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Fat Louiz from Trouble Brand

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Pushin The Whip

Lookin Killer In A Mini

Flowin In The Breeze 

Meet Fat Louiz, a clothing designer from Brazil. He has a clothing line called “Trouble Brand” and has been working hard on making his company world famous. These are a few pictures of his recent photoshoot for Trouble Brand with model Monique Perez aka Lady Ink. They are working on new and different designs in Brazil, we connected and made the Old English Brand Califas Shirt , designed by Louiz himself. We have been in discussion with Louiz for a new design for the Old English Brand Company and it might be in the works already, you got to wait and see. We wanted to shout out Louiz for making this really dope design that is a fan favorite of those who support Old English Brand. Make sure to check out Trouble Brand’s blog at by CLICKING HERE !

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Ms Krazie CD For Just $7.99!!!!

Urban Kings has officially joined the #‎AnalogVersusDigital Campaign along with many major music labels to keep physical CD copies alive! For the fans who prefer an actual CD, read the credits and information inside, and appreciate the hard copies. We have made each #‎UrbanKings CD for just $7.99, only on Including the very popular Ms Krazie CD “Forgive Not Forget“. Featuring some classic songs like “Nobody Else”, “Homewreckers”, “Little Heavens”, and “Love You Till Death”. Dont believe us, look in our Merch Section!

Filly Brown Screening Recap

We posted a blog a few weeks ago about the movie Filly Brown being shown in The Sundance Film Festival in Utah. As part of the music industry, our staff screened the film a few months ago and it was a very relatable story with a familiar feeling. Being latino and in the industry, this movie has hit home with our staff because this story is close with artists and friends that we work with. With experianced actors Edward James Olmos, Emilio Rivera, Lou Diamond Phillips, and upcoming actors like Chino Bling, Baby Bash, Jenni Rivera and Gina Rodriguez. 

This is the official screening and recap of the movie at Sundance. The Public and Media watch the film together, and it was shown in the Eccles Theatre ( a 1500 capacity venue), then fans and media ask questions to the actors and directors about the film. 

Ms Krazie Interview Part 2

Ms Krazie Interive Part 2. If you havent seen part 1 click here

Street Platoon Inks Deal With Urban Kings!

Press Release –  August 15th, 2012 – Urban Kings Music Group has just announced its deal with Street Platoon to digitally distribute The Seel Storm album. This album consists of Cynic, Crow, and Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm. This is the first Street Platoon album , which was originally released through Street Symphonies, and it is a classic among hip hop. Street Platoon also received credit for helping The Psycho Realm finish A War Story Book 2 album. Now, working with Urban Kings Music Group, The Steel Storm album will be added to the digital playing field, by even further reaching into new markets, including over 250 different digital format companies that are partnered with Urban Kings Music Group. The Steel Storm album features 12 original songs, with features from Sick Jacken and the late Mausburg.

Chino Grande – New Picture

UKMG Artist Chino Grande sent us a quick picture of him, with his back against the wall, alone in a four corner room. I think this is a dope picture because it came out dark, grimey and full of dark shadows and very clear shadowing. This is a few days after his music video shoot, just to share a new picture with his fans. He told us to tell his fans “Gracias For The Support Always”. Make sure to check  out his music video, which is already filmed, and just needs to be put on some finishing touches here and there! And shout out to Chino Grande.


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