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Eastside Poetry

Did you know that our friends from Old English Brand sponsored an event with our other friend, Emmy Nominated Actor Richard Cabral, along with his company Lineage Entertainment, to give a place for  talented individuals in our community a place to show off their skill. It gave an opportunity to showcase your talent, whatever it is. From poetry, music, acting, dance, story-telling or whatever it may be. It starts off with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr as he describes the event, then to Richard as he tells what the goal is, and then to audience feedback. Make sure to watch the video and stay posted to Urban Kings and Old English Brand because we may have another event coming soon.

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UKMG Sports – Floyd Mayweather Calls Manny?

ESPN has just reported that Floyd Mayweather has made a call and spoke with Manny Pacquiao to talk about a possible fight for May 5th in Las Vegas. Floyd was in his home in Las Vegas while Manny was at his home in the Philippines. While Floyds advisor Leonard Ellerbe was told by Floyd to not discuss what was said in the call. Pacquiao said in a Philippines tv interview that he and Floyd talked about a 50-50 split of the purse (what each would be making for the fight). It is unknown how Floyd got Mannys direct phone number but the fight has been discussed and confirmed by both sides. Floyd was serious about his “Calling Out” Manny and went the next possible step and made the call.




Midget Loco Exclusive New Behind The Scenes Video & Trailer.

Trailer for Midget Loco’s music video “Thirteen Letter”. We have also included a Behind The Scenes look of making the video, with guest commentary by Midget Loco. His album Dedicated To The OG’s is out now in all FYE locations, Itunes and Mom and Pops. Our youbuycds buyers got their albums already,order yours today. If you want to be one of the first to see Midget Loco’s music video subscribe to our youtube channel. You will be notified the second its up. Plus you can view all our videos that we have done.

Richard Cabral Is The Best

Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, is the best! According to The New York Observer, his new television show is The Best and will be premiering nationwide on ABC on Thursday, March 5th. The show is very good, and features Richard in a supporting role. We cant wait until everyone sees it, and now the time is almost here. We cant wait to watch and support Richard, and we hope everyone tunes in to watch his new show! Make sure to check what time it starts in your area and lets make this a big show! Will you watch it? Let us know at The Urban Kings Facebook Page!

Spanky Paints A Picture Perfect

UKMG Artist Spanky Loco is at it again with the dope artwork, he drew another cool piece with all water paints. He drew a dope skull with a rose beneath it and the leafs blooming. Something real nice and simple, yet something detailed and exotic. We have been hinting that Spanky Loco will be doing some exclusive artwork for some fans, and its already been in motion, with Spanky starting to work on a new piece which will go exclusively to the UKMG Merch Store. We will give you more information this week about this chance to own a piece of Spanky Loco artwork.

Ese Lil Joker – Most Wanted

Urban Kings releases the popular album by Ese Lil Joker for his album “Most Wanted“. Its a really dope solid album that features 13 tracks and features UKMG Artists Jasper Loco and Midget Loco. This album has some sick songs on it, like “Comin Thru”, “Here To Stay” and “Blow”. This is the second album Urban Kings released of Ese Lil Joker, the first one being “Never Lose Respect“. They are both dope albums, and both are available now at all major music retailers, like Amazon, FYE and iTunes! Check out the song Here To Stay below and make sure to support and pick up Ese Lil Joker!

Ese Lil Joker – Here To Stay – Featuring Jasper Loco – Taken From Most Wanted




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