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Jasper Loco Eastside Assassin Out Tomorrow

Jasper Loco Eastside Assassin out tomorrow . Will be available Nationwide via FYE stores also worldwide on iTunes and

Ms Krazie At My Party Contest – Read The Rules

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has a new contest available for all of her fans. “Ms Krazie At My Party Contest” will give one Ms Krazie fan the chance of a lifetime as they could win Ms Krazie to perform at their special event this year. Special Events will include Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Wedding, or Birthday. The only thing you have to do, is make a video, (it can be a webcam video) and get a parent or grandparent to vouch for you that you were a good kid in 2012. Thats all you have to do, with the contest ending January 31st. Ms Krazie will choose her winner on February 1st. Their are other rules and regulations, so make sure to watch the video and Ms Krazie might be performing at your event this year….for FREE.



What Can Ms Krazie Tattoo….FOR YOU!

Ms Krazie just landed in the Chicago area and getting ready for her Hello Loca 2012 Tour Stops in Goshen and Indianapolis. But while in Chicago, she is doing some work as a tattoo artist. Just Kidding, but she really did give a big fan a tattoo. Make sure to see her in Goshen and Indianapolis with Akwid, Chingo Bling, The Midwest Mexicans and more dope artists. First March 30th in Goshen, Indiana at The Wagon Wheel, and Saturday March 31st at Flamingos in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Making Our T Shirt Designs (2 of 3)

The Front Design

urban kings films

The  Back Designurban kings films

Date The Screen For Our Records
urban kings films

Ready To Burn The Design Into The Screen

urban kings films

Prepped And Ready To Print

Installed It Onto The Press
urban kings

Ready To Get Inked
urban kings

Its Automatic To Us Baby!

We went to Downtown Los Angeles to buy the screen we need to make a design. Now its time to put our design into the screen so we can make our own shirts. Its a complicated process to etch our designs into a screen then imprint it onto the frame. We are making our Urban Kings Music Group T Shirts, with the Urban Kings logo on the front with the UKMG initials on the back with the website underneath. Next Monday will be our next blog of this series.

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The Future Is Now

Here at Urban Kings, we use Apple Computers because they are known simply as the best computer out right now. But that might be changing with a new computer comming out called the EXOPC. Its pretty much like a huge 40 inch IPad that you can use as your desktop PC. Something really cool coming out for next year. Everything is touch screen and you wouldnt have to keep any papers, pens etc on your desk anymore with this bad boy. Looks like a pretty cool toy. Check it out.


Street Scriptures hits June 6, 2011

Fiesty 2 Guns is expected to drop the 6th of June world wide thru and nationwide at all FYE stores, as well as our distributors. We will be having pre-sales (not telling what they come with yet lol). If you want to see what the album as in store check out Fiesty 2 Guns music video “What I Dream Of”.

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