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Devour Up – Bleeding Slow

Check out this music video by a dope hip hop artist out of Southern Cali named Devour Up. He is one of the biggest up and coming artists out right now, and this is one of his songs called “Bleeding Slow”, a dope song about him struggling with decisions and emotions. Its a really mellow, laid back track about appreciating what you have while you have it, and the people you have while you have them. Make sure to watch the video and check it out and support one of the poppin artists out the westcoast.

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Fiesty 2 Guns Working On New Music Video

Check this one out, we told everyone that UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns has been working hard on his new music, including his next solo album, along with his group Charlie Row Campo. Also, he has been working on his graphics, designing and tattoos. Fiesty is a talented artist, not just on the mic, but sketch artist, painter, tattoo artist and now designs. Here is a graphic he made to promote his upcoming music video called “Just Another Mexican“, that was taken from his newest album “Bring It Home“. The video is in the works and we have an epic concept for it. Make sure to stay posted and wait for this upcoming video! Until then, make sure to listen to Fiesty’s song “Just Another Mexican” below! Bring It Home is available now at all Major Music Retailers, including Amazon, FYE and iTunes!

Fiesty 2 Guns – Just Another Mexican – Taken From Bring It Home

Get Love Advice From Ms Krazie

Pocos Pero Locos is putting together a television show and is putting together something special with Ms Krazie from the Urban Kings Music Group. Have you ever needed love advice from someone you can trust? Through life experiences, Ms Krazie makes her music through what she has been through. She talks about love, pain, fun, and heartache. She relates to so many people because she too, is a person who has gone through those issues. From “Brown Is Beautiful” to “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 1” to “Smile Now Cry Never ” , “Firme Homegirl Oldies Vol 2” and now Forgive Not Forget (which will be releasing September 18th), she has made each album personal. Support Ms. Krazie, as she takes her life and love advice to your tv screen. Record your questions on video (either by phone, camera, iPad or webcam) and send video to and Ms. Krazie will personally answer some of them, and give your shout outs on TV! Start the video with your name and city you represent.

Send your love question to Ms. Krazie now!

Dont Include your name, phone number and e-mail address in the e-mail.

For further info :


Dont get caught up in the danger zone

As promised, now available on our online store “Still Active”. Since we been working on the cover and remastering the album i must say that the production and all the artist  on this album were on point. My favorite songs are “Still Active” with Ms Krazie and Jasper along with “Brighter Days” and “My Story”. One song that I really felt was the  ”Intro” track which is not even a song. But the message Chino wrote on that song showed me that he’s not just rapping about the life but really living it. Over all the album has some really, really good jams. Shout out to Chino Grande who is currently on locked down.

01. Intro
02. Still Active feat.JASPER,LIL MINOR,MZ.KRAZIE
03. Brighter Dayz (Acoustical Version) feat. CECY B.
04. Like That feat.D.SALAS
05. My Story (73 Chevrolet) feat. REBEL (WX3),BLANCA NIEVES
06. Hoodrats Need Love Too feat.WRECK (WICKED MINDS),LIL MINOR CECY B.
07. Ride Whitt A Gee feat.YOUNG TROUBS,LRIK
08. Killer Like Me feat.MIDGET LOCO,BABY JOKES
09. Shut ‘Em Down feat.BABY JOKES
10. Southern Cali Siccness feat.LIL MINOR
12. For The Homies
13. Carnalito De Aztlan feat. LEFTY (WX3)
15. Despensa La Tira
16. Gangster Like That feat.LIL MINOR,SNIPES
17. Bonus*wanna Die feat.TRAVIE,PAYA (PN),BIG DAVE
18. Brighter Dayz (Original Version)

You’re Welcome Is Out Now!

The album you have been waiting for is now available to own. The newest release from The Urban Kings Music Group is called “You’re Welcome” by UKMG artist True Starr. The album features 17 brand new songs, and includes the 5 songs from the music videos he made, like Roll Through, What You Need, I Dont Trust, Ambitionz, and the upcoming music video to Mind Right, featuring Chino Grande. The album came out really dope and we are all proud of this release. Make sure to check it out and support new artists. True will still be working on more music videos and will be announcing some performances soon. Stay updated to The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Click Here To Download “You’re Welcome” Today!


Clip Of The Week-Respect Your Elders

Sometimes you gotta be wise when picking your battles. Just proves that you can learn a thing or two from an old timer.


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