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Conejo – Killer From The West – Price To Pay

 We have a brand new song from the brand new album “Killer From The West” by Conejo, that was just released last week. Everyone has been pumped up from this album, and for those who have heard it, know how good of an album it really is. This is another dope track from the album, and one of my favorites. Conejo has different styles of rapping, he can be the hardest rapper, or he can really spit some thoughtful knowledge in his lyrics over a smooth beat. This is one of his mellow beat tracks, and if you pay attention, then you can hear the story of a price to pay. Killer From The West is Conejo’s brand new album, and features 16 brand new songs from Conejo, with NO FEATURES. Killer From The West is available at all major music retailers, such as FYE, and also digitally through iTunes, and as always, through the The UKMG Merch Store.

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Ms Krazie Commercial for Spring Bash 2012 in Washington

This is the official commercial for the Ms Krazie performance at the Spring Bash 2012 show in Yakima Washington. This concert is ALL AGES and features other great artists like The Game, DMX, Baby Bash, Ying Yang Twins, Ray J, and Brown Boy. Make sure to get  your tickets today at ! This is Ms Krazies first performance in Washington and she is very excited about performing at this show. See you at the show! And this is ALL AGES!!! Limited amount of Meet and Greet Tickets Available!

Youtube Friday – Ms Krazie Make Up Story Tag

Urban Kings Artist Ms Krazie just made a brand new vlog. It is a Make up tag. If you dont know what a tag is, its when you ask someone questions, and the person answers the questions on video. Since this is a make up tag, many fans asked Ms Krazie about some make up questions, and Ms Krazie answers many of them, as well as future topics for her vlog episodes. If you have been counting, this is Ms Krazie’s vlog #19. She always reaches out to her fans and tries to answer all questions being asked. So if you asked her a question for her tag video, make sure to watch because she might have answered yours. A must watch for every Ms Krazie Fan.

Viewers Have Sent Their Pics In

More and more people are sending their pics in! If you have any pics of you or your devices with the wallpapers or a pic of yourself with something shouting us out weather holding a fan sign or holding a cd you purchased up. Send it all to us to this address:

Check this out! 4 Screens! Thats nuts! Shout out to Hector for the pic. keep repping us g we appreciate it!

Blackberries are the best! Blackberries with our wallpaper are even better. lol. Shout out to Jandro.

Keep ‘em coming people.


Album Of The Week

Ms. Krazie Me vale Madre COver by KRAZZY70

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another KRAZZY70.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.


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