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Conejo – Cocinero De Cristal Music Video

We were sent a music video by a anonymous account of the brand new Conejo music video called “Cocinero De Cristal“. We have been working with Conejo for years, and Urban Kings was the first label to release his very first CD, called “Shady Conejo”. He has also released classic albums like “Dead End Gangster” and “Game Over” through Urban Kings, as well as his newest album “Killer From The West“. Today Conejo releases his newest song called Cocinero De Cristal, and everybody bumps Conejo when he releases a new track. So make sure to check this music video out, and buy his past Urban Kings album at the UKMG Merch Store.


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Street Anthems CD Just $7.99

Urban Kings Street Anthems was one of our best compilations we have released to the public. I remember talking to fans, and they would always ask when we would release a CD that featured all Urban Kings artists. They are fans of all our artists and wanted one CD where they can listen to a mix of different songs, and we decided to put out the Street Anthems CD. Since it came out, fans loved the artists and the songs and asked for more. We have released four CDs under the Street Anthems name, and we are thinking of doing Street Anthems 5…This album was dope though, and featured our all UKMG Artists. It also featured Conejo, Kid Frost, Capone, Top Dogg, Chino Brown, Danger, Frank V of Proper Dos and more. It had songs like “Urban Kings Street Anthems”, “Ask No Questions”, “Its That Gangsta Life” and “Ride For The Cause”. Make sure to check it out and watch the video of “Its That Gangsta Life” by Ms Krazie! It is all part of our Analog Vs Digital Campaign, bringing all Urban Kings CDs down in price to just $7.99 each CD, ONLY FROM The Urban Kings Merch Store! Get your copy of Street Anthems 1 today!

 Ms Krazie – Its That Gangsta Life – Taken From Street Anthems Vol. 1

Urban Kings Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

Black Friday is officially here and now its your time to take advantage and save. You dont have to wait in line for hours to save on a deal. You dont have to fight people and deal with waking up super early in the morning for the best deal. All you have to do is go to your computer, and pick what music you want. You can pick anything from our website and get 20% OFF EVERYTHING. You asking about Ms Krazie and Midget Loco? Yes 20% Off. Chino Grande, Stomper or Fiesty 2 Guns? 20% OFF. Spanky Loco, Jasper Loco, Conejo, Sick Jacken? Yes!!! 20% Off Everything that is listed on our website! Now is your time to save your money and get the best music out right now. Dont delay because there is limited stock available for the sale, so earlier you place your order, the better chance your order goes through. All you have to do is type the promo code – Blackout – to save!

Promo Code –  Blackout

Tirando Y Rifando Returns


Spanky Loco is coming out with a secound Tirando y Rifando on May 17. His first Tirando y Rifando, which was released in 2005 was a huge it and why know that Spanky Loco can top it off. The album is all going to be in Spanish. We will be selling pre-sales and it will be at all FYE stores nation wide, as well as on ITunes.

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Midget Loco On Fight Night

Check out this picture of UKMG Artist Midget Loco of Steel Bangin Music, ready to go for fight night this past weekend. Last weekend there was huge fight called “The One : Mayweather Vs Canelo”, and it was the first huge mega fight within the last 2-3 years in boxing. Midget Loco was ready for all the action, sporting a Mexico jersey and flag, cheering for Canelo. Midget always got love for his people and for the streets, and the streets got love for him too. It reminds me of his song “Street Love” taken from his new album “Street Love“, and its out now. Check it out below.

Midget Loco – Featuring Lady J – Street Love – Taken From Street Love

Midget Loco – Street Love – Album Cover

Chino Grande Is Working On A New Album

Chino Grande is working very hard on his new album. With his pending case he has the next few months are a bit uncertain for him. He want to get this album done and ready so if his case doesnt go the way he wants it to come out he will have music for all his fans to enjoy in the meantime he is away. He is currently working with Dave Salas on some great music so keep watching and stay tuned.


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