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Invasion Directors Cut Releases Dec 21st

What would you do if today, right now, there was an Invasion of your city? Would you hide, run, fight, or continue with your day on your normal routine? Well, Urban Kings would like to announce the new video by Echosworld Films. The movie is called Invasion, and this is the Directors Cut  version. With the release date This Friday, many people are amped up on the new version of the movie. This story is about an Invasion of a city, which has taken everyone on the moment of surprise. How do you think people would react to an Invasion? This movie will show you exactly that, For Free, On Youtube! Invasion will also be available on DVD in January, 2013. We will be posting some pictures of the movie, that will show exclusive behind the scenes flicks of the cast, the production and the scenes! Stay Tuned to!

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This Is An Invasion

Echosworld Films brings to you a new movie about what would happen if the world we once knew was suddenly invaded by someone, or something, unexplainable. This is a movie about Invasion. From one day working your every day, 9 to 5 job, to sudden chaos and confusion, what would you protect first when the situation arises? Would you grab your family and possessions and hide, would you create an attack unit to fight, or would you simply be lost. This is a movie about one man who gets the panic of his life when everything was great, then suddenly his world was invaded by an unknown army. The video is only $1.99 to watch and you can keep it and watch it over and over!

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Directed by Jeff “Echo” Reyes, who has done some incredible work with Urban Kings in the past, including Midget Loco’s music videos “Thirteen Letter“, “Sunday High” and “California Raised“. He has also directed Baby Jokes “She Used To Be My Sidekick“, and Waka Flaka Flames new video “Let Dem Guns Blam” and King Lil G’s “”Narco Corridos. He is definitely a rising star in the director and film world and is currently working on new top secret projects as we speak.

Also look out for “ASH” which is also Directed by Jeff “Echo” Reyes and in association with Urban Kings Music Group. Below is the trailer for the movie, which will be releasing very soon!

Flash Back Night This Friday

This Friday, July 29th we are gonna be in the house with ODM from 99.1 KKGI Riverside (and from platinum selling group “Lighter Shade of Brown”) will be hosting a FREE UNPLUGGED CONCERT in Corona, Ca. It is 21+ and FREE ALL NIGHT LONG!!! So if you don’t have plans this Friday, come party with ODM, Urban Kings and Performing Live is Skee Lo ( “I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller, I Wish I Was A Baller”) and Paperboy (“The Ditty”). Here is one hits songs that will be performing this Friday.

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Over 150 million views with Baby Jokes

If you guys have been out of the hoop. Bruno Mars’ hit song Grened ft. Baby Jokes on the music video has hit over 150 million of viewers. This was one of first Baby Jokes appearances on the big screen (computer screen that is lol on youtube) and since then Baby Jokes has been climbing up the steps on the Hollywood scene. His newest hollywood project is “A Better Life” (watch the trailer here) said to come out June 24. Directed by the same man that brought you Twilight and New Moon. If you want to watch everything Baby Jokes is doing for this year watch his latest interview on Urban Kings Tv. Also Baby Jokes Album “Life On The Streets” will be coming out this summer. But his music video ” She use to be my SideKick” is coming out May 11. Watch the trailer.

Chino Brown West Coast Mexican DVD

Angel City from Phastlane, D Salas, Two Face, Triky Loko, Abusivo & Master MC

We just got submitted this song by Abusivo about this song he was featured in. It is called Angel City by Phastlane and features D Salas, Two Face aka Dos Caras,  Triky Loko, Abusivo and Master MC. It is dedicated to James “Skorpion” Arevelo. Make sure to listen to the words and pay attention to what everyone is saying, because it is a really heartfelt, emotional song that everyone can relate to, because it deals with the loss of a loved one, and a friend. It features D Salas, who worked with UKMG alot, from Charlie Row Campo, to Ms Krazie, to Midget Loco and more.


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