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Jasper Loco Performing LIVE July 20th

Jasper Loco will be performing at The Green Turtle in Whittier on July 20th. Jasper Loco will be headlining this event with many surprise artists performers to be announced. This event is in honor of Danny Boy from Danny Boy Promotions Birthday. It is a 16+ event, and will have a fully stocked bar for the 21+ crowd and there will be drink specials all night long. The concert has presale tickets for $10 and just $15 tickets at the door. There is a strict dress code with No Gang Attire. There is FREE PARKING for all guests attending this event! Make sure to go out and watch a dope concert by Jasper Loco from The Charlie Row Campo!

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Ms Krazie & MC Magic This Friday!!!!!

UKMG Artist Ms Krazie will be performing at The Roxy in Denver, Colorado with MC Magic THIS Friday, October 19th. This is the very first time ever that Ms Krazie will be performing for an all ages crowd…EVER. Plus it might be the first time that Ms Krazie and MC Magic might perform a few of their songs that they have together. It is also featuring a very rare VIP Package that will include a Pizza Party with Artist, including Autographed MC Magic Poster and VIP Laminated Pass, plus very special suprise goodies! Did I Mention that kids 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult!!?? Also performing on the show is Dank 1 and Djing is Dj SI-FI. Tickets are only $20 presale and just $25 at the door on the day of the event. Make sure not to miss this event because it will feature surprises that will ONLY BE AT THIS SHOW! Doors will open at 7pm!!! Make sure to come out and support and watch a very good show!!!


Watch The Video for the commercial!!!

The wait is over

Alright the day is coming, this Saturday Midget Loco’s Sunday High from his unreleased album Dedicated To the OGs is going to be out for everyone to see.

Yes we know we have been holding it back but it’s worth the wait.( Remember good things take time lol)

No more games no more teasing true to our word this Saturday April 2 find a comfy chair and be ready.

If you want to be one of the first viewers to watch it subscribe to our youtube channel (youbuycds) . If you’re wondering what else Midget Loco is getting himself into,

he is going to be on the Urban Kings Street Anthem 3 which is coming out April 19,

you can get order your presales including the poster for free compliments from yours truly lol.

He is also going to be at our Urban Kings headquarters for our livestream on the 6th.

Where you can see him in live time and ask him anything you guys want.

We will be releasing the schedule of artist premiering that day soon so be posted for that.

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B-Real Speaks on Chino Grande "Vato Song"

After much controversy on Chino Grande Song “Vato Retwist” featured on Charlie Row “Danger Zone” B-Real Speaks on the situation and how he feels about Chino Grande. Even tho he does not mention Chino Grande name we are all aware of the song Vato Retwist. You can download Soul Assassins radio Part 1 and Part2 to hear entire radio show. But when you want to hear about Vato Re-twist situation Download Part 2 and 40 min in the show is were you can hear your self. You can also click on the image below to be link to Soul Assassins webpage were you can hear the interview and see comments on there page. 

icon for podpress  Part 1: Download 

icon for podpress  Part 2: Download


Jasper Loco Performing At All Star Weekend

Urban Kings Artist Jasper Loco of Charlie Row Campo will be performing at the upcoming Hip Hop/ R&B  All Star Weekend concert on June 6th. This event will be taking place in Whittier, California and will feature Jasper Loco performing live along with Kokoe, Kozme, Anita Blunt, Lu On The Hooks, Lil Smitty, Rikee West, Young Blak and a special guest Chi King from the Wu Tang Movement. This event is 18 and over and will have a fully stocked bar. Tickets are only $10 and the event starts at 9pm until 2am. The DJ for the night will be DJ Whiskey! More information will be coming soon! Brought to you by Danny Boy Promotions.

Who Needs A Spare Tire?

I was driving down the freeway today to work and guess what I seen? I seen a blue Dodge Ram truck driving on the side of me, with a Smart Car inside the flat bed. This made me laugh alot because if the truck gets a flat or breaks down, you can just lift the Smart Car out the back and drive the rest of the way or go get help. There isn’t too many words that explain this picture, but they say pictures mean more than 1,000 words, so take a look at this picture and laugh or learn from it and fit a small car in the back of your truck.


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