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Grind Now Shine Now Art Show

The Main Room

Sick Side Story by Edgar Aguirre

Living The Dream – Big Tiny

The Grind Now Shine Now Cake

We told you that the Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was the place to be at this weekend. Many world famous and legendary artists from the sketch, paint, graff and tattoo world came together for one evening to appreciate artwork. From artwork, to photography, to even two sketches on hands, there was everything at this artshow. Sponsored by some dope clothing companies, also Jarritos came out to sponsor the event as well. We took some pictures of some of our favorite pieces of artwork, but this is just a sample of all the art that was at the show. I just wanted to capture some of the art into detail of how they came out. The Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was brought to you by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and Mr Flaks, and Supported by Urban Kings, Old English Brand and some great brands and companies that also appreciate art.

Urban Kings Short Video @ Grind Now Shine Now

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Ms. Krazie’s interview with Mr. Timido

Here is an exclusive interview of Ms. Krazie being interviewed by one of her biggest fans Mr. Timido. Timido asks Ms. Krazie about her new album she is working on “Forgive Not Forget”, what did she think about her achievements of the year, Lil Rob’s shout out to her, as well as other gossip scoops and this is only the 1st part!!!

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La Loca’s Lesson #33

watching made and the girl trying to lose weigh crying about it hehe i think the older u get the less dramatic over our weight we get lol


Richard Cabral In American Crime

Richard Cabral has officially wrapped his episode for the pilot (the first episode of a tv series) for the upcoming tv show “American Crime”. It is a new tv show that will be about a racially charged murder of a war veteran and the trial, which will be shown through the personal lives of the people involved. It will be about an ex-wife and mother of the victim (woman played by Felicity Huffman). The story will be more detailed once the premier date has been announced, but the episode has already been filmed. American Crime is written and produced by John Ridley, who won a Oscar this year for “12 Years A Slave”. He also wrote and produced movies like U-Turn, Three Kings, Red Tails and Undercover Brother. Urban Kings has worked with Richard for years, releasing Richards music albums “Life On The Streets“, “Eastside Classics“, “California Boys” and more. Richard recorded music under the name “Baby Jokes” and has some really good music. Make sure to watch his music video below of his song called “She Used To Be My Sidekick” which was taken from his first solo album, called “Life On The Streets”.

Baby Jokes featuring Jasper Loco – She Used To Be My Sidekick – Music Video

Rise And Shine To Barrio Banga 103.5 FM

Chino Grande hit single love jam “Blue Rose” will be playing on the air waves on 103.5Fm in the proud city of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma. For all our fans in Oklahoma tune in at 1:15pm to hear his hit single. Now for all you fans that are staying the Pacific Time Zone (West Coast, I’m talking to you lol) if you got a strong signal, you are gonna want to time in at 11:15 am. Now don’t worry if your radio isn’t getting the station, you can hear it live on their web-page(Heads up, you will have to download their app to be to hear it). During their show, you can request a song from any Urban Kings artist. Let them know what you want to hear on their FaceBook or Twitter. Let’s show some love to Chino G and don’t forget that “Blue Rose” is available on ITunes. Free Chino Grande.

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Slush Tha Villain Flyers Are Out

Slush Tha Villain Flyers Hot Off The Press

Another Look

Slush Tha Villain’s new album will be releasing next month – May 15th,2012 to be exact. “Out On Bail” is the album fans have been waiting for. With the partnership for “Out On Bail” between Slush, Urban Kings and producers Kast N Fame, this album came out better than anyone can imagine. With features from Urban Kings artists Chino Grande, Midget Loco, Stomper, Ms Krazie, Jasper Loco and special feature from Kozme, this album will be a classic once everyone has heard it. But until then we are gonna give you a sneak peak of how the album sounds, so enjoy, because heres Mr Out On Bail’s snippets, Slush Tha Villain 2012!!!

Slush Tha Villain – Out On Bail – Snippets


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