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Coming Soon Exclusive Interview

Spanky Loco’s exclusive interview coming soon on Urban Kings Tv. Spanky Loco is asked about the up coming Urban Kings Street Anthem 3. Yea that’s right its that time that Urban Kings does it again. He talks about the songs that are released on this album as well as Chopin it up for the fans. Urban Kings is going to be interviewing the rappers that are going to be on the album. Lets see if your favorite artist makes the cut and see what they have to say. So keep post on Spanky Loco’s interview that is coming out soon. The secret is out Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 is coming out !!!

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World Premier Of There For You – Music Video

Here is the Official World Premier of the first single by The HighLife called “There For You” featuring Oso Vicious. We have always supported talented artists, both locally and internationally, and The HighLife has that dope style rap. They just released their latest CD “The Connection” on iTunes and it will be releasing soon in CD very soon. We have always shown love to The HighLife because they are talented and they having been grinding, releasing many videos since they put out their first CD. Make sure to support them by downloading the CD on iTunes below, and support good artists!

Stomper Presents A New Testament

Check out this classic from album Urban Kings Artist The Stomper. This album is called “The New Testament” and has many dope songs from the CD, like “Gangster Relief“, “Drug Money“, “Book Em” and more. It features some really dope artists too, like UKMG Artists Midget LocoJasper LocoChino GrandeBaby Jokes,and Lil Minor. The album also features Huero Snipes, Guzzle, Kid Frost, Omar Cruz, Troub Nasty, Diamonique, Chino Brown and more! This is a really dope album that features your favorite Stomper songs and its a must have for all Stomper and Urban Kings fans! I put one of my favorite songs below, called Gangster Relief, and features Chino Grande!

Stomper ft Chino Grande – Gangster Relief – Music Video – Taken From The New Testament

Album Of The Week- East Side Assassin

Jasper Loco’s first solo album East Side Assassin was selected for this week’s album of the week. You can get his album on youbuycds, FYE locations, ITunes and the mom and pops. (don’t worry it won’t come with the annoying urban kings horns lol)

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Analog Vs Digital – The Story Of My Life CD


Urban Kings has officially joined the ‪#‎AnalogVersusDigital‬ Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each ‪#‎UrbanKings‬ CD for just $7.99, only on Like The CD from UKMG Artist Chino Grande called “The Story Of My Life“, available now for the $7.99 price, only from Urban Kings! Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

Chino Grande – Blue Rose – Taken From The Story Of My Life – CD

Spanky Loco Is In The Midwest Right Now

Urban Kings Artist Spanky Loco is in the Midwest right now on his Tattoo and Music Tour 2014 and he is setting up Tattoo Sessions along the way. Spanky knows its not that easy to come to California to get a tattoo, so he is coming to all areas this year to provide quality ink work. He is right now in the Nebraska and Iowa areas and has his sessions sold out. I asked him if he could do us a favor and try to make one more spot open to get to an extra fan who needs work. He said he will open up one spot for someone who wants it, and to text 716-LOCO-TAT to get a price and information on the last slot. Since Spanky is already in town, it must be asap because he is leaving in a few days. Spanky is also promoting his brand new album “The Best of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits” is available now in Major Music Retailers like Amazon and FYE, on iTunes, and at UKMG Merch Store. He is also promoting his collaboration sketchbook with the legendary Mr Flaks, called “Grind Now Shine Now Sketchbook“, which is available at The UKMG Merch Store too!


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