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Congratulations Ms Krazie

We have the official update that was sent to us by Ms Krazie’s sister. She officially had her little boy and they are doing good. I know its alot to have a baby and we respect her private time and her family time. She will be making a post soon to give everyone an update straight from her and we will let you know when it happens!

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Be About It – With Kruk One And OE

Check out a brand new video from our boys at Old English Brand. They been on our photography game like crazy last month, and this month will be the same. But this time they dont have a picture, they have a short video during their photoshoot with Kruk One and they shot to showcase the OE “Be About It Tee“. Plus, I heard they took some pictures for Kruk’s upcoming album, called “Slums 2 The Stage”. Set up with a Impala, this shoot came out really dope. Make sure to watch a behind the scenes moment. Shout out to OE, Kruk One and that dope ride they had in the video, that lowrider is sick.

Music Thursday – Jasper Loco

For this weeks Music Thursday we chose Jasper Loco’s West Coastin song. This song was bangin in my car for 6 months straight once Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” album came out. This song was bumped all over by everyone. Then the music came out and everyone went crazy. On Youtube, this video has over 241,000 Views and got good responses on youtube and by the fans. It tells how life really is on the west coast by people who are from the west coast and don’t try to glorify what life on the west coast is like. Jasper Loco’s “Eastside Assassin” is available at All FYE Locations, all online digital outlets such as iTunes and onlike at the UKMG Catalog . And be on the lookout for the new Charlie Row Campo “California Boys” album coming August 7 to every major music outlet nationwide!

Artists : Be Featured On Urban Kings Tv!

Are you a dope artist and just havent had the exposure you need? Are you buzzin in your city already and want extra exposure? We are now looking for an artist to be featured on Urban Kings Tv! We are looking for the best of the best to feature on Urban Kings Tv and put your Music Video on our site! You can be from anywhere in the world to submit your work, any age, any gender, and any genre (hip hop, rap, underground, rock, pop, etc). We are looking for an artist to feature in January so start sending in your music, along with your Stage Name, Facebook link, and at least ONE (1) Youtube link of your song (Preferably a music video). We will be featuring an artist every month, and you can submit music every month (Unless you win).


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Music Thursdays-Brighter Dayz

This song is from Chino Grande’s album Still Active

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Midget Loco In A Smirnoff Commercial

Did you know UKMG Artist Midget Loco was featured in a Smirnoff Vodka Commercial, and it was pretty funny. It was about a guy moving into a new house, in a new area. He has no furnature and his friend invites cool random people to a party, but you must bring some furnature. Then he introduces him to many different types of people. Its pretty cool and an interesting idea Smirnoff had put together. If you haven’t seen this video, then make sure to check it out right now because its a classic.


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