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Congratulations Ms Krazie

We have the official update that was sent to us by Ms Krazie’s sister. She officially had her little boy and they are doing good. I know its alot to have a baby and we respect her private time and her family time. She will be making a post soon to give everyone an update straight from her and we will let you know when it happens!

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Urban Kings Inks New Deals For Digital Distribution!

Urban Kings Music Group is proud to announce a brand new partnership with three huge companies that are world renowned in many countries throughout the world. Many countries have been asking where they can download music in their home country, and now finally many new Urban Kings Fans can purchase music by Midget Loco, Stomper, Spanky Loco, Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Ms Krazie, and Jasper Loco, Conejo, Capone, Ese Lil Joker, Baby Jokes, the UKMG Street Anthems Series, Slush Tha Villain, as well as artists we also have reached distribution deals with, such as Sick Jacken (his solo album Stray Bullets) and from Psycho Realm ( A War Story Book 1A War Story Book 2 , Terror Tapes 1)  and with Sick Symphonies (Steel Storm) and more. Here is some information on the companies we have just signed deals with…

Pulse Locker – A Company based in San Francisco, Pulselocker is an innovative new subscription service that allows DJs to play an endless crate of music with their favorite mixing application, either online or offline. All users are offered a tiered subscription service that lets them stream entire tracks, download and DJ tracks on the most popular DJ applications before they decide to buy, and buy only the tracks they want to keep. Also available to users is a socially-driven discovery engine that provides more tailored recommendations based on user preferences and activity. The service will offer users ALC downloads and radio-style, non-interactive streaming.

Amazon MP3 -

Last year Amazon had launched Cloud Drive (locker) and Cloud Player, which respectively allowed users to manually upload their music collections to the cloud and download and stream over their connected devices. These initial services did not require a license, however we have now amended an underlying agreement to include various enhancements that do. These include scan-and-match technology and the streaming and downloading of tracks using a “single server copy” method (such as one digital file is used to provide licensed enhancement access to multiple consumers). This service has been launched and is now currently available in Europe, the United States and Japan. There will be three tiers of access available to customers, including limited introductory and premium services. In addition, Amazon has launched its MP3 download stores in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

XBox Music -

Microsoft are winding down the Zune brand and re-launching the service globally as Xbox Music. The re-launch represents Microsoft’s move to make the games console the entertainment hub of the home, a move that is similar to Sony PlayStation with their Music Unlimited service, allowing customers to consume music the way they want. The revamped service will offer free-to-user advertising-funded streaming, a single-tier dual subscription streaming service, a scan-and-match locker service and MP3 downloads. On launch the service will only be available on Windows OS and the Xbox console, however it is expected the service will be available cross-platform in approximately 6 months. The potential game changer with the new Xbox service is that it will be pre-installed on all Windows 8 operating systems.

Ms Krazie’s Song Is On Your Local Radio

Ms Krazie’s new single “Nobody Else” has now officially started to hit the airwaves. Nobody Else has been played already this weekend on Pocos Pero Locos, On A Sunday Afternoon with Henry G in Las Cruces NM, and Tha Latin Takeova with Shorti3 in Amarillo TX! The song will also be playing on The Barrio Banga with Elite from Power 103.5 in Oklahoma City OK, It will also play on 100.9 The Heat in Lancaster Ca, and a few more stations throughout the country. Please make sure to vote for Nobody Else from Ms Krazie on your favorite local radio station. Here is a list of the stations and phone numbers so you can request it. MAKE SURE TO HAVE EVERYONE YOU KNOW CALL THE STATION TOO, so you will have more of a chance to hear your favorite song! Remember to vote for Ms Krazies song on Facebook at

Ms Krazie’s First California Performance This Year!!!

You have been asking for it, and now its finally here. Your first Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Stop in California! This event will be taking place at the Santa Maria Fairpark and is ALL AGES on MAY 12t!!! It is only $15 for general admission tickets and there is a service charge of $2. And YES, THERE IS A LIMITED AMOUNT OF VIP TICKETS AVAILABLE, SO GET THEM BEFORE THEY SELL OUT. There is 5 different stores in Santa Maria you can purchase pre-sale tickets for Ms Krazie’s concert, as well as The Spot in Lampoc, Cheap Thrills in San Luis Obispo, and Ardvark Music in Paso Robles. You can also buy them online from Papa Jay by CLICKING HERE . The Concert is also featuring Suave Band LIVE, Mic Bless, Sara S and Second Chance.


Official Commercial for 95.7 The Beat & Mega 97.1

Facebook Ambush – Jasper Loco Mixtape

Have you seen the brand new Urban Kings Facebook Ambush of UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo? Jasper came down to the Urban Kings office and UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr did a Facebook Ambush! He debuts a brand new song from Jasper Loco’s upcoming mixtape, that features UKMG Artist Chino Grande. It’s a really dope song and Jaime lets everyone hear alot of the song. Jasper also performs the song too! Its a really dope clip and Jasper also hints on who else is featuring on the album! I can’t write out who it is, but your going to have to watch the video and see and hear for yourself! Remember, to watch the video, you must LIKE the Urban Kings Official Facebook Page, then you have full access to watch all Urban Kings uploaded Facebook videos! Also, let us know what you think of the song by COMMENTING HERE!


Ms Krazie Performing Tomorrow in Minnesota

We are only 1 day away from Ms Krazie’s First Ever Concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is gonna be huge for Ms Krazie Fans, because not too many latino artists perform in Minnesota. But thanks to Highper Gee, De Los Santos and Foto Imagen, and Presented by Solitario, Ms Krazie will be performing a very special set for her fans in Minneapolis. Taking place on December 6th, this event is 18+. With a really dope lineup from artists from Minnesota, including El Aztecano, Killa Khoas, SPK, Player City and Mayote. The DJ Spinning throughout the night is Dj Fresko. Doors open at 10pm and there will be happy hour on food from 10pm to Midnight.

All Taking Place At

The Mango Bar & Grill

501 East Hennepin Ave

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ms Krazie will have all of her albums available for purchase, as well as her Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirts, and the official Ms Krazie “Forgive Not Forget” Poster! This is an event you do not want to miss, because we can not say when Ms Krazie will be around to perform again in Minnesota. Shout out to Highper Gee and everyone who is bringing out Ms Krazie to Minnesota!


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