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Grind Now Shine Now Art Show

The Main Room

Sick Side Story by Edgar Aguirre

Living The Dream – Big Tiny

The Grind Now Shine Now Cake

We told you that the Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was the place to be at this weekend. Many world famous and legendary artists from the sketch, paint, graff and tattoo world came together for one evening to appreciate artwork. From artwork, to photography, to even two sketches on hands, there was everything at this artshow. Sponsored by some dope clothing companies, also Jarritos came out to sponsor the event as well. We took some pictures of some of our favorite pieces of artwork, but this is just a sample of all the art that was at the show. I just wanted to capture some of the art into detail of how they came out. The Grind Now Shine Now Art Show was brought to you by UKMG Artist Spanky Loco and Mr Flaks, and Supported by Urban Kings, Old English Brand and some great brands and companies that also appreciate art.

Urban Kings Short Video @ Grind Now Shine Now

Click Here To Watch The Video!

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Blowing Shit Up With Matt Gondek

Our friends from Old English Brand presents a video with one of our favorite artists. His name is Matt Gondek and he blows shit up. He has a unique style that has created a huge buzz in the artworld. He has collaborated with established artists, musicians and painters, as well as being featured in various magazines, including Complex. Watch our video and watch Matt as he tells his story through art. For more information on Matt and to see more artwork, visit

Fat Louiz from Trouble Brand

Posted Like A Mailbox

Pushin The Whip

Lookin Killer In A Mini

Flowin In The Breeze 

Meet Fat Louiz, a clothing designer from Brazil. He has a clothing line called “Trouble Brand” and has been working hard on making his company world famous. These are a few pictures of his recent photoshoot for Trouble Brand with model Monique Perez aka Lady Ink. They are working on new and different designs in Brazil, we connected and made the Old English Brand Califas Shirt , designed by Louiz himself. We have been in discussion with Louiz for a new design for the Old English Brand Company and it might be in the works already, you got to wait and see. We wanted to shout out Louiz for making this really dope design that is a fan favorite of those who support Old English Brand. Make sure to check out Trouble Brand’s blog at by CLICKING HERE !

Spanky Loco Tattooing San Diego

Urban Kings artist Spanky Loco will be a special guest tattoo artist at Nittis Tattoo Parlor in Mission Valley this weekend, February 21st & 22nd. Spanky has been tattooing alongside legendary tattoo artist Mr Flaks for a few years, and now Spanky will be tattooing in Mr Flaks shop as a guest artist. Spanky has been touring the country for his tattoo tour, heading to many different states in the Northwest to the East Coast. He has also gone international, touring many different countries, including Europe and Japan. Now his next stop will be in San Diego, California, so fans and collectors who live in the area, make plans to get some westcoast ink by scheduling an appointment by texting 716-562-6828 or just walk in!

Brand New Music Video Snippet

We have a brand new music video commercial of Dominator. Many people heard of Dominator from his days as a part of the group Triple C. Others have heard his music through his solo projects. He now has a brand new solo project coming out with Silent Giant Entertainment and Chicano Soul Shop. The new song is called “Always Y Siempre” and features singer Lala Romero. As you know, Urban Kings Tv will post the complete version. When it is sent to us, we will post it for everyone! Make sure to click on the picture to watch the video, exclusively on Urban Kings Tv! Shout out to Silent Giant, Chicano Soul Shop, Dominator and Lala Romero!

Artist : Dominator – Featuring Lala Romero

Song : Always Y Siempre

The song will be available on iTunes soon!



Paulie Tattoo From LA Ink

Paulie Tattoo talks briefly about himself and talks about about working on the 3rd season of LA ink. Make sure you check him out, he’s one of the dopest artist working in the west coast. So dope that aside from working in Kat Von D’s LA Ink, he also works in Mister Cartoons and Estevan Oriols Soul Assassins Studio.


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