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Eastside Poetry

Did you know that our friends from Old English Brand sponsored an event with our other friend, Emmy Nominated Actor Richard Cabral, along with his company Lineage Entertainment, to give a place for  talented individuals in our community a place to show off their skill. It gave an opportunity to showcase your talent, whatever it is. From poetry, music, acting, dance, story-telling or whatever it may be. It starts off with Old English Brand CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr as he describes the event, then to Richard as he tells what the goal is, and then to audience feedback. Make sure to watch the video and stay posted to Urban Kings and Old English Brand because we may have another event coming soon.

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Are you down for life!

Watch Down for Life! Streaming live right now on Facebook. Starring Danny Glover, Kate Del Castillo and special appearances by Lil Rob and Snoop Dogg.

Youtube Friday – Roast of Gabriel Iglesias

We found this old school clip of one of funniest mexican comedians, Gabriel Iglesias. It was for the tv show called “Last Comic Standing” and the episode was about roasting one of the comedians in the contest. After the name was pulled, the comedian to be roasted was Gabriel. So everyone that was in the contest roasted Gabriel, and at the end of the roast, like every other, Gabriel gets to get a few shots back at the comics. So have fun and laugh at Youtube Fridays!


Win A Ms Krazie Autographed CD or Music Single – Love You Till Death Contest

UKMG has created a very unique contest to celebrate the Love You Till Death Music Video Release, which is currently scheduled for DECEMBER 10th. We are going to be giving away 15 FREE Prizes for our fans. We will announce each winner on our site daily, starting the week of Ms Krazie’s Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version. This is a very big deal because we havent given this many prizes away, ever. But since it will be Christmas Eve the day the Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version (December 24th), instead of Santa Claus giving away presents, we are giving lucky fans a chance to get some presents! We are going to celebrate Ms Krazie’s Music Video Release, and Christmas in early Decemeber! Below are the contests, and the rules, so pay attention and something might be sent to you, without you having to be good all year!

P.S. We also got a brand new behind the scenes look of Ms Krazie’s Music Video!!! Stay Posted to our blog for the up to the  minute information and news for “Love You Till Death”!!


1. One Entry Per Person Per Contest. (One person can enter “Draw Ms Krazie Movie Poster & Do a Cover Song & Take A Picture With A Ms Krazie Item, Etc).

2. Winners will be chosen at RANDOM.

3. Each Winner will be announced on UKMG Daily, Starting on the week before Christmas!

4. One Entry Per Email/Submission.

Contest To Win 1 Autographed Ms Krazie Forgive Not Forget CD:

1. Draw Ms Krazie’s “Love You Till Death” Movie Poster and write on the drawing the date you drew it. (1 Random Winner)

WINNER CHOSEN -2. Take A Picture With Any Ms Krazie Item & Write The Date On A Piece Of Paper In The Picture.

3. Do A Cover Song of “Love You Till Death” & Mention the Love You Till Death Contest. (1 Random Winner)

4. Write To Us And Tell Us Why You Should Win. (1 Random Winner)

5. Tell Us What Your Favorite Song From “Forgive Not Forget” is, and Why Is It Your Favorite. (1 Random)

Win A Ms Krazie “Love You Till Death” Download :

1. Write An Album Review for any Ms Krazie CD. Must Be Over 300 Words and Written Properly. (10 Random Winners)

Click Here To Submit Your Entry

(That Page Is For All Contest Entries)

Good Luck To Everyone and Cant Wait To See What Is Sent In!

Terror Tapes 2 By Psycho Realm OUT NOW

It’s here the long awaited release from L.A hip hop group Psycho Realm. Psycho Realm Presents Sick Jacken and Cynic: Terror Tapes 2 available now. Features the likes of Murs, Joell Ortiz, Sean Price and Self Scientific’s Chace Infinite. This is the second installment of the Terror Tapes series, with Terror Tapes 1 being distributed through Urban Kings. Psycho Realm has also released “A War Story Book 1“, “A War Story Book 2” and Sick Jacken’s solo album “Stray Bullets“, and all those albums were also distributed through the Urban Kings Music Group. Terror Tapes 2 has 16 Jam Packed Tracks on the album and is definately worth checking out. The people who pre ordered this cd from The Psycho Shop got autographed cds as you can see from the pictures above. We might still have some autographed copies left, so make sure to purchase your Terror Tapes 2 album and who knows, it might be signed by Sick Jacken! Dont forget that Terror Tapes 2 is also available digitally, make sure to download the album through iTunes today by CLICKING HERE . And you can watch the Psycho Realm new MUSIC VIDEO of “IM GONE” from Terror Tapes 2!!!!


Psycho Realm – Im Gone – Music Video – Taken From Terror Tapes 2

Youtube Friday – Stone Cold E.T

We like to post really random videos that our staff comes across for our Youtube Friday section. I was going to post the video of 50 cent jumping rapper Gunplay (from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group Label), but I posted it yesterday along with 50 wearing Gunplays chain. This video was shown to me by John P about this guy wearing a E.T mask claiming to be Stone Cold E.T. And the guy really sounds like Stone Cold. If you dont know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is, he was a professional wrestler with the WWF/WWE back when guys like The Rock and Mankind were wrestling. Well this guy “Stone Cold ET” goes to many different fast food drive thrus and tries to order his meal, while sounding just like Stone Cold. Some workers and managers of the restaurants refuse to serve Stone Cold E.T, but will one sell him a burger, or will he stay hungry? Watch the video to find out!


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