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Chingo Bling – Pos Why Ju Hating – NEW SONG

Urban Kings Music Group got a super new exclusive for you guys. We were just sent this song by Silent Giant Entertainment about a new song they have created with Chingo Bling called “Pos Why Ju Hating”. It’s made in classic Chingo Bling form, a remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. Its funny and made us laugh out loud at the lyrics and the thought of it. This is definitely worth checking out because it will lighten the mood, and maybe you have that girl that is just hating on giving you a chance. I put this song on my playlist right away. Shout out to Khool Aid, E Dubb, Chingo Bling, Pocos Pero Locos, and Big Chile Entertainment. Remember, you heard this song first on Urban Kings Tv!



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La Loca’s Lesson #2

“You cannot keep your man interested just by stalking him or calling him all the time.”


Gangster Relief Music Video

I try to listen to an album a day of different Urban Kings albums each day. Todays choice was UKMG Artist The Stomper, with his bangin album “Once Upon A Time In America“. This was a dope album, that featured some classic hitters like “Aztlan Is The Truth”, “76 Bars”, “I Wish It Was Fake” and “Drums Of War”. The album was too dope, with the first single being “Gangster Relief” and featuring UKMG Artist Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo and Lil Minor. Did you know the music video for Gangster Relief is over 554,000 views on youtube? Now we need to get it to 700,000. This is a dope album, a must have for all Stomper, Charlie Row and Urban Kings Fans. Make sure to press play and turn up those speakers. Below is the album cover for Once Upon A Time In America and the order links. The whole album was produced by Kast N Fame.

Urban Kings Deal Of The Day – Lil Rob

Click Here For Your Deal Of The Day!

The Urban Kings Deal of the Day is back, and this time we feature one of the dopest albums from Lil Rob called “The Album“. This CD is a classic, that featured songs like “California“, “Brought Up In A Small Neighborhood“, “City That Everyone Knows” and “Drinking On My Driveway“. This album is only $4.99 for a limited time, thats half off the regular price and thats a really good deal for this CD. Make sure to get this deal before its gone.



Ask Fiesty 2 Guns your Questions

Fiesty is coming in tommorrow (Thursday) to sign the posters for the pre-sales and we thought it would be cool to get the fans to ask some questions for the interview. Click on the flyer below and type your question on the event wall. The questions with the most likes will have a higher chance of getting ask but it doesn’t mean your question won’t get asked. Then stay tuned on Urban Kings Tv to see when his interview gets uploaded to see if your question gets answered by Fiesty himself! The last day to post your questions is Thursday around noon. So don’t wait.

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Kemo The Blaxican formerly from Delinquent Habits interview

Urban kings Tv Presents another exclusive interview with Kemo The Blaxican. Kemo has been active since the 90′s making hit radio songs with his old group Delinquent habbits. Much has change from then but not his style and comment to his music. Releasing his new album Upside of Struggle this interview brings you back to speed to what he has been doing and what you can expect. Besides his great success with the music his music has been featured on movies and tv commercials. Your welcome to Google Kemo and find out more info.


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