Pictures Taken By James Mooney.

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