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Coming Soon Exclusive Interview

Spanky Loco’s exclusive interview coming soon on Urban Kings Tv. Spanky Loco is asked about the up coming Urban Kings Street Anthem 3. Yea that’s right its that time that Urban Kings does it again. He talks about the songs that are released on this album as well as Chopin it up for the fans. Urban Kings is going to be interviewing the rappers that are going to be on the album. Lets see if your favorite artist makes the cut and see what they have to say. So keep post on Spanky Loco’s interview that is coming out soon. The secret is out Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 is coming out !!!

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Youtube Friday – Protect Ya Neck

We are back with Youtube Friiiday and we got a good one for you. We always try to find the funniest, cooliest and craziest video clips, and this week trust me, we do not disappoint, with the craziest side of things. This is a real video of a Magician doing a real stunt with his real life wife. He is doing the popular trick of cutting a woman into peices. It starts off good, then it goes from good to bad very fast. Theres somethings you can read about, but there are most things you gotta see for yourself. With Youtube friday, we like to get you see for yourself. Be prepaired to watch the clip because its not for everyone, and always remember, to Protect Ya Neck at all times.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – In The Studio

We will be releasing the Charlie Row Campo IN STUDIO FOOTAGE, while they were working on the California Boys album. We will sneak peak the process of writing the song, the atmosphere to make good music and what the plan was for making this album the best album yet. They were recording the last track of the album and you know Urban Kings and Charlie Row had to show our fans what its like to be in the studio with the best group out right now. With producer D Salas on the boards, the magic came alive from the notepad to the microphone. The video will be posted on MONDAY, JUNE 4th! So keep our blog posted and watch the video and listen to some exclusive music!

We are L.A StreetWear

We print the ripper on ours tees to remind you that death is coming, you can’t slow it down. So whatever it is your doing every day, It better be worth it killa. We are those xSetForLifex boys Ambitious #Kids follow our official FB  WearOldEnglish we are L.A StreetWear


Ms Krazie – This Or That – Vlog

Ms Krazie does a This Or That – Beauty Tag on which she perfers most of the two choices. The topic is make up. She talks about what her favorite is among the two choices. It is a good video and is interesting and a must watch for all Ms Krazie fans.


Burst Rocks Birthday

Its His Birthday

His favorite movie on a Cake

The All Star Team

Juan Pollo Trick!!!!!

Celebrating Johnnys Born Day with Smiles Cake Food Fun & Old English

Erika Chuckin Up Tha Duce

Chop up that Cake

Gimme That Piece 

Dont be a chicken or youll end up in a box

This is the only way to hold a balloon down HAPPY BDAY JOHNNY

 Today is Johnny “Burst Rock” Cervin Birthday. We celebrated by having a nice big lunch from Juan Pollo here at the office. With many orders of Chicken, Beans, Rice, Potato Salad, Drinks, and a Big Toy Story Cake of his favorite flavor, Vanilla. Johnny is in charge of many of the orders that gets shipped out to our customers, from cds to shirts to bandannas and house shoes and more. Johnny is a staff favorite here at the office, organizing pranks, and being the jokester of the team. Johnny is a good guy and from all the Urban Kings Staff….we say Happy Birthday Johnny and cant wait to do this again next year!



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