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Dont You Wish You Had This

Our boy steve sent us in this picture he took of all his Rap Collection. He has the Fiesty 2 Guns, Baby Jokes, Chino Grande, All The Street Anthems, All Ms Krazie Cds, the rare LA Epidemia cd, Midget Loco and Charlie Row Campo CD. He also has various other artists like Lil Rob, Cuete, MC Magic, LaLa and more! Do you have a bigger collection than Steve? Prove it by sending in a picture of your collection today at ! Make sure to check out Steves Tumblr at !

Dont forget all these CDS above are also available on

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A New Testament

Check out this classic from album Urban Kings Artist The Stomper. This album is called “The New Testament” and has many dope songs from the CD, like “Gangster Relief“, “Drug Money“, “Book Em” and more. It features some really dope artists too, like UKMG Artists Midget LocoJasper LocoChino GrandeBaby Jokes,and Lil Minor. The album also features Huero Snipes, Guzzle, Kid Frost, Omar Cruz, Troub Nasty, Diamonique, Chino Brown and more! This is a really dope album that features your favorite Stomper songs and its a must have for all Stomper and Urban Kings fans! I put one of my favorite songs below, called Gangster Relief, and features Chino Grande!

Stomper ft Chino Grande – Gangster Relief – Music Video – Taken From The New Testament

Official single cover for The Story Of My Life / Do Or Die L.a

During Chino’s trial he was focused on two things finishing the album and spending time with his family. We manage to knock out so much stuff including his last official video  > “The Story of my life / Do Or Die L. A.” We where really brain storming trying to figure out what needed to be done because we knew he would be gone for his release. We didn’t even know the name of  the album at that time but everything came together as time past. Chino came up with the idea to shoot the video. We quickly jumped in the car took the 5 fwy to downtown L.A. It was a perfect day not to hot not to cold. We shot for a little  over 2 hours. He had to be in court that day but chino and fiesty worked fast. Getting diff scenes and then a small photoshoot to capture the single of the song. After it was all set and done as you can see the cover on top is one of the pic we got that day. I have been involved with allot of videos but this video is a little diff the vibe was strong. The offical release of the video will be the same day as his album release 8/16/2011. This one you don’t want to miss….. don’t forget to make sure you go out and support  the album also don’t forget to  subscribe to our youtube channel to be the first to see it.

RIP Big Pun

Today marks one of the greatest emcees in hip hop. Big Pun, who would have turned 44 years old today, was undeniably one of the best rappers of all time. He was also latino, who was an influential voice in the latin community and to mainstream hip hop. Pun was one of the rare type of artist who could rap any type of style, from a hardcore rap song, to a mainstream song, to lyrical hip hop, to a love song. Today we remember one of the greatest. Happy Birthday Big Pun. RIP.

Ms Krazie Fan Drawing

Check this out, I found this drawing that was sent to me on Facebook by Jaime Luna . This is one of the most detailed drawings I have seen. All drawings that are sent into our emails are unique and special and detailed in each way, Like some have drawn artists with dots, squares, small images, etc. Whoever drew this is an artist because this picture is a masterpiece. Its of Ms Krazie and its her most recent CD which is the “Firme Homegirl Oldies 2 ”We like to share the work that our fans make to show other fan some really cool things they might not have seen. Make sure to check into our blog daily to see new cool stuff and news and exclusives that are only posted here on!

MTV Got A Shot Of Midget Loco And Baby Jokes

Bruno Mars is Nominated for 3 MTV Music Video Awards Including “Best Music Video”, “Best Pop Video” and “Best Male Video” for the music video “Grenade”. Grenade features cameos by Urban Kings Artists Baby Jokes and Midget Loco. Grenade is currently at 200,000,000 views on youtube and has been aired on various music and entertainment channels, shows and commercials since its release earlier this year.


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