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Get Your Urban Kings Items For The Holidays

Time is ticking and running out. Now is the time to order your exclusive Urban Kings items. Move swiftly and quietly as ordering from our Urban Kings Merchandise is easy and quick. Order today to receive your favorite CD, Shirt, Cell Phone Case, or Accessory to make it to your home just in time for the holidays. Don’t delay with your judgement and submit your order so it can be shipped quickly, going straight to your home. Thank You for Celebrating your Holidays with Urban Kings! We will see you under your Christmas Tree, or we might be hiding in your stocking! Anywhere you find UKMG items, it will always bring you a smile.

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Spanky Loco And Oso Vicious Japan Tour

Japan Tour

Japan Tour, More Fliers Coming Soon

Urban Kings has the brand new fliers for thier upcoming Japan Tour, Headlining UKMG Artist Spanky Loco along with Oso Vicious. This tour will feature concerts all throughout Japan. This is the first time Spanky Loco will be back in Japan in over 5 years, and Oso Vicious’s first time. Both artists are promoting new music, with Spanky Loco promoting the upcoming “The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits” which features his classics along with some brand new material. His album features The Stomper, Huero Snipes, Conejo, Kokane, Sonny Blue, Baldacci, LA Problemz, Napalm, Z Gunz and more. Its a really dope album and is now available for Pre Order! Oso Vicious just released his self titled album, Oso Vicious and is already available to order. Make sure to stay posted to our blog for more information about Spanky Loco’s upcoming Greatest Hits album, along with info on his snippets!

The Best Of Spanky Loco – Greatest Hits – Official Album Cover

Midget Loco + Steel Banging in Omaha Nebraska

Jasper Loco – Hu$tla Muzik Coming Soon

Did you know that this year is going to release one of the most highly anticipated mixtapes? Its by UKMG Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo is wrapping up the final touches of his upcoming tape called “Hu$tla Muzik“. Jasper has been working non stop to get this mixtape finished, and has some really dope features on it. Its as good as an album but Urban Kings and Jasper wanted to give something back for the fans. The first single from the mixtape is called “I Grew Up Then I Blew Up” and features Oso Vicious. We will be releasing more music as it comes so make sure to stay posted to our blog! Listen to I Grew Up Before I  Blew Up here.

Jasper Loco ft Oso Vicious – I Grew Up Before I Blew Up

Smile Now Cry Never

Today we are bringing back a classic album from Urban Kings Music Group Artist Ms Krazie from her CD “Smile Now Cry Never“. This is one of the fan favorites of all time, and features UKMG Artists Chino Grande and Midget Loco, as well as MC Magic, Brown Boy, Slush Tha Villain, Duende, Problemaz, Big Los and El Chino, Sleepy Loka and D Salas! With some excellent all star features, and Ms Krazie as the main artist, we knew we had a hit with this album. It was featured on the radio, with songs like “Baby Angels“, “Gangsters Wife” and “Let Me Love You“, just to name only three. What was your favorite song from this album? Make sure to tell us at on our Facebook - The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! Below we posted Gangsters Wife by Ms Krazie featuring Chino Grande! The album is available now at all major music retailers, including Amazon, FYE and digitally on iTunes! It is also available at the UKMG Flagship Shop and The UKMG Merch Store!

Ms Krazie – Gangsters Wife – Featuring Chino Grande

Urban Kings Facebook Hits 80,000 Likes!

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Did you know that Urban Kings has just hit over 80,000 Likes on our Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! We have been posting some really cool exclusive stuff on there that does not go on our Blog, Instagram or Twitter, its just only for facebook. We post up some cool content from all our artists, from Ms Krazie, to Chino Grande, Fiesty 2 Guns, Stomper, Midget Loco, Jasper Loco and Spanky Loco. We also post cool video ambush interviews, and random videos when we are hanging out our when we just want to show everyone what we are doing. 80,000 is a great number for our label, and we are continuing to grow and expand and give everyone more news, updates, exclusives, events, music videos and more. If you haven’t liked our facebook page yet, make sure to do it now, and support our movement. All you have to do is Click Here and Click Like. Two clicks and your done!



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