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Jasper Loco Performing LIVE July 20th

Jasper Loco will be performing at The Green Turtle in Whittier on July 20th. Jasper Loco will be headlining this event with many surprise artists performers to be announced. This event is in honor of Danny Boy from Danny Boy Promotions Birthday. It is a 16+ event, and will have a fully stocked bar for the 21+ crowd and there will be drink specials all night long. The concert has presale tickets for $10 and just $15 tickets at the door. There is a strict dress code with No Gang Attire. There is FREE PARKING for all guests attending this event! Make sure to go out and watch a dope concert by Jasper Loco from The Charlie Row Campo!

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Medicine Girl’s Night Nurse is Available Now!

Carolyn Rodriguez aka Medicine Girl just released her new single “Night Nurse” on iTunes. This is a dope new song from an artist who has done much work with Dopehouse, including SPM, Juan Gotti, Lucky Luciano, Rasheed, and even UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. She has a very dope singing voice and can also get down on rapping. Make sure to show some love and support and download her song, Night Nurse. She just performed this weekend at a carshow for Pocos Pero Locos in Oklahoma City, and tore the roof off the place. You can click the video  below and watch the music video of the song and then buy both the song, and the instrumental!!!

Medicine Girl – Night Nurse – Official Music Video

The Exclusive UKMG White T Shirt Now Available

You Have Asked For It

And Now You Shall Recieve

The Urban Kings White Tee


We Are The Kings Of The Streets

Got Mine, Now Get Yours

You seen our Exclusive UKMG Black Shirts that just went on sale only at the UKMG Catalog . These shirts were originally made only for Urban Kings Staff and Artists, but now for the first time in 8 years, they are available to our fans. Now you have the option of sporting Urban Kings in white and  black and everyone knows its all in the words. Make sure to get your white shirt today because there is a limited amount of these shirts made, and once we run out of one size, there might not be anymore made. When you get the shirt, make sure to send in your picture wearing it, along with  your facebook link and twitter name so we can make you famous on our blog. All you got to do for that is send in your picture by CLICKING HERE . Shout out to everyone that supports us and our movement!!!

Music Thursdays – Good Times

Happy Thanks giving from Urban Kings-  Good Times

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush – Midget Loco Answers This Tough Question

Click Here To Hear The Question And Answer

Urban Kings Facebook Ambush seems to happen every day. This time we got UKMG Artist Midget Loco answering some really tough, hard to answer questions from the UKMG CEO himself, Jaime C Diaz Jr. He asks one question that Midget does not know how to answer, and seems kinda shocked that Jaime asked. Make sure to watch the video to see what the question is, and if Midget was able to answer it or not! Remember, you must LIKE the Urban Kings Official Facebook Page to watch the video, so click the link, LIKE our FB Page, and watch what Midget has to say, or if he will even answer!


Analog Vs Digital – All UKMG CDs Just $7.99

Who remembers this song right here? This is one of the most positive songs I have heard, from turning a negative to a positive. The song is by Fiesty 2 Guns of Charlie Row Campo, and its called “What I Dream Of“, taken from Fiesty’s album Street Scriptures. This was Fiesty 2 Guns first solo album, and he had some heaters on the album, thats we made it just $7.99. It was a very dope CD that featured some sick songs like “Make The Hood Cry”, “Dont Cry For Me”, “Everybody Gonna See” and “Grind To Shine”. Fiesty had few features, but the artists featuring are dope, like Chino Grande, D Salas, Rigo Luna, Eddie Kane, Bigg Bandit and more. The “What I Dream Of Music Video has reached over 200,000 views on youtube, so make sure to check it out and lets have it reach 300k! If you don’t have the album, I am putting the album cover and where you can find the CD! Support Charlie Row Campo.

Fiesty 2 Guns – What I Dream Of


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