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Invasion Directors Cut Releases Dec 21st

What would you do if today, right now, there was an Invasion of your city? Would you hide, run, fight, or continue with your day on your normal routine? Well, Urban Kings would like to announce the new video by Echosworld Films. The movie is called Invasion, and this is the Directors Cut  version. With the release date This Friday, many people are amped up on the new version of the movie. This story is about an Invasion of a city, which has taken everyone on the moment of surprise. How do you think people would react to an Invasion? This movie will show you exactly that, For Free, On Youtube! Invasion will also be available on DVD in January, 2013. We will be posting some pictures of the movie, that will show exclusive behind the scenes flicks of the cast, the production and the scenes! Stay Tuned to!

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Actions speak louder then words, but don’t put aside the power of words. Give self awareness of the power we all have in our own words. And how they can move mountains when you didn’t even know that mountain ahead existed. Its time to start advertising in your own life and feed that adrenaline rush we all get in a roller coaster ride, without the ups and downs.

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr

Ms Krazie Hello Loca 2012 Tour Shirt Contest

Urban Kings artist Ms Krazie has just announced a very dope contest she will be doing along with Urban Kings and Old English Brand. This contest will give 2 Winners a chance to own the Ms Krazie “Hello Loca Tour Shirt”. To enter the contest is easy, just comment the city and state Ms Krazie performed in, on the Ms Krazie Facebook Page. Its pretty simple to enter and you can win a dope Free Tee Shirt! Make sure to enter quickly because the contest will be ending soon!

Ms Krazie Ima Rule The World Cover by Nora

Check out one of the submissions off the “Rap Like Ms. Krazie Video Contest”

This one was done by another Nora.

If you’re not familiar with the contest make sure you click here.

The XSetForLifeX Special Guest Announcement

We are about to announce the very special guest that will be announced to be part of the upcoming XSetForLifeX Super Show staring Ms Krazie and MC Magic. It is someone who you have definitely heard of enjoy this artists music. The official announcement will be made today, so be on the lookout today for the official announcement on our blog, Official Urban Kings Facebook, Instagram @UrbanKings and also on Twitter @UrbanKings. Are you ready to see who else will be hitting the stage for this awesome All Ages concert? This event will be taking place November 23rd at The  Yost Theater. Click Here For Tickets!

Announcement will be made at 3:00pm Pacific Time!

La Loca’s Lesson #10

“one must know when its time to stop trying to hold the love together, specially if the one you love let go a long time ago.”

-Ms Krazie


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