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Invasion – Directors Cut – Releasing Tomorrow

Ready For The Scenes

Camera….And Action!

This Is An Invasion

Behind The Scenes

Directing The Actors

Looking & Sounding Right

Urban Kings always has the sneak peaks and exclusives for our fans. We got some behind the scenes pictures of the movie “Invasion”, which is a brand new movie that is about to release its Directors Cut, Tomorrow, December 21st! We were on set and took some pictures of how the behind the scenes of movies look. There were many Cast Members, Directors, Assistants, Filming Crews, Lighting and Sound Specialists, and Producers. There was alot of time and effort into the movie, and the film came out really dope. The movie puts the viewer in the situation of the plot. If you dont know what the movie is about, its about doing your regular daily routine, then out of the blue comes an Invasion of something. Not knowing what it is, but knowing you are under attack. You must ask yourself, if there is an Invasion that were to happen right now, what would you do?

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UKMG 16/8 Webisode 1 With Stomper

Have you seen the Urban Kings 16/8 Webisodes yet? The very first episode features UKMG Artist Stomper from his song called “I Wish It Was Fake”. It was the first episode of our 16/8 series and I it premiered very well, getting almost 20,000 views on youtube. And I Wish It Was Fake  has always been a requested video by the fans. So everyone was expecting it and pumped up about it and when it released went crazy. The 16/8 means a video that is 16 bar verse and a 8 bar hook. So make sure to watch video and lets get this video past 50,000!

The Ms Krazie DVD Is Out Now!

Its finally here! The video everyone has been waiting for. Its the “One Krazie Night DVD“. The Ms Krazie Concert Experiance that took place in Los Angeles, and had many huge surprises during the show. The concert was sold out and was Ms Krazie’s very first performance in LA! The DVD is not only a concert, but a true behind the scenes experience too!  Watch as Ms Krazie lands into Los Angeles and as she prepares for her mega concert. Come backstage with Ms Krazie and see what goes on behind the stage, as she is in her dressing room, preparing for the thousands of people that are awaiting her performance. There is no words that can describe what goes on for the huge xSetForLifex Concert, so you will just have to see for yourself! Watch the trailer exclusively here at Urban Kings! The DVD is available now, and you can pick it up in person at Amoeba Records in HollywoodThe Old English Brand Flagship Shop or online inside The UKMG Merch Store!!

One Krazie Night – DVD Trailer Preview

Krazy Race Interview

Krazy Race an L.A. based MC has been doing this for years. He’s worked with Immortal Techniques, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, Chino XL among other hip hop acts. He updates on his current projects. His label, Realizm Records, and the cds that are out out of his label. Check it out and keep an ear out for Krazie Race

Midget Loco CD Just 7.99

Do you have this really dope album in your music collection? It is by Midget Loco and it was his second full studio album called “Dedicated To The OGs“. This was a really good album and one of my favorites from the whole Urban Kings catalog. Dedicated To The OGs had some really good songs and featured 3 music videos, “Thirteen Letter“, and “Sunday High“. It also had dope songs from the album like “Dedicated To The OG”, “Would You Perfer” and “I Tryed”. This is a CD that can be played through the whole album without skipping a song. What was your favorite song from this album? Let us know on The Official Urban Kings Facebook Page! “Dedicated To The OGs is part of the Digital Vs Analog Campaign from Urban Kings, making this CD just $7.99 only from Urban Kings.

Midget Loco – California Raised – Music Video – Taken From Dedicated To The OGs

With Ms Krazie Guy Contest Begins Now

Get the rules down and start uploading your videos of Rap like Ms. Krazie. A rule violation will have you disqualified. Let the world see what you got, as we nominate the best of the best.

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