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Jasper Loco Eastside Assassin Out Tomorrow

Jasper Loco Eastside Assassin out tomorrow . Will be available Nationwide via FYE stores also worldwide on iTunes and

UKMG Last Time Seeing Wreck..

Wicked Minds, I just saw Wreck about 1 week ago before he passed. Out of nowhere he appears as if he was there to say good bye. We talked and I even took pics with him. He told me he was proud of how far I had gone, I mean, I’ve  known Wreck since I was a kid. We always kept in touch and I’m glad I got to see him one last time and shake his hand and heard his blessings. So now as I’m flying back from NEW YORK altitude 35977 Ft up in the sky i still can’t see how this happened. If anybody can donate click the link below, and help spread the word.

- UKMG CEO Jaime C Diaz Jr


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Chillin With True Starr

We are chillin with UKMG Artist True Starr, talking about ideas and progress. We had just released his latest music video, called “What You Need“, which was his first single that came with an iTunes Digital Download. Yes, you can now download the song via iTunes! We are excited for this single to be the first digital download song from True Starr. We also talked about the next music video, also to be directed by Kast N Fame, who directed the last two True Starr videos. The new music video is already into production, and you can expect another dope video coming soon. If you havent seen the video yet, make sure to watch it below!

True Starr – What You Need – Music Video

Words Of Wisdom

Let me tell you something you already know, don’t ever ever let somebody tell you that you can’t do something. People look at life and do what they been taught is called perfect. As in what your are currently doing, is the ultimate thing you can do, and this includes me. But what I have learned  is, that in order to live a life like no other, you have to visit places, like no other. Hear music that you would of never heard before, like no other. Socialize with friends who have different backgrounds, like no other. Explore a side of your brain you would of never explored, like no other. Your brain does what it knows what to do. Show it different views, teach it different views, let it experience stuff like no other. Do stuff like no other and you will end up being no other. Imagine if you can experience the most beautiful things in life. Now stop imagining and go do it, because the ultimate thing you can ever do has not been done, or else it would not be ultimate anymore. Impress yourself, because if you can do that, then the world for sure would look amazed. Its time to advertise in your own brain and change the direction of your thinking. Its only ME vs Me, and guess who’s going to win? Call that a fight to victory, call that a XSetForLifeX experience in my brain. I challenge you to ask yourself “What did you do today to beat yesterday?” Now that is how you take charge to create to your own ambition. Say hello for me. #Swoosh

- @UrbanKings

Ms Krazie Says Hello Tucson!

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie has just been added to the LatinFest tour. This concert series will be featuring the best upcoming artists and the legends of hip hop. This event is 16 and over, so there is NO EXCUSE to miss this event. This concert is also featuring Knightowl, Proper Dos, Duende, Seldom Seen, Knightmare, L Boy, Young P, Mr D, and The Malvados Klique. Its all going down September 14th at Club DV8 in Tucson. Tickets are only $20 presale, $25 at the door, and $40 for VIP!!! This is the first time Ms Krazie will be performing in Tuscon so make sure to come out, support, and kick it with La Loca herself!!!

Greencard Warriors Now At Redbox!

Urban Kings Artist Richard Cabral, formerly known as Baby Jokes, was a supporting actor in the new movie called “Greencard Warriors“. Greencard Warriors stars Vivica A Fox and Manny Perez along with Angel Amaral. It also features Richard playing the role of “Sharky”. Also featured in this movie is Noel G and Christian Gutierrez. Today is the official release date for Greencard Warriors to be in all Redbox locations! It will also be available on Amazon and iTunes! I will be renting this movie again this week so I can do my personal review on this movie, Richards role, and the rest of the cast. Make sure to stay updated to our blog to have more information about the movie and how good it really is!


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