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Have you followed the official Urban Kings Instagram lately? There, we post random pictures, from exclusive first look of album covers, to being out at events and parties, to videos. Our instagram followers have been getting higher every day. We also post some pictures that are only for instagram, and never post them anywhere else. Not Facebook, not Twitter, not our blog, nowhere. We have already hit 8,500 Followers,  so make sure that your up to date with all the info and cool stuff we post on our ig. To follow us is easy, all you have to do is Click Here To Follow Urban Kings On Instagram and Click The BLUE FOLLOW BUTTON! Its that simple. See you on Instagram!

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Ms Krazie Performing in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico Next Week

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be back in Mexico next week, Saturday, July 14th in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico to continue her Hello Loca 2012 Tour. Also back in concert is Duende. This show will be very reasonably priced, at only $6 Presale, $8 At The Door, and just $15 VIP (US Currency). Artists will be performing from all over, with Pachuko Gangster, Rulo 21, Chalet Records, Gran A, D Money, Danny P Y La Bebes MC, Pitbull King, Komando MXL, Ciniko Lokote, Sector Calle, Creeps, Brown Shady and Slicc and Hosted by Geo Blabla. This event is sponsored by Star Cell, Circle K, Great Steak & Fries, Tecate, Casa De Empeno, Ayuntamiento San Luis, Reynoso Audio Systems and Monreal’s Auto Service.

Doors will open at 8 Pm and continue to 2 Am.

Ms Krazie Contest Winner Number 2

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie New Music Video will be releasing on Monday, December 24th, Christmas Eve! Everyone is really excited about this music video, because it is a different version. Urban Kings has already released the Music Video for Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Radio Version, but now this time we are releasing the “Love You Till Death – Official Music Video – Album Version”. This is the video that will feature Kozme, and Problemaz.

We also are doing an exclusive Love You Till Death contest for 15 lucky winners to receive either Autographed Ms Krazie CDs, or digital downloads! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DETAILS AND ENTER!!

We have just chosen the 2nd winner for the contest, who is Brianna. She won the contest to write about why she should win the contest. I have copied and pasted her entry and you can see what she wrote.

Words From Brianna

“Buenas Dias Urban Kings, I’m writing this letter for the Love You Till Death Contest. Before I start I wanna say Feliz Cumpleanos Jaime! :D Get tore up from the floor up ;D it’s really generous too give US presents on YOUR birthday Gracias! Well I best get to the letter You know how people say “Oh I’m Ms. Krazies biggest fan!” Well that’s me Let me tell you why. Mi vida has not been the greatest. My mom has not always been there and I don’t have a dad. Yo vivo con mi abuela. She took me and my 2 little sisters in without complaints. My mom has my other 2 little sisters and 2 little brothers. I barely get to see them. I been bullied and broke down. I’ve seen my mom get beat down and treated like dirt. Ever since I heard Ms. Krazies song I fell INLOVE!!! Her music brought me to life again and better than ever! Ms.Krazie also inspired me to write my own music I don’t have money to by her Cds or posters or go to her concerts, So every time she or you guys post a picture of her I print it out and put it on my walls. Right now I have over 100 pictures :D My homitas y novio think I’m obsessed  it would mean everything to me to win this special contest and finally have something of her. Well I’ve said all I could say. Love you Ms. Krazie A.K.A My Hero, role and inspiration :D ”.

Congratulations Brianna, You have won the contest. You will be receiving a Brand New, Ms Krazie, Autographed Copy, of “Forgive Not Forget”!

True Starr At The High Times Cannibus Cup

This is pretty dope. Urban Kings Artist True Starr took a little trip to the High Times Cannibus Cup last weekend, tryin out the new strands and he was a special guest at the King Legazy 2020 Hii Effect Booth. We took a camera man for this event, as he followed True Starr throughout the festival, dabbin and smokin. Make sure to watch the video and support his new album “You’re Welcome“, its available now!

Jasper Loco on This Monday

UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be featured this Monday, May 27th on the Jasper Loco will be having an exclusive interview and will be touching on many different subjects, from working and finishing on his second solo album, to maybe a new Charlie Row Campo album, to him performing with huge artists like Bone Thugs N Harmony, Kurupt, Mack 10 and more. Also on the show is Krazy Race, Convoy, Mesidge, and Imagine That. The B Side Show starts at 8pm Pacific Time, and will also feature some dope music, as their is a live dj on set, and they also show music videos. Whats also really cool about the B Side Show, is that people can watch with a chatroom, so you can type your thoughts and feelings about the artists, the hosts, the music, the video, and everything in between. Make sure to check it out this Monday!

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