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Devour Up – Bleeding Slow

Check out this music video by a dope hip hop artist out of Southern Cali named Devour Up. He is one of the biggest up and coming artists out right now, and this is one of his songs called “Bleeding Slow”, a dope song about him struggling with decisions and emotions. Its a really mellow, laid back track about appreciating what you have while you have it, and the people you have while you have them. Make sure to watch the video and check it out and support one of the poppin artists out the westcoast.

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Kiss of Death! lol

UKMG Staff Huge Staff Meeting

Urban Kings Music Group Staff Breakfast at iHop

Whats On The Menu

Johnny Burst Rock About To Order

Urban Kings CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr Ordering Two More Pitchers

Jose Just Decided What He Wanted

Pancakes For All!

Vanessa Is Dippin That Sauce

Who Got The Salad?

Banana and Strawberry Crepes

The whole UKMG Family has had a staff breakfast this week, with our employees working overtime every day, all day. This time, we organized a company breakfast to enjoy life, but being the constant workaholics we are, the breakfast ended up being a meeting, talking about different strategies, promotions, ideas, and marketing tips. When you love what you do, it is not work, its something that we take pride in, as our company, to make everything look fresh. We have an awesome staff that works around the clock, and we only release product that is top quality, from Urban Kings Music, Posters, Phone Cases, and Shirts. View the pictures and come join us at our breakfast, because our fans are always a part of the Urban Kings Family.

A Fan Draws Ms Krazie With Only Stencil

We have a really dope picture that a fan drew of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie, using only stencil and shading. This is a really dope picture because you can tell the type of hard work, effort and pure dedication went into the picture, because the shading is the first thing I look at, because that is what details the features and likeness of each facial feature and hair. This is one of Ms Krazie’s infamous pictures, and the picture came out amazing. I am not a artist, but I have to give props to whoever did this. I wish I could have gave them credit, but they didnt leave a facebook, instagram, twitter, or website for us to post up. So if you have a dope picture, drawing, or anything having to do with UKMG Artists, send them into us by Clicking Here.

Add These Official Facebook Links

Click Each Picture To Visit The Facebook

Jasper Loco

Midget Loco

Chino Grande

Ms Krazie


Fiesty 2 Guns

Spanky Loco

Urban Kings


These are the Official Facebook pages for all the Urban Kings artists as well as the Official Urban Kings Facebook. These are 100% Real Authentic pages of Jasper Loco, Midget Loco, Chino Grande, Ms Krazie, Stomper, Fiesty 2 Guns, Spanky Loco and Urban Kings. We know there are alot of imitators out there

Fiesty 2 Guns – What I Dream Of – Music Video

Today we are throwing you back a really dope video from UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo. This one of the best videos from Fiesty’s very first solo album, and it already has almost 200,000 views. Its the music video for “What I Dream Of” and is taken from Fiesty’s “Street Scriptures“. The video has cameos by UKMG Artist Jasper Loco and Midget Loco as well as Baby Jokes and Silly Rabbit. This is the same album that featured songs like “Make The Hood Cry”, “Seen Some Shit”, “Don’t Cry For Me” and “Shattered Dreams”. It features guest artists like Chino Grande, Sal Capone, Bigg Bandit, D Salas, Eddie Kane, Rigo Luna and more! Everyone make sure to share this on your Facebook and Twitter and all your social media networks. Lets get this music video to 300,000 views on youtube!

Fiesty 2 Guns – What I Dream Of – Official Music Video


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