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Urban Kings remains on the FREE STOMPER Campaign, and we will continue to do so until UKMG Artist The Stomper comes back home. I was looking through some of the photos we took with Stomper a few months ago, when he came down to the office to turn in his new album. Throwback Thursday and we wanted to show everyone that Stomper and Chino Grande are still in our minds and in our thoughts. Stomper will be releasing his new album “Unreleased Kuts 2” on 9-2! Make sure to support Stomper and pick up his new album.

Please make sure to help bring Stomper home by donating towards his legal fees. 100% of the money will go towards a lawyer to help bring him home!

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Jasper is back

Jasper is out and so is his album East Side Assassin. This picture was taken the same day they filmed “She Use To Be My SideKick” for Baby Jokes music video from his album Life On The Streets (pre-sales now available). Get Jasper album on youbuycds, ITunes or FYE stores nation wide as well as your neighborhood mom and pop shops.

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Chino Grande Back To Work

Fans, Friends, Family, and UKMG has been waiting for this day to come. Urban Kings Artist Chino Grande has officially hit the studio to hear some beats for his first song since he has been released into the general public. I know for a fact he’s listening to beats right now, choosing the right beat to make his glorious comeback. We have nothing but very high expectations for Chino on his musical journey. We don’t know what the topic of his next song is, but we do know that its gonna be dope and nothing less then legendary. Get hyped about this, because Chino Grande is back and ready to spread the word that Charlie Row is now complete!

Jasper Loco Got His Copy Already

Jasper Loco recently stopped by the Urban Kings Offices and signed a few autographs for some presale orders, and was checking out the exact album that the fans will be seeing on August 7th. Jasper knew we put some exclusive content inside the cd, because we asked him questions about his favorite songs, his favorite lyric, and we put some Jasper Loco lyrics in the album. But he did not know what the other Charlie Row Campo were asked, so he was reading the whole inside of the cd, the questions and answers and even the lyrics of other campo’s parts. Here is the CD of Charlie Row Campo’s “California Boys”, which will be available in all major music retail stores like All FYE Locations, digitally through iTunes and online at The UKMG Merch Store!! You can listen to the Sneak Peak of the California Boys by clicking on the video below.

Charlie Row Campo – California Boys – Album Sneak Peak

R.I.P Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia

Over the weekend we lost one of my favorite boxers of all time. Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia was the first, if not the only, real chicano cholo boxer. Growing up through a tough life, his father murdered while his mother was pregnant with him, and then witnessing the murder of his mother while he was only 8 years old, and growing up basically on his own, Johnny was raised by friends from the streets. At age 9, Johnny started his career in boxing, and with a tough training and workout regime, he became the National Golden Gloves Champion in the Light Flyweight division. The beginning of his professional career was awesome, as he amounted 22-0-1 record (the draw was from his first fight, a 4 round bout) and became the United States Junior Bantamweight Championship, but in 1990, Johnny was suspended for 3.5 years for testing positive for cocaine.

Johnnys first fight back from his suspension was on March 27,1994, and won, then won three more fights before facing Oscar Aguilar for the NABF Junior Bantamweight Championship, which Johnny won by a 3rd round Knockout. On October 12, 1994, Johnny fought against Henry Martinez, and won the vacant WBO Junior Bantamweight Title. While Johnny was coming up in boxing, there was also a feud that was growing between Johnny and IBF Junior Bantamweight Champion Danny Romero. Their has been bad blood between both fighters since Johnny left his trainer, Dannys father, and the rumor was they were both from different gangs. And on July 18,1996, Johnny and Romero fought in Las Vegas, which Johnny won by a unanimous 12 round decision and Johnny added the IBF Junior Bantamweight Title to his collection.

In 1998, Johnny fought Nana Konadu and won the WBA Bantamweight belt, which made him a 2 division champion. Johnny’s first loss also came in 1998, against Paulie Ayala, which was Ring Magazine’s “Fight Of The Year”. After his first loss, Johnny tried to commit suicide by a drug overdose and was hospitalized. With the hospitalization and quick recovery, Johnny then was able to get another title shot, this time against Jorge Julio. Johnny won that fight, and became the WBO Bantamweight Champion. After the win, a unification match was set up with Paulie Ayala for a rematch, which Paulie won by a very close decision.

In 2002, with a undefeated record since the Ayala fight, Johnny traveled to London to fight Manuel Media for the IBF Featherweight Title. Now Johnny was a 3 division champion. Johnny left the title and moved up in weight so he could fight champion Marco Antonio Barrera. Johnny lost that bout by a unanimous decision.

Johnny Tapia passed away on Sunday, May 27th,2012 in his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was 45.


Here are a few highlights from Johnny “Mi Vida Loca” Tapia.  RIP


In This Corner With Johnny Tapia – RIP

Ms Krazie Wins The 7 oClock Knockout!

Today is a Flashback Friday, and I want to tell you about a little story of when UKMG Artist Ms Krazie was competing on the Palm Springs Radio Station U92.7. It was for a segment called “The 7 o’Clock Knockout”, that put two songs head to head in a battle and let the fans pick which song was better. I gave the song “Imma Rule The World” that was taken from Ms Krazie’s album “Smile Now Cry Never“. I personally recorded and edited the audio that was recorded every day for the show, and she battled huge names. Im talking about artists like Beyonce, Pitbull, Enrique Iglasias, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Timbaland and more. This was the second time she competed in the 7 oClock Knockout, and the second time it was retired, meaning no one beat her in THREE WEEKS! She is the first artist to ever do that! Below I put the album cover of Smile Now Cry Never below, so if you see it in stores, you will know that it won the 7 oClock Knockout!

Smile Now Cry Never CD


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