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Fan Drawing of Baby Jokes

Shout out to Kimberly Torres aka Krazie Chula for drawing Baby  Jokes from Charlie Row Campo. This Drawing looks like it took alot of time and skill. Please remember if you draw any Urban Kings Artists or have any pictures with any of our artists, send them in by CLICKING HERE and we will post them in our blog. Also please dont forget to mention your Facebook and Twitter name too so we can give your links credit and you can gain some friends that are also Urban Kings fans. We appreciate everyone who takes the time out to do things like this, so please send them in. Thank You!


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Murs + Sick Jacken – The Problem Is

“The Problem Is” is the new single off Murs and 9th Wonder’s highly anticipated “Forever” it features Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm and Uncle Chucc. The video was directed by Estevan Oriol. Make sure you pick up this album up at

KRS 1 – Aztechnical

KRS 1 is a legend in the hip hop community. With songs like “South Bronx”,  ”Loves Gonna Get Ya”, and “Criminal Minded” KRS established  himself as an elite emcee. His rhymes always speak knowledge about the hustle, life and politics. This is his newest song called “Aztechnical” which is from his newest CD (his 20th studio album) called “Just Like That”.

Here is what the producer “MadLion” said about this song, “Turning the flame up a little more, my next video presentation “Aztecnical” will deal with the myths of 2012, particularly the December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar “end date”. Too many of our people are being led astray by movies, lectures and hype mostly regarding the celestial calculations of the Mayan Calendar. And while other cultures also predict the same “end date” calculations, it is important to point out that all cosmic alignments, shifts and even changes are occurring RIGHT NOW! The question is, how might this affect Hip Hop worldwide? I believe we are about to finally have our “say” in the world. The key word in the next few upcoming months will be “courage”, and true courage comes from living rightly. As an international culture, Hip Hop is poised for a great opportunity; my goal is to get us prepared for it, and fear has no place in our collective future.
I am sending this “Aztechnical” video out in hopes that it sparks discussion and dispels fears. The first verse deals with the actual Mayan calculations themselves and shows how governments and corporate entities of all sorts use the fears of the public to their own economic and global advantages. The second verse deals with the conquest of Cortez over the Mayan People and how it was the Mayans’ own cultural beliefs that were used against them to cease their lands and resources. The point being, do not allow hype and your own view of the world to lure you into the hands of those only out to exploit you. BE STRONG! BE COURAGOUS! And yes, Knowledge Reigns Supreme. There It Is,Just Like That.”

Ms. Krazie Inspired Make Up

This video comes from LaDelManicomio. Everyone has their different way of coming up with the Ms. Krazie look where your using pencil, liquid or gel they all look good.

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Auction about to end very soon!!!!

We have still been negotiating our silent auction for the 2 Conejo Canvases. Currently Andy and Radalyn are highest bidders  

^^^ Currently Ranalyn is the highest bidder for the “Shady Conejo” canvas. Most people dont know that this picture is Conejos first ever CD cover. Made with the original film from the Conejo first CD photoshoot, this is a collectors item and this is the only one available. The canvas measures at 44 inches tall (3 ft and 8 in), and 28 inches wide (2 ft and 4 in). This is a must have for any Chicano Rap and Conejo fan. Current Bid for the “Shady Conejo” canvas is $376.

^^^ Currently Andy is the highest bidder for the “Game Over” canvas. This is also from Conejo’s first CD photoshoot. Conejo is one of the most demanded artists of our generation. This canvas stands at 38 inches tall (3 ft and 2 in) and 36 inches wide (3ft). The current bid for the “Game Over” canvas is $270.


To submit your bid you can email . Bidding Ends Dec 1st. THATS IN 2 WEEKS SO GET YOUR BID IN SOON!!!

Ms Krazie – Love You Till Death – Behind The Scenes

Click The Picture To See Behind The Scenes

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has filmed her first music video ever, and as always, Urban Kings has the exclusive sneak peak. Click The Picture To WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES. We have also created this poster just for the release of the music video. Many fans have been waiting patiently and impatiently to hear some news about the Love  You Till Death music video, and now, everyone, its finally coming. Whats even cooler is the music video also features Ms Krazie’s real life husband Problemaz, and features Kozme, and produced by D Salas. The countdown is on and we are announcing the music video release date very soon! And now, fans can finally see what it will kind of look like, with a special behind the scenes look on how the set was, how Krazie looked, what type of production went into the video and more. We also put an official music video trailer in the beginning of the video as well!!!! And we are still not done, because we are also going to post up picture stills of the actual music video that we took! Comment  below your thoughts on how the poster came out, and if your waiting to see the music video!


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