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Conejo CDs For Just $7.99

Urban Kings Music Group has released a few albums by the infamous Conejo. We have been working with Conejo since he started making music, and this album was his first album that he recorded when he was active in the streets. The album was recorded before any of his albums were released, and came raw with the lyrical ability, dark concepts and stories, and brought the street life into this album. Conejo made it an instant classic, and for Urban Kings, this was the first of three albums we have released from Con. This album had hard hitting jams like “My Mind Just Errupted”, “Sound Thee Alarm”, “Devils Playground” and “8 Million Stories”. The album is available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE, iTunes and the UKMG Merch Store.

Conejo – 8 Million Stories – Taken From Dead End Gangster

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UKMG Sports – Cain Vs Bigfoot 2 – Who You Got?

Tonight is the biggest fight of the month if your a UFC fan. The first mexican heavyweight champion, in any sport, Cain Valasquez will be giving a rematch to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. This will be the rematch from a fight from last year, 1 fight after Cain lost his championship belt to Junior Dos Santos. Cain won by knockout in the first round, and went on to beat Junior Dos Santos in a rematch to reclaim the title. Bigfoot, riding a 2 fight winstreak against tough contender Roy Nelson, and Alistair Overeem, also has some momentum going into UFC 160. Although the first fight finished early, with Cain taking down Bigfoot and basically beating him until stoppage, this fight looks different, but I think will still have the same outcome. Make sure to tune into Pay Per View tonight to watch a good fight. Also, Junior Dos Santos is fighting Mark Hunt (originally suppose to fight Overeem, but Overeem backed out of an injury), along with another rounded card by UFC. Here is a clip we found of the whole first fight between Cain and Bigfoot.

Cain Valasquez Versus Bigfoot Silva 1

Camponeros by Charlie Row Campo

Urban Kings Music Group released a highly anticipated album by Charlie Row Campo called “The Camponeros“. It featured all Camponeros, like Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Lil Minor and Baby Jokes. It also featured artists Oso Vicious, Midget Loco, Bigg Bandit, D Salas, ALT The Saint and more. Its a dope album that featured songs like “Los Angeles“, “Dippin In My Chevrolet“, and “Better Run, Better Run“. Its a really dope album and available now in all major music retailers, including Amazon and FYE, and digitally through iTunes! Make sure to check out one of the fan favorite songs below, called “Baby Love”!

Charlie Row Campo – Baby Love – Taken From The Camponeros


Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirt Contest

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie has just announced a very dope contest she will be doing along with Urban Kings and Old English Brand. This contest will give 2 Winners a chance to own the Ms Krazie “Hello Loca Tour Shirt”. To enter the contest is easy, just comment the city and state Ms Krazie performed in, on the Ms Krazie Facebook Page. Its pretty simple to enter and you can win a dope Free Tee Shirt! Make sure to enter quickly because the contest will be ending soon!

UKMG Sports – Steve Nash Officially A Laker

UKMG Sports – Los Angeles – Here is the first picture of Steve Nash wearing his first Lakers Jersey. He was on Nash Street, which is right near the Lakers El Segundo practice facility. This was today, the same day the Lakers held a press conference to officially introduce Nash to the team. Nash will be wearing number 10, since his old number (13) is retired by the Lakers, because that was Wilt Chamberlains number. Nash was welcomed by Kobe, Gasol and the rest of the team, because they all think he would make a great addition to their roster. With Steve Nash’s pass before shoot, but also knock down important shots and consistent play, he will lead the Lakers into a much better season for the 2012-2013 season. He is a 2 Time MVP and career averages 14.5 Points Per Game and 8.6 Assists Per Game.

UKMG Sports – The Los Angeles Dodgers Just Got Alot Of Magic

Magic Johnson’s investments group has just announced they have reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Dodgers to buy the franchise. The price that was reportedly a $2 Billion deal, which is said to include the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, the real estate, and surrounding parking lots of the stadium. This is the highest price ever to purchase a Major League Baseball team. The previous highest price was $845 Million in 2009 for the Chicago Cubs. The sale is now pending approval of funds by the federal bankruptcy court, and if approved by the group, which it should, the team would  be in Magic Johnson’s groups possession by the end of April. Dodgers past owner, Frank McCourt, bought the Dodgers for $430 Million. That deal included the team, 250 acres of land, including Dodger Stadium and surrounding parking lots. Johnson brought Magic to one sport of Los Angeles, we will see if he can bring that same magic to a new sport. Magic, Welcome Home, Again.


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