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Conejo – Killer From The West – Price To Pay

 We have a brand new song from the brand new album “Killer From The West” by Conejo, that was just released last week. Everyone has been pumped up from this album, and for those who have heard it, know how good of an album it really is. This is another dope track from the album, and one of my favorites. Conejo has different styles of rapping, he can be the hardest rapper, or he can really spit some thoughtful knowledge in his lyrics over a smooth beat. This is one of his mellow beat tracks, and if you pay attention, then you can hear the story of a price to pay. Killer From The West is Conejo’s brand new album, and features 16 brand new songs from Conejo, with NO FEATURES. Killer From The West is available at all major music retailers, such as FYE, and also digitally through iTunes, and as always, through the The UKMG Merch Store.

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Urban Kings Official Youtube Channel

The Urban Kings Official Youtube Channel is growing fast! With over 10,000 Subscribers and over 8.6 Million views, our channel has flourished because we give our fans the best music and the best videos. We will be adding more videos to our channel with the future releases that we have this year, with Ese Lil Joker, Slush Tha Villian, Charlie Row, Baby Jokes, Fiesty 2 Guns, Jasper Loco, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Spanky Loco and Lil Sicko and the new Street Anthems 4, we are stacked with more of the best music in the game. REMEMBER, IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SEE OUR UPLOADS FIRST!! We will also have some more new contests from our youtube channel (Our Past contests include free music, prizes and the Rap With Ms Krazie Contest) this year, so stay updated and CLICK ON THE YOUTUBE PICTURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO US!



BTS Photoshoot With Chino G – Fiesty And Jasper

Urban Kings has a really dope video to share with all our fans. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a CD Cover? The type of pictures and photography it takes to get the right look, plus the right locations and scenery. This will show everyone a behind the scenes look of how CD Covers are made for our artists, during the photoshoot process. For this session, we linked up with Kast N Fame for not only the photography of each artist, but a exclusive behind the scenes video that will show everyone how the photo shoot process is. This video features UKMG Artists Chino GrandeFiesty 2 Guns and Jasper Loco, making their albums for Chino Grande’s “Shine On Me” album cover, Jasper Loco’s “All About The Money” album cover and Fiesty 2 Guns “Bring It Home” CD Covers. All three artists are members of Charlie Row Campo. This exclusive video will be released on Monday, July 29th, so stay posted to our blog for more information about this dope video. Photo shoot by Kast of Kast N Fame, and Directed by Kast N Fame.

The Behind The Scenes Video will be released exclusively on

I gotta get me one of these

Hash does Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas from the Ms Krazie’s Firme Homegirl’s Oldies 2. If your wonder what he has in his mouth its called a talk box. Mc Magic also uses it, you can catch him using it in his music video Todos Mis Dias from his new album The rewire. It looks like fun to try hmm lol Stay tune for MY video of using the talk box for one of Ms. Krazies songs jk.


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Stompers Video Drop For Once Upon A Time In America 2

Stomper did a video drop earlier today for his new album that released today, “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ through the Urban Kings Music Group. He talks about his new album, he gives some shout outs to some  people who have helped with his album, and more! This is Stompers new full length studio album, with 100% production from producers Kast & Fame. He also obtained some guest features from big artists such as Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Spanky Loco, Chino XL, MC Magic, Slush Tha Villain, Omar Cruz, Kid Frost, Fingazz, Guzzle, Nino Brown and more. Watch the video and let him tell you more about it!

Remember Once Upon A Time In America 2 is AVAILABLE NOW at all major music outlets, such as All FYE Locations , online digitally though iTunes , and online at The UKMG Catalog.



Chino Grande Targets Release Date

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. After two and a half years of being in state prison, Chino Grande will finally be released from the department of corrections very soon. We dont have an exact date, but it will be before the year ends. The UKMG Staff and Artists, Family, and Friends have all missed Chino as he has been in a California Institution, and now he has served his time and paid his debt to society. We spoke with Chino earlier and he said, “First I would like to thank those who sent prayers my way, gracias to the support, and I will see you soon, I get notified about messages through Urban Kings on my Facebook and it means alot for everyone to stick by my side”.  For those who dont know, Chino Grande recorded an album while on bail, called “Story Of My Life”, which was music with the thought of returning to prison. That album had the songs “Blue Rose“, “I Had A Dream” and “Everthings Gonna Be Alright“.

Story Of My Life is available at all stores, such as FYE, digitally through iTunes, and online at The UKMG Merch Store!!

Here is my personal favorite from the album, Called “Sweet Valentine”, which Chino recorded for his girl, knowing he wasn’t going to see her for Valentines Day. Taken from the album “Story Of My Life”.

Chino Grande – Sweet Valentine – Taken From The Story Of My Life


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