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Free Stickers For YOU!!!!

Here at Urban Kings, we love giving back to those who support us! So now with every order from you will recieve a sticker. ON US, NO CHARGE. 5 Different Designs, from The Psycho Shop, To Urban Kings, To Old English Brand To the Homicide and Hustle Hard. This is just another way for us to say thank you for your support.And tell me who gives away free cool stuff like this, just because! WE DO!!!!

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Sad Girls Club Fan Artwork

Once Urban Kings and UKMG Artist Ms Krazie announced the title for the upcoming Ms Krazie album, called “Sad Girls Club”, fans from around the world told us how excited they are about the name title and that Ms Krazie will be releasing her 6th Solo album. We received very dope and creative artwork from fans that have did something unique for Ms Krazie. Check out this drawing of Ms Krazie for her Sad Girls Club fan artwork, by @MzBadHabitz (on IG). If you have some Sad Girls Club artwork or any artwork inspired by UKMG Artists, make sure to submit them to The Urban Kings Submissions Dept.

Ms. Krazie and Mc Magic

Ms. Krazie is going to be featured on Mc Magic’s new album called The Rewire. The song that is featuring Ms. Krazie is going to be called Reasons and the album drops of February the 8. Hint Hint you know what this means Mc Magic is also going to be featured in Ms. Krazie’s album : )

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Slush Tha Villain Is Out Now

Slush Tha Villains New Album is Out Now!!! Brand New songs featuring Ms Krazie, Stomper, Jasper Loco, Chino Grande, Midget Loco and entirely produced by Kast N Fame. There has been many fans who have been asking for this new releases and we have leaked them slowly. There has been some dope verses from Slush and from all his featured artists. Slush was really Out on Bail when he recorded this album, and it came out really good and really grimey. This album is the first Slush Tha Villain album that Urban Kings Music Group has released and we are very proud of this album. Here is a few more leaks for this album!!!! This CD is available at all FYE Locations , digitally through iTunes, and online at UKMG Catalog .

Slush Tha Villain – Street Life Feat. Chino Grande – Taken From Out On Bail

Slush Tha Villain – Life’s A Trip Feat. Jasper Loco – Taken From Out On Bail

Official Stomper Movie Poster For Seven Plus Six

We just got the official movie poster in for The Stomper new music video for “Seven Plus Six”. Taken from the new album “Once Upon A Time In America 2″ which has the release date of June 19th, 2012. Seven Plus Six Music Video will be releasing very soon, the footage has already been filmed and collected and is currently in the final editing stages, and once that is complete, the video will be ready to be shown to the world. The poster came out sick and was designed by Kast N Fame, follow Kast on Twitter at  @VndtaKast , he is who makes all the designs and production. Also add @KastNFame , is Fame, who records and helps create the many different concepts for visuals and videos and more! This is one of my favorite songs from the album, and I know it will be one of yours too. Once Upon A Time In America 2 has guest features from many dope artists, like Sick Jacken from Psycho Realm, Urban Kings Music Group artist Spanky Loco, Chino XL, Omar Cruz, Julio G from Westside Radio, Kid Frost, Guzzle, Fingazz, MC Magic, and Slush Tha Villain. Remember, June 19 will be a day of reckoning, Stomper will be unleashed.

Stomper – Seven Plus Six – Music Video Trailer


Stomper – Seven Plus Six – Behind The Scenes

Fiesty 2 Guns Street Scriptures

Who remembers this song right here? This is one of the most positive songs I have heard, from turning a negative to a positive. The song is by UKMG Artist Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo, and its called “What I Dream Of“, taken from Fiesty’s album Street Scriptures. This was Fiesty 2 Guns first solo album, and he had some heaters on the album. It was a very dope CD that featured some sick songs like “Make The Hood Cry”, “Dont Cry For Me”, “Everybody Gonna See” and “Grind To Shine”. Fiesty had few features, but the artists featuring are dope, like Chino Grande, D Salas, Rigo Luna, Eddie Kane, Bigg Bandit and more. The “What I Dream Of Music Video is closing in on 200,000 views on youtube, so make sure to check it out and lets have it reach 200k! If you don’t have the album, I am putting the album cover and where you can find the CD! Support Charlie Row Campo.

Fiesty 2 Guns – Street Scriptures



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